2Year Old Farm Animal Themed Birthday Party

Updated on October 08, 2011
T.C. asks from Deep Gap, NC
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My daughter wuill turn 2 on october 22nd and she loves animals, so we decided to have her a farm animal party. The two downsides are that i am the only one owrking right now, so money is tight and there arent that many places to get farm animal themed things.
so alot of the party stuff will be home made, which i dont mind, because it comes more from the heart. i am makeing barns to put everywhere and i have printed out abunch of pictures of animals to color and hand up. i know that i am makeing her cake, so that makes me a little nervouse, but itll be fun....
so my question is, does anyone have any suggstions of things that i can do for her party, like activities or decorating ideas, and any tips on the cake??? i would greatly appreciate any advice...
thanks and god bless

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answers from Dover on

You could do cupcakes with pig faces, cow faces, chick faces and so on.

Or you could make several round cakes with the faces on them.

Make vests out of paper grocery sacks. Cut down the middle of one side and then cut a neck hole out of the top and arm holes out of the sides and let them decorate.

Cut out a rough shape of a sheep and let them glue cotton balls on and glue a blck button for the eye and paint or color the lower legs and hooves black.

Play Duck, Duck, Goose. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Do a Barnyard version of an eater egg hunt, just call it a Chicken Egg Hunt. Just hardboil the eggs and don't color them.

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answers from Chicago on

That sounds so cute! I would think a barn shaped cake would be the easiest--a rectagular shaped cake cut into the shape of a barn with some simple cuts and then red and white frosting. Maybe some plastic barn animals on top. Easy to do a 2 layer also. Then you could do a game for the kids maybe putting the animals in their spot in the barn instead of pin the tail on the donkey. This is something you could make up also.
Food would be easy. When I think of farms I think of fried chicken, corn bread, some veggies, etc.
Too bad my daughter's b-day is in March, this sounds like such a cute idea and with October here, haystacks are at the hardware stores.

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answers from New York on

I was going to do this theme but changed to a bug party This is what I researched:
Neigh’s only on the invitation
red and white checkered tablecloths, yellow cutlery, red and cups and napkins, my grocery store has paper plates in animal patterns I think it's SOLO or Dixie brand
Bobbing for apples
Bandanas to tie for goody bags
Pigs in a blanket
hard boiled eggs or Deviled Eggs: The eggs were cut as a jig-jagged pattern through the middle instead of a straight cut. You take out the yolk and make the eggs as you would normally do except only put filling in the bottom one, pile it up a little and put the other part on top. Then take two small pieces of red pimentos and put them on the yellow filling to resemble eyes.
watermelon pig fruit salad
terracotta flower pots lined each with a red bandana. tie real ROPE and knotted around each on top of the overflow of the bandana. place one on each table with a dusting of STRAW under each pot and filled with either potato chips or pretzles.
Egg hunt
Candy corn in little bags marked chicken feed
Brown bean bags to scoop up with pooper scooper
Animal cupcakes

Hay hunt hide small things in a pile of hay or hide goody bags in hay
Pin the tail on the cow?

"chicken feed"(I bought mini tin buckets from oriental.com and glued a little chenille chick on the handle. we filled it with popcorn, candy corn and shelled sunflower seeds mixed together).
ask that children dress in farm or cowboy attire, have extra bandanas and hats -Will make great pictures!
"Thank you for coming to ____'s party. It was FARMTASTIC to see you".



answers from Knoxville on

Look at birthdaypartyideas.com. It is a neat website and people post what they have done for hundreds of party themes. There are SEVERAL that are farm themed. Read through them and it will inspire you. For gift bags you could do a black paper bag and Avery dot labels (in home office section) to resemble a spotted cow.



answers from Tampa on

Absolutely adorable idea! Go through your Kids toys, I'm sure you can find some animals books, toys, etc. Place the items as decorative items at the party. Kids animals tatoos are fun also. Kids candy Bags and favor bags can be the brown lunch bags, you can get those small farm animals foam stickers to decorate the bags or as paper plates or cowboy/cowgirl hat decorations. Possibly get the letters stickers also to personalize the art paper plates and the favor bags along with the animals stickers. You can get red and white fabric for table cloth for the gift, food tables. Freash bouquet of sunflowers in a recycled pickels glass jar. Don't forget cowgirl
boots for your little one :) I would also use fall decoration items like scare crow, hey straw, bag of potatoes, corn, sunflowers etc. Have fun!!!!



answers from Kansas City on

You really have gotten some good tips so far! Is it a "kid" party or a family party or what? I've found that for this age I only do one, maybe two activities/crafts. I would probably try and do pin the tail on the donkey, just b/c it fits so perfectly or the egg hunt game would be super fun too. Even if you just used plastic eggs that you have left over I think it would be fine. I'm sure you could find farm animal tattoos and those always go over well as an activity or a party favor. Target does have good animals right now as SCG mentioned, so go easy on yourself, 2 year olds aren't going to seek out craft activities but older kids might. I thought the vest idea was fun too but you'd have to pre cut them before the party. I'd probably use the left over scraps from the bag and glue on some fringe as well. If you have US Toy or look on Oriental Trading Co, you can probably get cowboy hats very cheap. I know you're on a budget but honestly, I would bet you can easily find them for $2-5 each and if you're only have a few kids it might work. Plus, it's an accessory and party favor in one!



answers from St. Louis on

excellent ideas already posted! Good job, mamas!

& don't forget to sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm"!!



answers from Louisville on

we did this for our little girls 2nd bday too! i went to the dollar tree and found tons of things there coloring books crayons decorations plates ect



answers from Nashville on

Do you have and Dollar Tree stores (or any dollar stores) in your area? They have party supplies - plates, balloons, napkins, streamers, etc. for $1 each. They also have party favors, crafts, coloring books, all sorts of stuff! I recently did a dinosaur themed party for my 3 year old. I found little plastic dinos at Dollar Tree and made cupcakes with green frosting and put a Dino on each. Cheap, easy and he loved them!
Game/activity ideas: pin the tail on (any animal), you could draw this yourself on a poster board, paint their faces like animals, crafts with those foamies are good for 2year olds
Good luck and have fun!



answers from Dallas on

For 4 birthdays now, we take tiny action figures and put them on my son's already "plainly" decorated cake. He loves it and so do we! Makes for a very sophisticated looking cake & much less $. Go to your craft store & you'll find "wood fencing" that is only about 1 1/2" tall. That would make a perfect "fence" to separate the writing from the little animals on the cake. Go to Dollar Tree/ 99 Cent Store, or whatever you have there. I'm SURE you'll find plenty of little animals. Also check Target's $1 section. Just yesterday I saw TONS of farm - themed items at ours. animals, books, colors, etc. That would make great party favors on the cheap!



answers from Fayetteville on

Sounds like you are really off to a great start! Home made birthdays can be so much fun!

Keep some of those pictures you printed off and the kids can color them as well. You can sing and act out Old MacDonald Had a Farm or Mary had a Little Lamb (you may even be able to substitute in your daughters name for those) If she has stuffed or plastic animals that would fit on a farm you can add those to the song as you sing. You could do the chicken dance, read some stories that show case farm animals or some nursery rhymes.

For the cake check out this link - http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/barn-cake-with-farm-a...

Mostly, just have fun! Don't get so wrapped around the details of the day that you forget to have fun yourself!


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