3 Kiddos, No Sitter for Valentine's Day! :)

Updated on February 11, 2011
C.P. asks from Houston, TX
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Ok, this year we aren't going out to fight the crowded restaurants, but want to have a fun night for the whole family. What do you guys do on Valentine's Day if you are staying home with the kids? I want to make it fun for all. Help! :)

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answers from Modesto on

Make some red velvet cupcakes. Get a few boxes of the little hearts that have the sayings on them and let everyone read and decorate their cakes with the hearts.
Honestly I never made a big deal out of Vday. The kids did their thing at school, hubby would usually bring me some candy and a card and I would get him a card and that was about it. No biggie.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We always get the heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys and then are doing chocolate fondue for desert.

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answers from Dallas on

We decorate valentines for one another and eat cake for dinner:)

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answers from New York on

We haven't gone out on Valentine's day in many years (even before our daughter was born 5 1/2 years ago). I always hated being given a "seating" & being rushed out of a place that gave me a smaller menu to choose from anyway...We each pick out the one thing we'd really really like to eat & then we all cook together & exchange some small Valentine's presents & cards.
Dance party & chocolate fondue end the night on a sweet note;)



answers from Detroit on

Having 7 children we have never made a big deal over Valentines day........a few days prior we make homemade cards for school. And one for each sibling. And at dinner tat night we put those cards on each persons plate. I sometimes ordered carry in and served it in the fancy bowls and plates with candles. We would buy sparkling juice and use the wine glasses for the whole family. Make it fun and rmatic for everyone. Not just the older kids but the younger ones. We have some years watched a girly love story on DVD to finish the evening.



answers from New York on

My parents always celebrated V-day with us and now we celebrate with our little guy. It's a blast!

Here's what we do:
- Make our cards for eachother (we help the 2 yr old) like old-fashioned Valentines. I buy the red paper, doilies, glitter, etc and we make time during the week before.
- We take-out for dinner... Chinese this year b/c it's our little guy's favorite
- We make a special dessert together. Last year we baked brownies together before dinner and had "brownie sundaes" for dessert. This year, grilled pound cake with PB and fluff filling dipped in chocolate (love to cook together)
- Get our jammies on and open our Valentines together and a few little gifts (candy, board game for the family, small action figure or car)
- Cuddle up with a movie until bedtime

After the kids are in bed... open a nice bottle of wine and relax with NO TV!



answers from New York on

Just read a blog post on this today! Complete with a yummy looking chicken parm recipe...


P.S. In yesterday's post, she talked about how to make a special v-day breakfast for your family.

Good luck, have fun!



answers from Washington DC on

I make a homemade cheesecake adn put it into a heartshaped pan. Valentine' s Day this year is on a weeknight so we are not going out either.
I may do a roast in the crockpot.

Our church us sponsoring a Paren''ts Night Out and my girls are helping with the crafts and babysitting on Saturday night.


answers from Austin on

You and hubby can go out and celebrate any time this weekend. Then on the actual day, have a romantic family dinner by candle light..



answers from Orlando on

This year we are spending Valentines Day with our two year old. We are due with baby #2 soon and want to celebrate all her "last as an only holidays"

We are making heart shaped pizza for dinner, followed by a heart shaped cookie and strawberry (pink) ice cream. During the day I will be making cards for daddy with my little one.

Depending on the age of your kids you can talk about how V day isnt just for romantic love but also how your family loves each other. Have everyone tell one reason they love each person/your family. Then you can send the kids around the house on a Valentines scavenger hunt with a little "treat' or prize at the end.



answers from Clarksville on

This year for breakfast I am going to make blueberry pancakes with blueberry sryup with eggs and bacon. They don't get blueberry pancakes often, so it will be a treat. For dinner I am making chicken cordon bleu w/ mashed potatoes and green beans then cupcakes for dessert. My oldest loves cupcakes. Then I found a cute little sand buckets that I am feeling up with candy and little toys.


answers from New York on

When my kids were young we use to have flowers and candles on the table. The kids would make valentine's day placemats for everyone using as many hearts as they could. They would select conversation hearts out of the bag and place them on the table. We'd end the meal with heart shaped cookies. It was fun. They looked forward to it. And now my oldest is doing the same with her kids.

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