3 Month Old - Frequent Spit Up

Updated on June 30, 2009
J.R. asks from Aurora, CO
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I have a 3 month old baby boy who was initially on Similac Advanced formula. He seemed to suffer from a lot of gas and spit up a lot. I switched him to Enfamil A.R. because I saw a lot of reviews that it helped babies with frequent spit up. My son has been on the formula for about 1.5 months and I have found that he is starting to spit up again and it is seems to be curdled (sorry if that's too much information -haha). Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice? I am not sure if I should switch formulas AGAIN or if I need to talk to his pediatrician. He is still gaining weight and is very healthy, but seems to be spitting up more than usual.

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your advice!

I called the doctors office yesterday. Based on the fact that isn't he isn't really vomitting just spitting up, he is more than likely just overeating or not burping enough. I burp him after every 2 ounces, but we will make some adjustments and go from there.

Thanks again!!!
Jenn - Preston's Mommy

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Talk to your pediatrician, but my son spit up until he started eating solids. Some kids just spit up. As my doctor told me, "I promis he will stop spitting up by the time he goes to school" ha ha ha. If he's still gaining weight it is probably not a problem. Try keeping him upright as much as possible while feeding and for about an hour after.



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Do you think that he is overeating.
Maybe its acid reflux, it can also be a milk allergy. I would talk to a pediatric nutrtionist as well as your pediatrician.



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I agree with some of the advice already given. Look into a milk allergy, the case with my daughter, or acid reflux, also the case with my daughter, although somewhat mild. An allergy can contribute to acid reflux and make it worse. When i took milk out of my diet (I'm breastfeeding)her spitting up got a whole lot better.
Is he fussy before he spits up? Is it more like a vomit or just like a really big drool coming out of his mouth. they will ask these questions at the doc in regards to acid reflux.
In many cases the concern with acid reflux is that they will spit up so much they will not gain weight. This doesn't seem to be the problem with your son, but you also don't want him burning his little esophagus either.



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Nutramagin is supposed to be good for that. Also, some babies do well with Nestle Good Start (which is cheaper, if it works). If he's gaining well and happy, I'd say don't medicate. He may just be a happy spitter. We've had two that spit up, so I know it's a pain, but sometimes you just have to live with it. GL! and congratulations!



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All three of my kids love to spit up. I have a four month old that does it more then my other two. But we learned with all of my kids, they have a milk alergy. My baby got moved to similac Isomil Advance, he was also put on cereal in his bottles to help the spit up, but he would spit up almost all he ate. If its bothersome or you think something is wrong, talk to his doc, it couldnt hurt. Plus if something is wrong, you can bite it in butt now, instead of when it becomes a big problem. I wish you luck and congrats on the little one.



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we went through this with our son also. The first 8wks was a trial period with different formulas. We also tried the enfamil AR and it did not seem to difference. I can tell you that after many formulas and talking with many moms and our pediatrician the key is 2 things.....Alimentum by similac which is very expensive BUT only temporary and Prilosec which will also only be temporary. He has reflux which is what is causing the spit up. Reflux for an infant can be very uncomfortable and painful. The Alimentum formula works so well because all the proteins are already broken down and his digestive system does not have to work to break them down, which will also help with the gas. Trust me my 4mo. old was sooooooo gassy!!! So try the Alimentum and maybe ask your pediatrician if you can try Prilosec. We tried zantac which did nothing. Just remember that although a little expensive it is only temporary, they say infants grow out of this around 6mo. GOOD LUCK!



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Never be afraid to call the doctors office and ask questions.
You should be able to talk to the nurse and see if it is something they suggest coming in for an appointment or see if it is a simple answer they can give you over the phone. A lot of times they will look at your chart, consult the doctor, and call you back.

Good luck with the feedings.

mother to Kai



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My son would spit up everytime we fed him and he wouldnt poo. We tried everything. Zantac syrup made him projectile vomit wintergreen smelling gook. He was put on Alimentum as a last ditch effort and the spit up stopped and poo starting flowing and flowing and flowing. Alimentum is really expensive but if the pediatrician will write you a prescription for it your health insurance may cover a portion of the cost. The protiens are already broken down in this formula and it aids in digestion. Also shop around. We found that if you buy in bulk from CVS.com you can save a bundle. The UPS man finally asked me what I was having delivered every week that was liquid. Best of luck

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