2Nd Grade Movie Night Ideas

Updated on October 06, 2010
J.S. asks from Hudson, OH
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In charge of a PTO movie night for 2nd graders. Looking for a movie that not everyone would have just seen, maybe even an older release. Must be G or PG. We are leaning toward something not animated, but are open to all ideas. This class' First Grade movie was Snow Buddies. So far the suggestions we have are Racing Stripes and Beethoven. Would love some of your ideas for consideration - Thanks

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answers from Seattle on

Mary Poppins?
Bed knobs and Broomsticks?
The sound of music?

I know you said not a cartoon but I love Finding Nemo!

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answers from Hartford on

How about an oldie but goody like...
The Goonies
The Princess Bride
The Karate Kid (original)

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answers from Lynchburg on

The 'Night at the Museum' movies? All my kids enjoyed those...

And another thought or two...since there are some concerns over some movies mentioned...

Charlotte's Web
Wizard of Oz
some of the old Shirley Temple movies
National Velvet

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answers from Augusta on

Up is a good one
not diary of a wimpy kid, you really don't want to encourage the attitude the kids in that movie have.
the new Alice in Wonderland.
Some scooby doo , maybe one of the live action movies.
Sky High
Never ending story.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Stuart Little?
Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

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answers from Kansas City on

I love Babe! Fun for the whole family. :-)

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answers from Chicago on

some of the old disney movies are great.
the apple dumpling gang
parent trap w/haley mills
that darn cat w/haley mills

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answers from Washington DC on

How to Train Your Dragon is coming out next week. I know you didn't want something animated, but this movie is just terrific! (You could actually save that for their 3rd grade movie.)
Benji - that was a cute movie back in the day... I wonder if you can find a copy of that.
Escape to Witch Mountain - the original - was really cute.
March of the Penguins - very sweet.


answers from Houston on

I loved Tonka when I was that age!


answers from Fresno on

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (the first movie in the series). It's rated PG. My little girls loooooove it and they're in 1st and 3rd grades.

I also agree with Babe - such a cute movie!



answers from Denver on

Do the parents know ahead of time that they could be PG? I only ask because this happened at a program that my (then) 2nd grader went to and many parents were quite upset that they showed a PG movie without getting permission. Some go over the top, but I will say that I am very conservative in what my daughter can see and even many that are listed would not be ok with me.

Having said that, I imagine once you decide you'll announce the movie choice so parents can decide. Anyway, I don't know what rating Stuart Little is, but I'd vote for that- SO cute. Beethoven was cute as well. Oh, and what about Tooth Fairy? Loved that one.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Cleveland on

wow I don't know, there are several listed that I would not let my 8 year old see. You have to consider in this situation that a lot of parents may have different opinions on what is or isn't ok.

here's a link to a great website, it won't help figure out what to watch, but it may eliminate some of the suggestions and help make sure it is an event that all the parents are happy with




answers from Milwaukee on

UGH. We used to go to those with our kids. They were usually in the gym. The kids just wanted to play, the parents wound up with sore backs, and no one ever really saw the movie. Just the thought of a movie night strikes torture in my heart. I hope you find a good show.

Oh, and just for the record--our school came up with the idea of "family dance night"--the parents and siblings are invited to come to a school dance with their child. There was no way in hades. lol

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