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Updated on August 17, 2010
A.M. asks from Spring, TX
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I'm just wondering if any of you ladies had difficult first pregnancies......but went on to have no problems in the 2nd pregnancy? I did have a very difficult first pregnancy. I was blessed with a beautiful child! Just wondering if the 2nd pregnancy is anything like the first. I am approaching age 35. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone who responded! I feel so much better reading your responses. I had a subchronic hemotoma in the 1st trimester which resulted in 1 month of bedrest......had high BP during the 3rd trimester (more bedrest) - preeclampsia at the end. I have heard this does not always happen in the 2nd pregnancy though. Thanks again!

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answers from San Antonio on

My first pregnancy was intense... all day sickness, lots of vomiting, and then he was born 6 weeks early. My second sick in the morning and night, again lots of vomiting but that wore off by week 16 and he was born at 38 weeks. My other 2 pregnancies and subsequent births were different too. Don't expect them to be the same, but do expect the beauty that comes at the end!

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answers from Raleigh on

I am also 35 and 39 weeks pregnant with #2. This pregnancy has been different as night and day from the first. The first I gained 60 lbs, swelled like a sponge, terrible skin, and was just generally miserable. On the upside- no morning sickness at all. This pregnancy I have gained only 40 lbs, no swelling, my skin is flawless- I look great and have felt like I look beautiful the entire time. At times I felt downright sexy... lol. Down side- I have had morning sickness the entire time (controlled under meds). I think all pregnancies are different, and you can't judge the second by the first. Regardless, it's worth it at the end!



answers from Houston on

All 3 of mine have been so different!
#1 I had some minor morning sickness when I got too hot, sensitive nose (I've always had a dog's nose anyway), but otherwise was fine until about 6mos when I suddently developped severe preeclampsia. Feet went from size 6.5 to an 11 in less than a month!! He was delivered via c-section @ 37 wks. Gained 50 lbs
#2 I had morning sickness throughout, gestational diabetes, major food sensitivities & horribly sensitive nose which led to more nausea, feet swelling (went from size 6.5 to 8.5). Had an episode at 37 wks that was similar symptoms to a minor stroke, but they were unable to diagnose. Gained 30 lbs
#3 (now 22 wks) I've been perfectly fine. I eat like a horse of course, which I did with the others too, but only get morning sick if I haven't eaten in a few hours. No major swelling or anything else. And I've not gained any weight yet- it just all shifted to my belly & boobs! LOL
Each pregnancy is so different, just as your kiddos are. We discussed our concerns at the 1st appt with #2 (diff doc than #1), and she said exactly that. You never know how it will go; you just wait & see. This time around, the only difference is she's already done the 1hr glucose test & I'll have to redo it at my next appt (normal time) and possibly at 36 wks since I had the diabetes before. No significant higher chances for any of the previous complications.
BTW.. I was 23, 28, & 29 with my kiddos, but with family history of menopause starting around 30-35, it's like I'm a much older mom physically.



answers from Minneapolis on

My first pregnancy sucked. I gained 60 lbs, ended up on my deathbed for a week with a severe kidney infection at 5 months pregnant, reaccurring UTI's, and was induced early because I had stroke level high blood pressure. Im 22 weeks pregnant with #2 right now and have only gained 13 lbs, had no sickness, no sore boobs, no nothing. I think the 2nd time around is way easier. The only problems I have had so far with this baby is some abnormal quad screen results, but an amnio confirmed it was nothing :)


answers from Johnson City on

Every pregnancy is going to be somewhat different. I was 35 when my first was born and 37 for my second. I had a very difficult first pregnancy, with multiple hospitalizations, several bouts of pre-term labor, etc. My second pregnancy was an absolute breeze! I think partly due to the fact that your body knows what it is going thru the second time around.

Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy!



answers from Austin on

my 2 pregnancies were exactly the same. both were breech babies, both got turned manually, both had low amniotic fluid towards the end of term and I went into labor the night before my scheduled inductions for BOTH. :) Oh and both were short labors.

I am sure I am an odd story and hope your 2nd pregnancy will be a good one for you.



answers from Washington DC on

Pregnancy can vary alot , and there is no way of knowing if you will have to deal with the same issues as last time. I have had 3 kids , the first 2 were almost identical in that I had no actual symptoms and just sailed along , the 3rd was a whole different story , lot's of nausea/vomiting , and just generally feelin not well , then ended with a ruptured appendix at 34 wks.



answers from San Francisco on

Pregnancy and the birth of the child can be very different each time. I have had three children. Two were born by emergency c-section. The second pregnancy I developed a severe form of pre eclamsia. Because we were advised that there was a risk that I would have pre eclamsia again, we thought that we were done having children (even though I did not feel done).

When I was 40 (ten years after my first baby; 7 years after my second) I found out that I was 16 weeks pregnant. The doctor and I treated this like a high risk pregnancy. I was put on baby aspirin and was given a blood pressure machine. I had to take my blood pressure twice a day and a nurse would call in to take the readings. I was also placed on modified bed rest later in the pregnancy. I never developed pre eclamsia. She was my only scheduled c-section that was not an emergency.

Next to me as I write this, is my beautiful 11 month old baby girl. She is healthy and I am healthy. None of my pregnancies were like each other. She is an example to me that it can work out even after a traumatic previous birth.



answers from Phoenix on

I had hyperemesis gravidirum with my first (excessive vomitting) to the point where I was hospitalized 3 times and lost 13 lbs in the first trimester. It finally got better with medicine around the 7nth month. I was very scared it would be a repeat performance with my second but it was 100x better.

With my first pregnancy I was in labor for 24 + hours and with my second I was in labor for 7; MUCH BETTER!!!

I am very glad I took the risk on the second.



answers from Victoria on

both my pregnancys were very different. the first was a boy and i had morning sickness and felt awful. the second was a girl i did not get sick one time!!! it was night and day. congrats and good luck with your second.

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