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Updated on June 14, 2010
M.B. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Hey Ladies,

I'm hoping some of you that have had more than one child could share their earliest pregnancy signs? It's too soon for me to take a test but OH MY ....

Did anyone have a belly right away? Couldn't hardly stay awake? Sick? Peeing every ten minutes (or at least it seems:) I'm not due for my period for about seven days so any test is too early yet.

Any differences between the first and second pregnancies would be much appreciated as well.

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answers from Cleveland on

I have two children. My pregnancies were completely different. My second pregnancy I was huge immediately. Or so it felt. I had lots of morning sickness. And not a lot of cravings. My first I didn't even feel pregnant at until I was 9 weeks along. I craved sweets like crazy. I never had a bit of morning sickness. With both pregnancies I knew I was pregnant before I tested positive. With my first son I actually tested negative twice first. Every pregnancy is diffrent.

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answers from Portland on

I was immediately exhausted with my second pregnancy, but also my sex drive went through the roof for about two weeks and then plummeted to its current state of non-existence (I'm 6.5 months pregnant with second baby).
Breasts didn't get tender with second like they did with first, and I had more morning sickness with this one than I did with my son.
I think it's going to be pretty much your own path- your body will handle it completely differently than mine or someone else's.
Good luck with whichever outcome you want! :)

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answers from New York on

I knew I was pregnant before I even took a pregnancy test the second time around...every time my toddler touched my boobs I wanted to push her away it hurt so bad. I also got morning sickness weeks before I did the first pregnancy and it lasted longer. :( If you are pregnant again hopefully you'll bypass the extended morning sickness.

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answers from Saginaw on

with my 2nd not so much but with my 3rd I swear I started showing from the moment of conception! I looked in the mirror one day when i was getting out of the shower and said where did that come from! 5 days later my period never came! Then I started relizing I had other symptoms that I just wasnt paying attention to! 3 weeks later I was in maternity cloths and my son will be born in 2 days via csection!

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answers from Dallas on

With my first I didn't know Iwas pregnant untill I was 5 weeks along so that took out the anxiety out of finding out. Even though all the signs were there, I slept until 11am, almost fainted several times, my period gone for a week, I never thought I could be pregnant. It was a huge surprise.

Now, my second pregnancy was planned and it was soooo stressful checking every month for symptoms, feeling pregnant but I wasn't it took me 6 months to conceive and strangely enough that month I thought I wasn't pregnant since I had no symptoms at all. I had wasted so much money on pregnancy tests that I thought "here's goes nothing again" and it turns out I was pregnant. I tested two days prior to my period and the two lines were clearly there (yay!).
I started feeling extremely nauseous when I was 8 weeks along so for the first two months I had no symptoms at all. every pregnancy is so different, also there are tests now that can find the pregnancy hormone even 6 days before so hopefully you will be able to test soon to find out,
good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you!

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answers from Rochester on

I started showing by about 10 weeks, give or take (my pants were too tight) with my second. Last month I was bloating and had so many pregnancy symptoms but was not pregnant. I spent way too much money on early tests. :) Symptoms were different with my second, so who knows with the third, whenever we're that lucky...

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I knew I was pregnant right away with my third because i began having to pee in the middle of night which is not normal for me and I got a yeast infection before i was due to start with all three of my babies. I never had morning sickness but very sore breasts with first two... not sure that will help much, but good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

I found out at 4 weeks that I was pregnant with my 2nd. No signs - just took a test the day my period was supposed to show up. I had morning sickness with my 2nd but not with my first. I showed earlier. Tired more? Yes, but I was also running around after a one year old!

2nd pregnancy I took more naps because of my 1 year old I was running after. I made sure to rest more. I was up every hour to pee towards the end too!



answers from Sacramento on

I feel like the more children you have the easier to know you are pregnant and the faster you show. I found out I was pregnant with my first at 6 weeks, my second at 4 weeks, and my third i swear i knew within the first two weeks,my boyfriend didn't believe me but soon as I could take a test I did and positive it was :)
My earliest sign was always sleep, then the belly.



answers from Indianapolis on

Many women report that they can't wear their pants as soon as they take a +test with their second baby. It depends on how in shape you are I guess. I was 12 or 14 weeks before I needed maternity pants and they were HUGE when I started wearing them!
I did start peeing quite a bit. I was tired, but no more than I usually would be with PMS. I don't get sick, so it's hard to say with that one.
If you aren't due for your period for 7 days, that means you probably ovulated about 7 days ago, if you conceived that day or the day after, there's no way it has implanted (usually takes 10-12 days) so your body shouldn't be showing any signs of pregnancy, only those of PMS.

Good Luck:)


answers from Davenport on

My second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage but with my third pregnancy I was bloated and couldn't stay awake to save my life. I also could smell everything rather strongly. I took a pregnancy test at the insistence of my husband about a week before my period was due and got a positive result.



answers from Fresno on

My 1st sign was always cramps- I always thought I was going to start my period, but other than that no other early symptoms. I was very sick with my 1st and double sick with my 2nd.

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