20 Month Old Drooling Excessively.

Updated on April 23, 2010
V.N. asks from Plainfield, IL
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My son has 16 teeth (does not have his 2nd set of upper and lower molars). He does not appear to be teething as he had while he was getting in his earlier dentition. He constantly is drooling excessively. It seems like he is not swallowing his saliva at all. I sometimes have to change his shirt three times daily. His speaks well for his age (as I read that sometimes can be related if they have speech delay). I make him aware of his chin being wet and ask him to wipe it of. He does wipe it when I ask, rarely on his own. I try to make him aware when his chin is dry, so he can feel the difference. I try to teach him how to swallow but he isn't getting it, he tries but it doesn't work. He drools mostly at home and not as much outside of the house (small amounts).

Has anyone experienced this? Is it a phase? Is there something I can do to help him figure it out? I don't want him to develop a rash from the excessive moisture.

Thank you in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your advice. I will not worry about it at this time. I just adore him so much.

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Just a little tid-bit. My cousin drooled. I am 39, he 34. He graduated from University of Austin, some years back. We affectionetly talked about his drooling about when he was 3,4,5. He would wet his tee-shirt, pants and anything aroung him. He is a Software engineer now. He's doin really well, married , house....you see where I'm going?

Dont sweat the small stuff.
Some kids just drool.

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My six year old has been a drooler ever since she was born!! It has gotten better, but I still have to ask her every once in a while to wipe her chin, or to swallow her drool. I have asked my Doctor, and unless it is causing problems in day to day life, he said to let it go, her body would eventually figure out what to do with the excess. Its frustrating at times, but it really doesnt hurt anyone! She was also an early talker, and always enunciated well (for her age!) Thus far I see it as a cosmetic problem more than a medical problem!! Hope this helps!! :)

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My oldest son did this same thing. It seemed so odd as he was older when this started and I didn't know what was going on. I even asked his pediatrician about it. I was told it is just a phase and some children do that as they don't really understand what to do with all that saliva. Though I can't offer any real suggestions beyone what you are already doing, I can say it really was just a phase and he eventually outgrew it.

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