27 Weeks Prego and 3 CM Dilated!!!!!

Updated on May 15, 2013
A.C. asks from Waynesville, MO
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This is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm 27 weeks prego. I found out this morning that I'm 3 CM dilated, but I'm showing no signs of being in labor. So, the Doctor sent me home and put me on bedrest for the day. I have to go back in tomorrow morning to get checked out. Has this happened to any of you and what happened? I guess the good news is that everything else in the inside is where it's supposed to be and looks good according to the Doctor. Still a little stressed though...

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So What Happened?

The reason I went in was because I was having really bad ligament pain and of course they checked me to see if I had dilated any which I had.

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My cousin went in at 29 weeks and was 3cm. She delivered twins the next day. This was about 3 weeks ago and the twins are doing well.

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I had my daughters at 26 weeks and 3 days. It's a much different situation, though, since I had preterm labor from 18 weeks. What I can say is that you should try and relax and definitely stay on bed rest as your doctor ordered. I was on bed rest and hospitalized for 8 weeks, and listening to the doctor is what saved my daughters and kept them in me. They were 1lb 5ounces and 1lb 13 ounces, so they were beyond tiny, but they are 14 years old now and are perfect in every way. Things have come a long way in the last 14 years, especially if your baby is good to go according to the ultrasounds. Stress can cause preterm laber, so put your feet up and relax! ONLY get up to pee. Skip the shower. See him tomorrow and follow all orders. Hang in there and STAY IN BED! The fact that you aren't having any labor signs is great news! Praying for you and baby:)

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Just do exactly as he says and stay in bed...I know it's the hardest thing to do, but it pays off.

I was on complete bedrest at 24 weeks....

Sometimes our little ones just want out. Funny thing is that it soooo fits my son's personality. He's active and is such a people person. No wonder why he didn't want to stay in the womb; he was bored.

Prayers for you and your little one.

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met a little boy last night born at 27 weeks. He's fine, your past the most critical development for baby. But stay in bed!

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Bed rest is the way to. I realize that it is hard since you have a little one already but if you could get some people to take turns watching him/her it would be best.

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This happened to my with my first pregnancy although I was in the 34 week range. I did wind up on strict bedrest, but it was due to swollen feet and high blood pressure, not the dilation.

When I expressed concern about this, my doc flashed me a grin and said, "Well, you dilate to 10 cm to deliver and you're already 1/3 of the way there...painlessly!" Every time I thought of that comment, I giggled. When all was said and done, it was a very fast, straightforward delivery.

Good luck.

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what would be the outcome if your 20wks and dilated 3cm? my daughter needs advice from real true people who has been down this path. Doctor give #"s and %. I would like to here from true stories.


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Why did the doctor check you this soon? I was dilated to a 4 and effaced 90% 6 weeks before the birth of my 3rd daughter. That was the right time for checking. 27 weeks is a bit early for a doctor to be putting his hands up there and risking infection. Anyway, I'm really meaning to point out that I could have easily been dilated and effaced much earlier as well. I think it's possible my doctor may have checked a little earlier than he would have because I had a lot of braxton hicks. It's been 21 years so I forget.


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3 cm isn't bad right now, and can easily go back to being closed up. Then again, you could remain at 3 cm for the next 13 weeks or even go overdue. What's key is that nothing else is indicating labor to be imminent. Stay hydrated, eat well, stay rested, and remember that stress is not good for you or the baby. If you keep stressing then that's going to raise your blood pressure and you really don't want to be at risk for pre-eclampsia.

Yes, I've been through this. Multiple times with each pregnancy. We made it through.



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At this point I would say lay down and do not get up unless you really have to. I was hospitalized on redrest with my first born at 24 wks and had him at 30.5 wks. I did not have many problems through the beginning other than growing pains. I complained about them for a couple of visits but kept being told that it was normal. It was not normal and if someone would have listened then things might have been different for us. My son was pretty big and healthy for being so early but it was a very tough road. It is very stressful and difficult to see your child so small and fragile. Do everything possible to keep that baby inside as long as possible. Good luck and if you need support email me ([email protected]____.com) as bedrest and/or and early baby can take a toll on everyone in the family.

As for the bedrest, I was down for 7 wks with my first and from 16 wks to 38 wks with my second and thoughout the process I found many things to do.

Good luck!!!



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I would rest, rest, rest. Please let your hubby get everything for you now~ I would listen to your doctors orders and ask about a cerclage-- maybe they could put a few stiches in to make sure you don't dialate any further. Best wishes on a healthy, happy pregnancy!


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