27 Month Old Coughing Question

Updated on March 24, 2011
L.W. asks from Florence, KY
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Hi Ladies
My child seems like she is never ending with some sort of sickness. Everytime she gets a cold, we have to put her on breathing treatments for broncuolistis. She is going to be having her 2nd ear tube surgery next month. For the last few days she has the cough (not a chunky one...a dry one) and seems to be getting worse..even last night when she went to bed she coughed for about 1.5 hours before she finally stopped. This morning she started up again. I gave her some Ibuprofin to help with the 'cold' symptoms even though she doesnt seem to have a cold.
Daycare just called and said she only napped for 30 mins and woke herself up from coughing. I just called the doc and they cant see her till tomorrow morning.(unless I go to after hours at 8pm and pay another $50 ontop of my $30 co pay...no thanks) so have any of you experienced this? I dont think I need to go pick her up..I only have about an hour left to work and I will be late tomorrow taking her to the doctor..anything i can do to help her? I was thinking of a steamy bath, humidfier and maybe doing a breathing treatment to see if that would help
poo think..I hate it when she is sick
EDIT!!!!! From reading the first 3 response...wondering if its allergies??

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So What Happened?

Still on our way to recovery...THANK YOU ALL SOO Much for the great advice. Last night she went to bed around 8....cough cough cough and couldnt go to sleep until about 1030 or 11...but she never called for me(just hacked through the monitor). We gave her a steamy bath with the vix med in the tub, gave her "little ones" honey for her cough, a dose of ibuprofin, a fresh filter for her cool mist humidifer and 2 treatments of her nebulizer(one at 4pm and one at 8) This morning she was not in the mood to wake up but woke up after about 2 mins of gently patting her back and she was ALL SMILES. She has BARELY coughed this morning but when she does, it now sounds chunky like an actual cold. Took her to the doctor and she does have fluid in on of her ears. Her history is that the fluid will eventually turn into an ear infection (hence the reason to get the tubes in again in April) He recommened using the breathing treatments as necessary and gave us some antibiotics. YEAH!!!! Daddy took her this morning and treated her to breakfast at McDonalds...she ate like a champ.. Because of her condition I give her 2 gogurts per day...when she is on the antibiotics, I increase that to 4 per day.
Thanks again ladies. Have a SUPER DAY!!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, do a humidifier and breathing treatment--- get some vapor bath stuff and pour some in the bath-it works wonders. Hope she feels better. GL!


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answers from Austin on

Start working with your doctor to check allergies, food in particular.
The best advice I have ever heard for a kid who is chronically ill is to start journal-ing, journal what they eat, their sleep habits, flair ups, places they have been, bathroom habits, etc. It's a great tool in proper diagnosis.

I would look at environmental factors in your home and her school as well (mold, dust, animals, etc)

Hope you can get some answers!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I've had chronic sinus issues for a number of years and not long ago, I developed a chronic dry cough to go with it. One of my doctors suggested that I may have a milk intollerance so a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go completely dairy-free. Best decision ever! Cough almost immediately went away and so did my sinus problems. I miss cheese but feeling healthy and energetic is so worth the price of giving up cheddar and brie.

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I don't know how things are in Kentucky, but here in Texas everything is blooming and my whole family is coughing - including myself. In fact, I'm sitting here with a tickle in my throat from all the pollen. So perhaps it might just be a seasonal thing?

When my LO wakes up from coughing I give her some chamomile tea with honey (she's 3 years) and rub her down with vicks and the humidifier. Good luck and hopefully it's just the pollen!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Honey! Honey! Honey! Both of my daughters are home sick today with dry coughs, sniffles, and fevers. I'm doing Ibuprofen for the fevers and honey for the coughs... and the honey seems to really help. Plus, my kids love to eat a spoonful of honey. Such a treat.

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answers from Cleveland on

you may want to take her to a pulmonologist, to get her checked for asthma - the dry cough you are hearing could be an asthma cough - my middle guy has asthma - he has been hospitalized twice for pneumonia, but once they put him on daily meds, he has been so much better (he wasn't diagnosed until he was 3). His asthma still kicks in almost every time he gets a cold, but his daily meds, along with his breathing treatments, and the liquid steroids for when he gets really bad are an amazing help. Definitely keep the breathing treatments going - sending u lots of hugs!

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answers from Honolulu on

Coughs & Mucus originate from:

1) the sinuses... because post-nasal drip causes coughing. As mucus drips down the throat, it tickles/aggravates the throat and causes a cough reflex.
2) the Chest.
3) or both

Thus, it has to be pin-pointed, where her cough is coming from.
THEN, it can be handled more efficiently.

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