3 1/2 Year Old with Tonsillitis, High Fever Since Friday

Updated on November 14, 2009
J.C. asks from Fairfield, CT
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Hi moms - need some advice
My 3 1/2 year old son has had extremely swollen tonsils (pus and all - sorry to be graphic) and a high fever (up to 104F) since Friday. Took him to the Dr. who said not strep or flu. Probably tonsillitis. Gave him Cefzil in case because it looked so bad. He didn't improve at all. I can get him to drink, not to eat though. The Dr. ran a blood test today to check for mono although he said it was unlikely. My son is not fatigued with this - just can't get the fever to leave and get him feeling better. We alternate Motrin and Tylenol and that does bring it down but only temporarily.
Any advice? Has anyone's kid had something like this?
Thanks for your help.

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for their advice. My son's throat looked so swollen so I took him to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialst. He was also running 104.5F. The doctor changed the antibiotic. He said he had severe, exudative tonsillitis. Within 24 hours, the fever broke. He had been taking Cefzil. It was changed to Zithromax.

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Hi J.~

The doctor seems to think he does have tonsillitis and it seems he's not doing anything to help him get better. Call him on it. Ask him point blank: "What are you doing to do?" If he wants to "wait and see", with me, when it comes to my children, that won't cut it for me as I want answers and immeditate action. All doctors take the hypocratic oath that begins with "First do no harm" and if he's not helping your son, then it would seem he's doing harm.

Some suggestions: get a second opinion, or take him to your local ER and see what they have to say. If surgury is an option for you (some parents don't want to do that to their chidlren) then get him what he needsl. I've never dealt with tonsillitis myself, but I know what it's like to have a sick child and it is just heart wrenching.

Get your son a second opinion and help him get better. Good luck to you...


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awww J., hope your baby feels better. I was in your spot until last week, though not tonsillitis but fever upto 104 was gripping my 5 year old. Thumb rule for me- always start on wet cloth treatment for forehead and lower abdomen if fever touches 103. Just place a soft cloth rinsed in cold water on his forehead until the cloth feels warm then repeat. do the same for the lower abdomen. do this along with the tylenol/motrin combo. my son literally asks for the wet cloth treatment himself.I do this even for his palms and foot when he is burning with fever. results are immediate.For tonsillitis- your doc should prescribe antibiotics if it is bacterial and that bad. Viral tonsillitis will take its own time.Ask your child to choose from a flavor of lorenzes or ice cream. that'll help him numb the throat for a while. he might like to sip on some warm honey laden tea. Hope this helps, Godspeed !

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When my kids have throat infections I give them ice pops (te real fruit kind), yogurt, apple sauce and pudding. Just push fluids as best you can. Oh, DO NOT give aspirin to a child with fever. Tylenol and ibuprofen are perfect. Asprin can cause a very serious condition.

If your son has a viral infection, there is nothing the doctor can do and antibiotics wont do a thing. Just dress him in cotton clothing to help the heat escape and don't over bundle. He'll be feeling better before you know it.


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I just hate it when little ones have such high fevers. You are probably just exhausted from worry. 3-5 days of fever is about right with tonsillitis. The other mom gave great advice on giving cold things. Hope he feels better soon.



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have you tried a tepid bath and cold compresses to the back of the neck arm pits and groin,also be very careful if the antibiotic is not working ask the doctor to change it a temp of 104 it a bit high and if it stays like that can turn into scarlet fever which is a bright red rash all over the body,it is not normal for a child to have such a high fever for such a time period ,I would put pressure on my doctor,don't worry about the food give him plenty of fluids so he doesn't dehydrate,the pus is a sign of infection and please tell md about fever not going away good luck



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Hey J.,

My son had mono and he never ran such a high fever, also his spline was enlarged when the doctor felt his belly. I wouldn't worry about eating as much as drinking and with a sore throat it is difficult to eat. Have you tried ice pops they usually work? I just had a little boy at my daycare with tonsillitis and he ran a fever for three solid days so I think it is normal. You are doing the right thing alternating the Motrin and Tylenol to keep the fever under control. If you can get him to drink broth just try not to make it to hot, cold is better for a sore throat. I would try any kind of ice pop or even Italian Ice you can get him to take to keep him hydrated. I think
Pedialyte even makes ice pops. Pretzels are nice and salty and may get him to drink as well. Even if he sucks the salt off of the pretzel rods it may get him to drink. My doctor also would recommended jello water it also worked. Put whatever you can in a cup with a straw and even if it is small sips it is better then not drinking while he has a fever. If he still has a fever in the morning I would call the doc for a recheck. Good luck!!



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we are going the exact same thing. Word for word. We have the fever, that seems to go away for awhile then in the evening spike again!! Advil, and 160 melt away Tylenol. Depository (anal) 325 and boom fever gone for hours. But this is then ow the third day. Kids strong, drinking eating and playing, but man this fever.



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Get to another Dr.!!! OR let your Dr. know you are not happy with the handling of your child!! Better yet!! when the fever is raging, go to the emergency room!! and its always been my understanding that Tylenol will not reduce fever it is simply a pain reliever, aspirin is the best fever reliever as long as there are no allergies!!

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