2 Year Old Won't Tell Me When He Has to Go

Updated on January 07, 2009
S.O. asks from Appleton, WI
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Alright, I know the potty topic has gone around so much. My two year old will go potty any time I take him in the bathroom. He knows how to push so he will go every time. He has recently started fighting me saying he doesn't have to go, so I thought maybe he actually didn't have to. So I started waiting until he told me he had to go, but by the time he says he has to go potty he has already peed or pooped in his underwear. We stayed at my parents house for 4 days around Christmas and he wore underwear and only had one tiny little accident. Then we came home and he is having at least 2 accidents a day! So do I go back to setting a timer and taking him every hour or how do I get him to tell me he has to go? He does have a sticker chart. He gets a sticker if his underwear are dry and he goes on the potty. It has worked great up until now.

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First, I Googled "potty training". What I found was an amazing variety of answers to your question. Here is website that might help http://www.cafemom.com/ At Cafemom I entered “potty training”. I found a multitude of other mom’s available with tips for this subject. Good Luck, L.

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answers from Minneapolis on

He knows what to do, so no matter what anyone tells you DO NO GO BACK TO DIAPERS! He is ready, he is trained, just give him time to learn all the proper ways to tell you. For now, continue to take him to the potty every 2hrs. Set a timer, then make it a game by 'racing' him to the bathroom, and have him go. Rewards are fine... a mini M&M or a sticker for his chart, or maybe a special book with mom, or if he stays dry all day he can turn in his stickers for an ice cream or cookie after dinner. He won't 'require' a treat after using the bathroom forever. :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Maybe the holidays just messed him up a bit. I would go back to setting the timer, or whatever you did before he "graduated" to going only when he said he had to, and wait for him to take the initiative again. At least this way you're going back to a routine he's been familiar with.

I'm envious that you could get him to push and go! My 2 y.o. twins know what it means to go potty, know how to sit on the potty, but never actually pee in the chair. It's so frustrating!

Anyways, good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

My son went through the same thing and I just finally came to the realization that he wasn't ready for potty training. I have come to learn that some kids aren't ready to potty train as early as their parents are :o). Just be patient and he will come around...when he is ready.

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