2Yr Old Daughter Has Lump in Back of Neck???

Updated on January 31, 2009
L.C. asks from Cypress, TX
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Hi moms! I need your advice. I noticed that my daughter has a lump in the back of her neck. You can only feel it when she tilts her head to the right and it is inside the skin. No redness or itching though. I have no idea what this is and why it's there. She was running fever and cold earlier this week so I dont know if that is a possible cause. I have called the doctor and am waiting to hear back but I wanted to ask if anyone knows what this could be. Obviously I'm worried because it is a lump in an unusual place. Thanks for any advice!

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So What Happened?

Ladies, thank you so much for the advice!!! It feels good to know that other moms out there understand how I feel especially when it comes to our children and their health. I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday morning and he said it was a reactive lymphnode from her being sick. He said as long as it doesn't grow or multiply in masses there is nothing to worry about. So all you ladies were right! Thank you again for all the responses. May God bless you all!

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Since you mentioned she has been ill with a fever earlier this week, I'd guess it is a lymph node... Perhaps a bit swollen from fighting off the recent infection. Probably good to have it checked, just to be safe.

Here are some links:

The lymph node is a tiny bean-shaped gland, located in many different areas of the body. The main locations are the neck, under the arms, and in the groin.

Swollen Lymph Node
Typically, it is caused by an infection that your lymph node is destroying. A slight enlargement and softness means the swollen lymph node is succeeding in the tough battle.

Here are some diagrams of the location of lymph nodes in the neck, scroll down to the bottom of the page:



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My baby had that and I FREAKED out so I know how you feel. Turns out it is a swollen lymph node and nothing to be worried about. It is a sign of an infection and since you said your daughter was sick I am sure that is all it is. Wishing you the best!!

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As you've already been told by others, it is most likely a lymph node. But, hearing that doesn't make it any less terrifying to find that there's a bump on your baby's neck!

Our doctor sent us to an ENT. (more commonly called Allergy, ear nose and throat now) He checked for ear infections, and the other usual culprits. After determining the need for tubes in his ears, he did a full blood work-up during the tube surgery (to take advantage of the fact that he was asleep) and checked for any of the other things that could cause lumps/bumps, and everything turned out fine.

Best of luck in getting your answer, and some peace in knowing what it is.



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well iwould take her to the doctor asap if cant get in to the doctor i would go to the er just because she is so young.that would scare me with her being only two i would not let that go for to long hope she is ok i will pray for her have a good weekend



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It'a a swollen lymph node... esp if she was just sick.
-ER nurse



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L., I just had this a few months ago and my dr. said that we have a lymph node in the back of our neck and when we get sick, it can become swollen so that is probably all it is. If it does not go away in a week, then i would take her in and let your pedi look at it.



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could be a swollen lymph node, especially if she has had cold symptoms.



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Take her to the dr just to be safe.



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Does it feel like it is soft and moveable or hard and won't move? If it's soft and moves around it might be a swollen gland and if she has had fever, etc. she could have a virus or something. One of my sons had a swollen gland on the side and the Dr. said that he sees swollen glands in a HUGE number of kids and that once they get swollen they take a while to go back down. My daughter at 2 years old had a harder bee bee sized bump under her chin that got really big at one point and was red and hot when you touch it. She had to have surgery to have it drained of fluid. They said it was a sebaceous cyst that somehow got infected. I'll be praying ! Let us know what it turns out to be.

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