29 Month Old Needs Tonsillectomy

Updated on July 15, 2008
K.D. asks from Turlock, CA
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Hi There
My son has abnormally large tonsils, so large his ENT will remove them in a week. He's a little guy, only weighs 24 pounds at 29 months. He doesn’t eat a whole lot and loves to drink fluids. Every once and a while he starts gagging and then throws up. He had tubes at 14 months and through a routine check up at the ENT, it was discovered my son has extremely large tonsils. Anyone out there have a similar experience? Any advise, suggestions as to what to expect after surgery are greatly appreciated.

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answers from Sacramento on

My daughter was 4 when she had hers out, so she was much older. But I'll share how our experience was...

First, make sure they tell you about how he comes out of anesthesia. Nobody warned me, but when they are waking up, they can see, but their brains sometimes can't process what they are seeing. There's a name for this, I just can't remember what it was. She was screaming and her arms were flailing in the air. I had to kick off my shoes and crawl into bed with her and hold her in my arms like a baby. And she kept asking for me and I'd get her to look at me and she'd calm down for a minute and then start freaking out again. So, had I known that was a possibility I would have worn flip flops and some more comfortable clothes...and I would have been mentally prepared because it kind of scared me too!

His throat isn't going to feel so good for several days. I think on day 2 or 3 it even gets a little worse before it gets better.

Make sure you run out and buy/borrow/get at the library new DVD's that he hasn't seen before because he really is going to spend all day on the couch.

Make sure you have plenty of mushy foods. We at a lot of popsicles (it just felt good), oatmeal, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, frozen yogurt, etc.

They will give you a pain medicine. If it has instructions to only eat with food (or on an empty stomach?? I can't remember)...just follow the directions or he'll throw up and that does NOT feel good with stitches in his throat.

I also went to Target and purchased a bunch of hand-held travel games and activity books...thinking she'd want to do that in bed or on the couch. As it turns out, she barely wanted to move for about 4 days and the DVD's are what saved me.

Best of luck. If it makes you feel any better...he probably won't remember much of this later. :)

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answers from Sacramento on

All of the responses are great. The only thing to add, is he probably did not eat much due to the large tonsils - also could have caused the gagging. He may have some remaining anxiety about gagging - but look at this as a fresh start to try new foods. Remind him to breathe and chew if it looks like he is going to gag. It really worked with my little guy.



answers from Stockton on

At just under 3, my neice had a tonsillectomy as well, for very similar reasons. Coming out of the anesthesia was tough to watch, as she was disoriented. Her recovery, however, was fairly quick. She had ice cream, etc. for a day or so and was bouncing around pretty quickly (much faster than an adult would!). In fact, I came over with balloons two days after the surgery and by then she was almost completely back to normal! Good luck, I know he'll do great, as will you and hopefully this will help with any future medical issues.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi K.,

I haven't personally had experience with this. But I have been around a lot of hurt/sick children. Here are the things that I have seen help them:

Have a familiar comfort item that is readily available such as a teddy bear, or blanket

Picture book of family members having fun

books that you can read- like goodnight moon, guess how much I love you etc.

CD and headphones with soothing music that he can listen to

Lots of DVDs/Videos to watch when he comes home

Quiet activities such as : coloring books, play dough etc.

Mostly just make sure that someone is always there that he knows so he isn't scared when he comes out of anesthesia and post-op. Good luck to you and I hope that it goes really well.


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