3-Year-old with a Summer Cold-- and Preschool Starts Monday! Any Tips?

Updated on August 19, 2009
C.S. asks from Plano, TX
7 answers

My daughter woke up this morning with a slight fever, runny nose, and watery eyes. She's been so healthy for so long that I haven't developed any ideas and tricks to support her immune system and get her back to 100% quickly. Other than pushing clear fluids (water, etc) can you think of any tips?


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answers from Dallas on

When my son is sick we cut out all milk and sugars and up the amount of water and 100% juices and make sure we are keeping his hands extra clean (we usually do but everyone washes after every sneeze and cough while he is sick) and put a vaporizer in his room while he sleeps, I like the plug-in kind that need no water.

If it is just a slight fever and there is no coughing and no color in the mucus coming out of her nose it might just be an irritant in the air and that might just need the vaporizer and less AC and/or fans while she sleeps.

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I am so sorry, just another bad timing problem in the world of kids! I would check into the pro-biotics..ask a good pharm. guy. The yogurt would be good but it is a milk product. Also if the fever goes up check with the doc as it could be swine flu. My 14 yr old had it and it started with a low grade temp and what I thought was a sinus infection and then the temp went up after 2 days to 102..just saying.... When my kids were little and I wanted them to drink alot I got a new "special" cup and they loved it. Good luck!

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Hello C.,

I'd stop milk products because milks thickens up the phlem. I'd get some elderberry / echinacea (sprouts and wholefoods have for children) keep her hydrated, skip sugars as much as you can --sugar depresses the immune system-- Do you give her pro-biotics?

I hope she's feeling better!

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answers from Phoenix on

If it were just a cold, it would be ok to send her to school; however, she has a fever, so it's not a cold. She has some other type of infection or possibly the flu. If the fever persists, take her to the Dr. Also, most preschools will tell you to not send the child to school if they've had the fever in the past 24 hours.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like allergies, I know others that are having the same problems right now.



answers from Dallas on

Echinechea w/ vit C Gummie Vitamins are the best !!!! Hard to find but worth it & the children think it's candy( taste & look like gummie bears). I give them to my children during school year and they never get sick ! Double dose when they do come down with something and they are bouncing around in two days !!
Their peditrician, Dr.Jill Sedacca(yes related to Neil Sedacca)is the one that started them on these vitamins.
I find them @ Walmart($6.00 ea.) and when they are available I buy two at a time. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Sounds to me like it could be allergies...even with the slight fever. Her body might be devolping these allergies. Try using some kids claritin or allergra and see if that helps. My son uses singulair and it helps alot!

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