2Nd Grade Reading Suggestions?

Updated on May 14, 2010
B.C. asks from Vancouver, WA
17 answers

I'm looking for any good suggestions for books that are at the 2nd grade reading level. Anything your kids have liked? THANKS!

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answers from Eugene on

My kids loved the Magic Tree House and the Magic School Bus books when they were in 1-3 grade. They are mainly 2nd grade reading level, but still fun to read in 3rd grade. My daughter also loved the Rainbow Magic Fairies bookes and the Disney Fairies books.



answers from Seattle on

My kids favorites (I have a 2nd grader and a 1st grader):
The Magic Treehouse series
The A-Z mysteries series
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Captian Underpants series (I was not thrilled but it finally got my son to start reading)
Geronimo Stilton series
Junie B Jones series
Flat Stanley

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answers from Jacksonville on

My son loves the Magic tree House books.
We also go to the library every Thursday and he has checked out a bunch of Star Wars and Pokemon books. He also liked the Capt Underpants for a while.
His new love are the nonfiction books on dinos and other animal species. We got a book on Albino animals today.
Also he liked Henry HUggins last year
Mine is just finishing thrid but most of this is what he read at the beginnign of this year and end of last year.



answers from Chicago on

I have both a son & a daughter who were very reluctant readers at that age. Here are some series that they enjoyed.

For boys & girls-
Frannie K. Stein Series
My Father's Dragon Series
My Weird School Series

For boys-
Ready, Freddy Series
Captain Underpants Series
Flat Stanley Series
Nate the Great Series
Time Warp Trio Series

For Girls-
Ivy & Bean Series
Katie Kazoo Series
American Girl Series



answers from Portland on

All of the Fudge books, Ramona books, Geronimo Stilton books - my son can't get enough books! You could also check out a website called readkidoread for other suggestions.


answers from Philadelphia on

I remember my 2nd grade teacher reading us the whole Chronicles of Narnia series. We were rapt with attention!



answers from Portland on

My grandsons LOVE the Magic Treehouse series which features a boy and girl that have fabulous adventures that are history disguised. They can't get enough!



answers from Redding on

My kids absolutely loved the "Nate the Great" series.
We discovered them when my daughter was little and she'll be 24 in October, but my son, who came along 10 years later, loved them too.
Nate wants to be a detective and he has all kinds of fun and fascinating friends, a dog....
They are really creative and fun stories about finding clues and things like that.
Easy to read, too.

Best wishes!


answers from Kansas City on

It depends on whether or not you are looking for books that you read to them or books you want them to be able to read.

My girls have always loved all kinds, all levels, and been very advanced.

One book that's great for you and them to read together is What every 2nd grader should know.

If your daughter can read very well, try the Junie B books or the Wimpy Kids books.



answers from Seattle on

My daughter loved the Magic Treehouse books. They are adventurous books and could hold her attention. Junie bee book (but they might be more 1st grade not sure though)



answers from Seattle on

Magic Treehouse. My daughter is nearly finished with third grade, but she began reading them early last year. LOVES them. And they offer a lot of info about historical events, science, and literature, without seeming like a textbook. She read about the Titanic, and we talked about it for several days afterwards. You can get them used just about anywhere, too, or they are cheap through the bookclub flyers at the school.



answers from Anchorage on

My daughter likes the 'Just Grace' series as well as the 'The amazing days of Abby Hayes,' the American Girl book series.



answers from Eugene on

My daughter is also in 2nd grade. She has enjoyed Judy Moody and Nancy Drew. I thought Nancy Drew would be too hard. I would read a chapter first then ask her questions. She was a better reader than I thought. We just ordered a Ramona Quimby series, Ramona Turns 8, Ramona Starts Third Grade.



answers from San Francisco on

I think it's called Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the Junie B. Jones books. That's what my kids like.



answers from Phoenix on

Kudos to you for encouraging reading!!!! All of the suggestions I have read are great! I too, have a special affection for the magic tree house books and all three of my kids devoured them. I do highly suggest taking your child to the library and letting them have a lot of time to browse. At that age, they are still very open to lots of genres and may enjoy everything from fact to fiction. Your local librarian will have tons of suggestions; I had my kids e-mail ours (giving him information on different interests that they had) and he even reserved the books for them! The librarian loved getting the mail from an aspiring reader and my kids learned how to write a letter. Keep up the good work!



answers from Mansfield on

go to www.bookadventure.org it is a great website that is like AR if you have that... the kids read books, and can take a comprehension test on them for points toward fun/free prizes. It is free and easy to sign up. Parents can also sign up to monitor kids reading and scores and you have to approve prizes.
But the greatest thing about this website is that you can search for reading level books you select the grade level, can limit it by fiction/nonfiction, interests (action,mystery, sports, etc) and you get a list of books. You can also search titles and it will say what reading level (but only if they have a test for it). It is really great! You don't have to sign up at all but my kids really enjoy it and it is great test taking practice and comprehension skills, etc. I recommended it to my daughters 1st grade teacher and she has shared with the parents of the students in her class. Our school starts AR testing in 3rd grade I think and sometimes some kids think it is tough. But this is easy and fun practice for that and the state standardized tests too!
My kids always search this site for awhile & write down what they think they want to read before we head off to the library.
Also your childs teacher should be able to give you a list of books for summer reading. We get one every year. The librarian will also be able to point you to 2nd grade reading level books. Just take your child there and open them up, have them pick a random page and try to read it. If they pick up a book they want and you are unsure about. My daughter does that alot!
My daughter is in 1st but reads at 3rd grade and higher level. She just found the magic tree house books.... those range from 1-5th grade I think and are wonderfull and lots of fun! Berenstain bears books are good too but I think they are all over the place too as far as reading level goes.
My 5th grader reads the wimpy kids books (he also reads teen books so it is not a reading level thing) I am not sure if a 2nd grade would like to or should read them. My daughter has no interest in them at all! Junie B books range from 1-3rd I think so some may be easy and some hard. My son liked the captian underpants books too around 2nd grade I think.
Hope this helps :) Have fun. I love reading and thinkfully my kids do too!



answers from New York on

All of these are series
Nate the Great
The Magic Tree House
Frog and Toad

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