24 And Might Have Breast Cancer!!

Updated on August 22, 2006
R.C. asks from Roanoke, TX
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My 24 year old cousin just had a baby 6 days ago. 4 Months ago she felt a lump in her breast that was about the size of a pea and now it is the size of a golf ball. We were wonder if it had something to do with the pregnancies, but we dont know. She is going to the docter Friday to have it checked but breast cancer runs very high in our family. Did anyone else ever have this happen to them when they were pregnant? Thank you!!

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So What Happened?

I would like to thank everyone who gave advice on my 24 year old cousin who we thought had breast cancer. She had surgury three days ago to take out the lump and the results came back great. It had to do with something with her milk coming in. Thanks again to everyone!!

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This happened to my sister right after my nephew was born. We were also concerned, since breast cancer runs in my family, but it ended up being a benign cyst.

I wish your cousin teh best!



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Hi R.,
Obviously nothing can substitute for a doctor's opinion, but I had something similar happend when I had my first child. It turned out to be a milk fistula. Basically just a large duct of breastmilk and it resolved itself when i stopped breastfeeding. Hopefully your cousin will have the same result. Good luck!


PS - They can do a needle biopsy while you are breastfeeding, so if your cousin is breastfeeding, don't let them convince her to stop in order to have it diagnosed.



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This happened to me a couple of days after I came home from the hospital from having my son. We have a strong family history of breast cancer (mom had it 3 times, grandmother, aunts and cousins) I thought that was it. I felt it in the shower. Turned out to be a clogged milk duct b/c the baby wasn't drinking as fast as I was producing breastmilk. I called the Dr. right away. He had me express the milk by hand, and place a bag of frozen pea's on my breast. The lump went down within a day and I saw him a couple of days later for an exam and every thing was fine. Your cousin should see a dr, to rule out anything, but prayerfully it's just the milk duct.



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R. - you are right to have her go and have it checked out, but to offer some reassurance.... when I was pregnant, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer - under 40, which is less common and more concern...my OB/Gyn told me to get a mammogram after I had my baby and completed breastfeeding. She indicated getting a mammogram during pregnancy or breastfeeding would not be accurate, as your breasts go through a lot of changes. I felt lumps in my breasts during that time and worried myself sick over it - finished breastfeeding, had a mammogram several months later and all was fine.

Yes, have it checked out just to be safe, but don't waste time worrying about it. Good luck! S.

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