3 Live Births and 4 Misscarraiges Now Pregnant Again

Updated on January 22, 2010
K.W. asks from Norcross, GA
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I had a healthy girl in 97 then another healthy girl in 01 then 02 i had a miscarraige then 04 had a healthy boy well just last year i had 3 misccaraiges in a row almost back to back but in the same year and all three really early like 4 or so weeks they believe maybe the 4th was not really a miss because it was only two weeks after the 3rd but it unknown so possibly only 3 with two back to back well its been a year since then and now i am 5 weeks pregnant and scared. I do not want to lose this time. What are my odds of carrying this baby full term? Has anyone had this problem and ended up carrying full term. I am 29 years old and all 3 children were c-secton and D&Cs one in 02 and then one with my 2nd miss.

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So What Happened?

Well i did have tests. the dr just said it was pretty much just bad luck. and yeah the last three were almost back to back. but the fourth was not known if it was a new pregnancy or just the end of the 3rd mis. I am almost 6 weeks now and go to the dr soon so hope all goes well. just keeping faith.

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I had a couple very early miscarriages after the birth of my daughter. The doctor finally tested my progesterone level, the hormone that keeps the baby alive before the placenta is formed, and realized that was why I was miscarrying. After I got on the progesterone and my levels closely monitored until week 14 when the placenta completely formed I had a healthy baby boy. Good Luck!

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I don't think it is good enough to just say it was bad luck. If you do have another mc (hope not!) push for answers. As everyone else mentioned, a full blood workup is needed to find out what might have caused these losses. In addition to hormonal problems, blood disorders, poor egg quality etc. structural abnormalities of the uterus should also be ruled out. I also really think your state of mind is important as well. I know it is hard (I had multiple mcs so I know) but try not to stress out too much. Good luck!!



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You need to talk to your doctor and get a good diagnostic workup. It's hard to make a guess. You doctor can check your hormone levels, and if your recurrent miscarriages are related to a hormonal cause, some experimental treatment options exist.
Ideally a full workup is done or at least stared before you are pregnant. You will probably need to see a specialist if you really want more than "let's take nature take it's course".

Even though it may not be the cause for your miscarriages, generally repeated uterine surgery (including c sections and d&c) increase the risk for miscarriage and stillbirth.

Good luck!



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Congratulations on your pregnancy! The fact that you already have kids it great--it helps to show that you can carry pregnancies to term.

Typically, after three miscarriages, the doctors will look into what may be causing them (it may be nothing but bad luck and/or genetic problems). In fact, many estimate the that miscarriage rate for the first 4 weeks is about 75% (however, most of these are never picked up, because the miscarriages typically happen around 4 weeks, when your period is coming anyway -- you'd never know you were pregnant if you didn't test early). So nothing may be wrong at all. Also, if you got pregnant back-to-back after your chemical pregnancies, you may be at increased risk for miscarriage. You're very fertile after a miscarriage, but you're also more likely to miscarry right after one. So that could have been a factor too.

It's great that you're now 5 weeks -- that means you're past the most risky first couple of weeks! Your doctor could test your progesterone (especially if you have other symptoms of it -- like bleeding before your period actually begins). But otherwise, I say hang tight and good luck!



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Mom, Think positively, don't look back,relax, approach this with a positive attitude. Remember the female body though strong is delicate.Pregnacies are recognized as foreign in the body.Eat healthy and relax, but above all be careful what you say because words play a big role in what we experience.Worry gives off hormones that are not fetus friendly.RELAX, ENJOY,and TAKE IT EASY! Eat well and plan positively.



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If I am not mistaken, the average # of miscarriages for a woman throughout her childbearing years, is 1-2. Once you have 3, the doctors should start investigating the cause of the miscarriages. My mother had 3 kids (then after I was born), 3 miscarriages, 2 more kids, and a 4th miscarriage. After her 3rd miscarriage she was diagnosed with having a progesterone deficiency. When she got pregnant with my little brothers, she was immediately started on progesterone supplements. You should probably ask your OB to investigate.



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I would check your magnesium levels that is often the reason for multiple miscarriages and get a good prenatal from a healthhfood store not the docs unless yo know everything that is in it. they can often just give women what they are typically missing not a full balance of the nutrients or see high risk doc. Dr. Randy tent in novi is a good naturalpath ###-###-####. tell them you are prego and your history and they may get you in faster. Good luck.



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Did your doctor do any blood tests to find out why you're miscarrying? Several women in my family have a blood clotting factor (Factor V Leiden) that causes miscarriages, and I think it's not an uncommon thing. To prevent the miscarriages, they go on some medication during the pregnancy. You might ask your doctor about it.

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