2Nd Baby Shower - Minneapolis,MN

Updated on January 10, 2009
A.G. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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No one has offered to throw me a baby shower for my second child, even though we have a girl and are now having a boy. I am pretty sure that no one in my family or my husbands family is going to throw one, but I do know that my girlfriends are going to give me a lunch! Should I still register? The only things we really 'need' are big ticket items. Opinions Please!

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So What Happened?

I decided to register because my close family lives out of town, and just incase they ask me I can tell them! We cloth diaper so I registered for those, a Britax car seat, and a double stroller. Only the things I really need. Thanks for the input!

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Congrats on your 2nd baby.
I will tell you what happened with my shower... I didn't hear from my friends or parents or inlaws about having one... for a long long time. I had friends say tell me when the shower is I would love to come and I felt so dumb as I didn't think that I was having one.
I went to garage sales and 2nd hand stores and talked to people at church that already had a little girl, got clothes and a few things that way. Also craigslist, I got things off of, exersaucer, bassinet, some bigger kid toys and clothes.
I wanted to be somewhat more prepared if I wasn't going to have a shower.
My mil had the wedding shower for me, we got pregnant right away, and I knew that she wouldn't have a shower that is just not what they do, I had a very nice wedding shower, I knew hardly anyone except my maid of honor, mil andmy step mom all of the other people were people I didn;t know. They were VERY generous with wedding stuff.

I finally bucked up and asked my step mom, nicely but directly, I was just wondering if you were going to have a baby shower, there is no pressure I just would like to know. I know not the most tactful but I needed to know. If not I needed to find a crib and other bigger ticket items. She said of course, she was just planning it and she wanted to tell me after she had it planned so all I had to do was get the list of people.
I would register as you probably remember returning a few things with your first one, if people do not want to buy off it they won't and we already know that! It would be nice to have some items that you need, I would be all ranges of price even the want items on there, teethers rattles, smaller toys so it doesn't look like all you want are the pricer items. If you plan on breastfeeding again ask for those types of items that can assist.
If you do not already have a breast pump, our hospitals have hopsital grade ones that you can rent, they are MUCH MUCH more powerful than ones you get from Target or Babies R us. I would register maybe 2 places, what is a place that you have in town, a target walmart or both..? If you have a babies r us or some store similar to it, I would do that. I would find things that are only available online as well, I had people do ordering that way and it was just sent to our house people out of state and that were not able to come. Register for some things for you as well, say at Target like mommy pamper type things. A friend of mine got me some really nice travel lipglosses from Bobby Brown, that was a nice treat and another friend got me some Mary Kay lip treatment and hand lotion!
Also just becuase you do not have a shower doesn't mean that people will not get you gifts, friends of my mil and friends of my husband that I have not met got us gifts.
Let us know what you decide and if you have a baby shower!




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I wouldn't register. I'd start looking on Craigslist or make a list for yourself for garage sales this spring.

I have two boys, 20 months apart, and a new baby girl, and only had a shower with the first.




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I wouldn't. In my opinion having a shower for a second baby is tacky (especially being that your first is so young). If your babies were several years apart maybe it would be a little more understandable. Why not a meet the baby party after he's born instead? Then if someone wants to buy you a gift they can without feeling obligated like at a shower.



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I would register but plan on getting what you need yourself. I'm having my 3rd boy, so I REALLY don't NEED anything except a few bigger things that I seriously don't think anyone will buy for me. My friends are throwing me a shower anyway because baby's should be celebrated and everyone loves a party, but I'm planning on getting those big items myself. I did, however, start a registry to keep track of what I want and in case someone feels like pitching in..

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