2Nd Birthday Party Crazies

Updated on June 20, 2009
C.H. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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I am looking for suggestions for my daughters 2nd birthday party. Any ideas would be great. Her birthday is in July. We would like to do something kinda big but not expensive to celebrate her big 2. My husband and I can't agree on anything. Please HELP!!

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Two year old birthday parties are all about cute and simple games.
I usually do homemade birthday parties by getting ideas through this website. I've seen a cute one for little girls where a few friends if girls, come dressed up to have a princess birthday party. They follow twirly music for a dance, try on "glass slippers" (shoes from your closet), decorate cupcakes, and go on a treasure hunt through various rooms of the house for the presents or cupcakes. I've done a simple meet at a shaded park and have hotdogs and potluck for other young couples and their kids. It was pretty cheap, just took a little coordination to have people bring chips or side dishes and we provided the hotdogs, water, paper products. We did a treasure hunt with clues sending the kids to the swings, then the slide, then tables, etc. until they found the birthday cake. We had a few fun games of tag with the parents, and partner tag, but very low key. We blew bubbles and chased them. Here's a website I like to get game ideas for. Good luck. I hope this helps.


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Maybe you could go to a local park. I know a friend that is doing that. My son's birthday is in July too and he will also be two. We are doing a BBQ, we are going to have either a water slide or water sprinkler. Oh maybe you could do it at local water park. If you want big you could have a bounce house. Also, think activities. Get a bubble machine so the kids can chase the bubbles. Or a cookie decorating activity. Maybe provide something for the adults too, horse shoes or volleyball. I don't know how much space you have in your yard I am just throwing out ideas. Also, does your daughter have a favorite character. You can use that for decorating or party favor ideas. Here is an eco-friendly idea for gifts. Ask people to bring unwrapped gifts and just display them on the table. That we no one has to go through the frustration of watching or trying to get a 2 year old to open gifts. Sidewalk chalk if you have sidewalks or a driveway. I hope this helps I know it is very random.



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For my older daughter's 2nd, we did an Old MacDonald theme. We played nursery rhyme tunes, had everyone where colorful bandanas in lieu of hats, and served picnic style food - mac n cheese, horse feed (chex mix), duck crackers, lemonade, and bought some horses for play (you know, the kind on sticks the kids ride). You might be able ot find a barn tent or an old refriderator box to paint like a barn. Get cowboy hats for dress up. And decorate with stuffed animals. For favors we used little animal story books, but you could also do stuffed animals or make donaitons to an animal rescue (like an equine rescue). You could also give out kids' garden tools - Target has cute ones. We had a red barn cake. The invitation was something like "Old MacDonald had a party..." It is my favorite party I ever did for my daughters - it is perfect for that age because they know the song and "get it" and it was easy to decorate for.

I also think picnic or beach party ideas are great for that age and for July. Think sand table, sprinkler, baby pool... I know someone who had a "teeny weeny polka dot bikini" party for her summer baby!

Have fun!



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Have a sprinkler party. No pools, or slides, just a sprinkler or water gun and go at it.




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My son turned two last week and we had a Fire Engine party. We learned that the Fairfax Fire Departments, if their schedule is open, will bring a truck out to your home. It was a big hit - even for the girls.

We also went to a two year old girl's party where the kids could decorate cupcakes and cookies - fun, but very messy.

Good luck!



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We just celebrated our son's 2nd bd....with a trip to the local firestation! Just cal to confirm they do it, and confirm again that morning and if there's no fire, they let you tour the station and play on the trucks. OR, if you even request them coming to you, so they will park in your driveway!! the cost: FREE. I made them a some cookies as a thanks with a nice card, and the fireman were really thankful. We also read a firetruck book, gave away some of those cookies as favors (shaped like firetrucks...the cookie cutter costed $1.50) and used our hose (on a low setting) w/ bathing suits to pretend we were fireman. The possibilities are endless! You go to the party store and there's firetruck everything....hats, coloring books, favors, pinatas, plates, cups, whistles, little toys, etc. But honestly, at 2, all our son cared about was that he got to sit on the firetruck...he was in heaven. Good luck!



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You can get great things at Wal-Mart of her favorite characters and Family Dollar and Family General have medal that say birthday girl. My nephew had more fun with his medal than his toys.

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