21 Day Old with Possible Pyloric stenosis...mama Is Going Crazy Calming Her.

Updated on September 15, 2011
D.D. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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My friends baby is 21 days old and has been vomiting and diarrhea. She cries from the moment she gets up, and during her sleep. She went to her pediatrition he sent her to the ER for ultrasound. My friend missed a phone call as she was searching for it, she called the doctor right back within 30 seconds. Reception said he is not taking any calls. Was she supposed to keep nursing, go on soy milk like they had talked about. All the message from doctor stated was let’s give the baby a week. Mean while my friend did not know what to do for her baby. So she went an hour away to another ER and they did blood work and tested high for pyloric stenosis. Told her they could admit the baby, but there would be nothing more they could do, that she could not do at home. See your regular doctor in the morning with the results they came up with. (same doctor that would not talk to her.) Question: Have any of your mommy's experienced this with your babies? If so what did you do to comfort your little one?

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answers from Richmond on

Yes, keep feeding the baby... even though it LOOKS like a lot coming up, some of that milk is still making it's way in there.

Is she weighing less than she should be or losing weight? Or just throwing up a lot?

My middle child has bloodwork come back as high for PS, but the ultrasound shows no problem... turned out to be really bad reflux.

Is she breastfeeding or using formula? if she's BFing, she needs to really watch her diet in case it's NOT PS, to figure out what baby is sensitive to. If she's using formula, Enfamily Gentlease is what finally worked for my daughter.

PM me if you need more suggestions :) Best thing to help baby feel better, other than diet, is cradle baby belly down on your arm and swing her... this always made my baby more comfortable!

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answers from Spartanburg on

My nephew, 7 weeks, just went to a pediatric gastro this past Friday. He was spitting up after every bottle and has really bad gas. He told my sister to use "just plain ole" formula...they are all the same. She was to add 1 tsp of rice cereal per ounce of formula the first day, 2 tsp per oz the second day and 3 tsp per oz the third day and do it that way from then on. He also added Zantac and over the counter Maalox. Yes, Maalox. She bounces him a lot to help with gas and he told her to stop. He said he is never to lie flat which he sleeps in his carrier anyway because my sister had already figured that out. He started his regimen this past Friday and he is 100% better...such a different baby!! He is so happy and has only spit up once. Good luck to your friend!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would HIGHLY recommend she go to the Breastfeeding Center in Squirrel Hill. It is staffed by MDs who are all also Lactation Consultants too. They are AMAZING. My son had bad reflux (not stenosis) and they worked so hard with me to get him to gain weight. Their contact info is http://www.breastfeedingcenterofpittsburgh.com/

[email protected]____.com

The postal addresses are as follows:
Main Office
4070 Beechwood Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Satellite Office
850 Clairton Boulevard
Suite 1200
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

She needs to take this seriously, and advocate for her child. Find a Doc who will help. I hope this works out for her... thanks for being a good friend to a new mom.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My nephew had ps and they did immidiate surgery they didnt wait a week and see BUT my son had similiar symptoms and the dr we had was a flake wait and see wait and see try 50 kids of formula we ended up in the er for he kept nothing down went on straight pedialight and same thing when we introduced formula again i tryed bf formula all of it till i discovered NUTRAMIGIN it is deadly expensive BUT worked so try that formula you can buy it reay made at walmart or in powder form. my son was on it for months and months and now has acid reflux medicine which helps but i tell you that is the miracle formula and IF it does not work then talk about it with another DR i think you might benifit from getting a second opinion. I did and swithed peds! Good luck and SERIOUSLY TRY THE NUTRAMIGIN its hypoallergenic absolutly no way can they be allergic to it or have an issue and if they do then it is in no way the formula breast milk your child is digesting(or not) that is the problem

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answers from Philadelphia on

Ok, one of my triplets had Pyloric Stenosis as an infant. It happens within the first six weeks. My son's happened later because he was two months premature and if you did his adjusted age he fell into that age range.

Pyloric Stenosis is where the top muscle of the stomach begins to close off, basically slowly starving the baby. The only way to see if it is Pyloric Stenosis is by an ultrasound. The baby has to drink a special concoction that glows on u/s so they can see if that muscle is closing up. Never heard of a blood test being able to show this, unless it's new. The docs have to visually see this happening.

When it was happening to my son, he was projectile vomiting because there was no where for the food to go buy out. There was no diarrhea. Our useless doctor changed formulas, put him antacids and swore it was reflux, even though we told her repeatedly that the symptoms she gave us for reflux was the direct opposite of the symptoms my son was having. He was a heavy eater and gained weight quickly since birth. He suddenly stopped gaining weight and again thought it was fine. We made an appointment and the morning we got our son up to go he looked pale and visibly thinner. We went in demanding a proper diagnosis or we were going to the ER and demand help there. Mind you, the doctor mention in the beginning that this could be a possibility but refused to go down that path because it go to the point that she didn't want to be wrong about her original diagnosis of reflux. Ego. Meanwhile, my son had lost weight when he was at the doctor's office, was projectile vomiting all over and the nursing staff was freaking out. They knew something was wrong but the doctor refused to budge. My husband screamed, "My son is pale, thin, vomiting anything that goes into his stomach and you refuse to help! We're not leaving until you diagnose him properly or we're heading to the ER for tests ourselves!" She finally gave in, reluctantly. Sent us to the hospital for the u/s for suspected Pyloric Stenosis. They asked us what his symptoms were and we filled them in. They did the u/s. My husband went in, I stayed out. Only one was allowed. When they were done the doctor who did the u/s came flying out of the room in a near rage. She told me it was obvious Pyloric Stenosis and was very upset that the doctor waited this long to do anything about it. In essence, our son was slowly starving to death. He could have died or had damage done to his internal organs. She stood right there and called the other doc while we were sitting there nearly yelling at her telling her it was obvious Pyloric Stenosis, asking why she waited so long to diagnose the child and ordered that he be sent to the nearest available hospital immediately for emergency surgery. They needed a specialist who could do this. It was a simple surgery of making a slit at the belly button, pull the muscle out with a finger, make a slit across the muscle to open it and sew up. It's an instant fix and the baby can begin eating as soon as he woke back up and did vitals.

Needless to say, the original doctor was upset with us for making her look bad! DOH! We had to save the life of our child. We never saw her again and the next thing we knew she no longer worked there. We switched to a new team of doctors at the military hospital.

It seems to me if it were Pyloric Stenosis that they would not just send you home with a ho hum attitude. I would be suspicious of both doctors at this point. Never heard of Pyloric Stenosis being checked with a blood test so I'm wondering if she was given the wrong diagnosis at the hospital. I would demand the original doctor call back immediately if there's a life threatening diagnosis, even if it's in the early stages. None of this makes sense so I'd demanding an answer now and do not delay on taking care of the problem, IF it is Pyloric Stenosis, but I'd want to be sure that was what it was.

At the end of the day. The surgery was an immediate cure. He immediately ate like a piggy again right after surgery and came home the next day, which was Christmas Eve. He kept eating with no vomiting and stopped crying. He got his color back, started gaining weight again and all was right with the world immediately after surgery.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Allentown on

The baby could be allergic to something in the mother's diet. If it were me, I'd start by eliminating all dairy since that's often the biggest culprit. But the mother should absolutely keep nursing!
Also, what makes the mother think that the baby has diarrhea? Exclusively breastfed babies stool should be pretty much just liquid with some little "seeds" in it. If it's green, it's usually caused by either limiting the time that she's nursing/switching sides too soon (foremilk/hindmilk inbalance--the baby gets too much foremilk & not enough hindmilk) OR by something that the baby is allergic to.
It's also extremely common for newborns to spit up. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes projectile. NOT necessarily an indication of anything being wrong.
PLEASE have her call her local La Leche Leader IMMEDIATELY!!!! She can also check out www.KellyMom.com for some info.
Hope that helps!



answers from Mobile on

My son had it. He had to have surgery at 2 weeks old. We caught it early because my husband had it as an infant. I was told it will NOT fix its self, surgery is necessary! I agree with EVERYTHING Tripletmom04 said! That baby needs help IMMEDIATELY!

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