2 y.o. Allergic to Cats??

Updated on March 22, 2010
A.R. asks from Madison, WI
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My son just turned 2 and I am starting to wonder if he is allergic to our cats. We have 2 cats and have had them for 8 years. I remember always thinking the 1st year of my son's life that he was very congested all the time. Then this past year, I have just assumed all the symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, cough, sneezing) were due to a cold. But, it seems pretty constant and i'm starting to wonder if he is actually allergic to the cats. I guess I just always assumed it would have been a Stronger reaction if it was the cats. We just had his 2 year check up with his doctor. She said to monitor his symptoms and if I wanted we could see the allergist. But, just thought I'd ask here first if anyone has had kids who were allergic to cats and what it looked like.

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answers from La Crosse on

I am allergic to cats...and we have 5!!! Yes, I am that Crazy Cat Lady people joke about. I have found that the way to temper it is by regularly bathing my cats...and I use the same shampoo on them as on my own hair. As long as we keep them clean I have no problems with dust, dirt, and dander. It takes a while to get the cats to "accept" a bath...but they are fine now that they know what's up.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yup! Those are the symptoms exactly. Allergy testing is a good idea, whether done by the pediatrician or by an allergist -- or better yet, by a pediatric allergist. That way you can find out if there are other allergy problems: dust, mold, etc. Good luck, A.!



answers from Omaha on

My son went thru the same thing and I checked to see if the symptoms went away when we were away from the animals. But first I would wash his clothes and then immediately take them to the car and change him there so that there was no animal dander on them. Then I took him to the mall for a few hours and observed if his "allergic' reaction was any different. That is how I checked before having the allergist check him for allergies. As it turned out he wasn't allergic to the animals but to the laundry detergent I was using. So besure to think if a year ago you made any other changes. My son also have allergic type symptoms when he was teething. But I would have him checked out just to make sure, you wouldn't want him to go to anaphaltic shock and find out the hard way



answers from Fargo on

i would take him to get tested. the normal doctor can test for it also. the allergist does a back skin prick but the child has to be a certain age. i think they have to be 3 yrs old though. we have been dealing w/a allergist the part 2 yrs but dealing with the allergies since oldest was 6-8 months old. he is now 5 1/2. any ways have him tested. it won't hurt to at least find out.



answers from Orlando on

We have a lot of allergies in the family. You shouldn't have to see an allergist to get a simple test. They just pricked my son's finger in the regular pediatrician's office and sent it to the lab for some general tests and it showed he was allergic to the usual suspects-- dust mites, dogs, and cats--- but the cat allergy was off the charts



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with the other responders who said that allergies to dust and mold are the most common. I would "google" for tips on what to do around the house, in his bedroom especially, to help with this. If it is the cats, even keeping them out of his bedroom at night might be enough to help with his symptoms.



answers from Omaha on

We thought our daughter was allergic to cats and she had similar symptoms. Turns out she is slightly allergic to milk. Had blood drawn and they tested it for several allergens. You could take a vacation away from all cats and see if he gets better. I wouldn't get rid of them until you know for sure what's causing his symptoms. For now, keep the cats out of his room, vacuum a lot and use an air purifier.



answers from Sioux Falls on

I would not assume that it is the cats first. I am an allergy sufferer who has 3 cats. First, look in your furnace vents. If you live in an older home, they are probably ALOT dirtier than you ever would guess, and when your air and furnace run, it blows all that crud around. If they are dirty, clean them, also, change your filter once a month. Another suggestion is to keep the litter box clean and don't let your cats go outside. Outdoor cats get all sorts of allergens on their fur, and when you pet them, on you! I break out in hives when I pet an outdoor cat, but I can cuddle with my indoor cats all the time!
I still think a possibility for your son's difficulties could be teething. Teething is no fun for alot of children. They get all the symptoms you have described; coughing runny nose, fever, infections, etc. He could have gotten a secondary infection caused by all that. I would be taking him back to the MD and making sure he does not have an infection. If he doesn't, go to iherb.com and order the Viburcol. It is a homeopathic remedy that works wonders for baby's immune systems. We have referred lots of famillies to it and it works very well. It is premeasured liquid that does not taste bad. ( I tasted it myself to see).



answers from Denver on

Hi A. - yes, it looks exactly like that.



answers from Houston on

My kids are both allergic to cats. Coughing, itchy eyes, sneezing, itchy skin, and sometimes hives is what they get.



answers from Madison on

Another area to check out would be if your child is allergic to dairy (cow's milk) or if he has any food intolerances; the biggest ones are to gluten and soy. An allopathic doctor will not check for any of these unless your child suffers an anaphylactic shock episode. A Naturopathic Doctor can test for all of these as well as for other food intolerances that are more rare. Most people are totally unaware that problems with food are one of the biggest contributors to why our bodies don't work like they should and why we are sick. Runny or stuffy nose, ear aches, and chest congestion are all signs of a dairy allergy. I know; I have the dairy allergy as well as the gluten and soy intolerances. Since I've been doctoring, almost all of my symptoms have disappeared and I am almost able to get rid of my Advair for my asthma. Please look into this.



answers from Omaha on

My 9 yr old is allergic to cats and even some dogs, but the symptoms are always the same regardless of the type. She gets a runny nose, her eyes water & itch to the point where they become swollen,almost puffy looking, as well as red. She doesn't get a cough with it, but she does have trouble with her breathing when the allergy occurs. Myself & my brother are also allergic to cats and have been our entire lives. I do remember as a child having all the same symptoms as my daughter has now, but again not so much coughing but to the point that there was an itchy feeling in my throat. My brothers allergy to cats is more severe than mine or hers, as he gets to the point where his eyes will swell completely shut. We do own a cat & I have found that as long as the cat is not allowed in our rooms, because the fur or something in it is what causes the allergy. My daughter loves cats & still likes to pet the one we have. I learned thru experience with this that as long as her hands are washed immediately after she pets the cat, & as long as she does not touch her face while she is petting the cat she is just fine living with one. The same goes for myself. So I would suggest trying those things & see if his symptoms get any better. One more thing once you stop allowing the cat in his bedroom, you'll need to vacuum the room really well, & change all the bedding. I hope this has been helpful & that your son is feeling much better soon.

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