21Month Old Unable to Walk Properly After Fever/ Cough Bout?

Updated on January 31, 2009
S.N. asks from Las Vegas, NV
4 answers

my little girl developed a cough on sunday.

cough+ fever (101.4 and 101.6 , 6 hours apart) on monday.
no fever on tuesday, but cough persisted.
threw up early wednesday morning and went back to sleep.

now this morning (wednesday) she woke up and is unable to walk properly. she is having a problem putting her right foot down flat on the ground.

we are in switzerland for a holiday (?) and are figuring out which doc to take her to etc etc. i have been giving her a cough syrup called rhinathiol on the recommendation of the pharmacist here.


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So What Happened?

thank you so much for your responses.. it is just so much support to even get a response saying "good luck". we took her to the doc. he said the viral infection (cough) was such that it had caused inflammation in the hip are over her right leg, therefore she was unable to put pressure on her right ankle. gave her a syrup. anya is better now, but still not 100%. still limping sometimes. will take her again on monday. another friend of mine also told me her boy went thru the same where both his legs collapsed AFTER the fever went. he was okay in 48hours. am hoping anya will be totally fine by tomorrow...

thanks everyone again :)

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This is generally normal due to the post nasal drip into the ear which effects the balance.



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Fever and cough are usually not a problem, but when your child suddenly cannot walk properly, that is a cause for serious ooncern. If you cannot find a doctor, take her to the emergency room, NOW. Don't wait. This can be very serious.

Best of luck!

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Hi S.,

I would definately take her to a Pediatrician, Urgent Care, or Hospital if possible. The cough medicine could possibly be affecting her in some way. Maybe take her off the cough meds and she how she does. How old is she? Most pediatricians do not like to give children under 2 any cough medicine. Do her ears hurt her? Sometimes when kids get inner ear infections that can affect their balance. Hope this helps a little.



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I cannot add any great advice other than to echo what the other moms have posted. I'd definitely be concerned and take her in immediately. I usually wait things out but this would have me a bit concerned if it were my child.

Best of luck,


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