2 Year Old with Hives

Updated on December 10, 2008
M.T. asks from Bedford, TX
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Hello! Sunday morning my son was walking around the house in just his diaper, and I noticed red splotches on his legs and back. With closer inspection, I noticed the there were white looking bumps on the splotches, almost connecting. I think that they were hives. After about thirty minutes, they went away. Later that night, I noticed they came back even worse. They were on his hands, feet, legs, belly and back. I gave him some Benadryl and after about 45 minutes, they went away. The next morning they were still gone, and were gone all day at the babysitters. As soon as we came home, witing 15 minutes, some started showing on his back. But they quickly went away. But later, at bedtime, they showed up on his back and face. They aren't in his mouth, and he isn't having trouble breathing. He has no fever. He didn't eat anything new, and I have been using the same detergent for over a month. I don't know if it is good to keep giving him Benadryl. Has anyone else experienced this?

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answers from Dallas on

When my son was two he had something that sounded similar. The hives just showed up one day and came and went for days. We had been using the same detergent and no new foods either. So after a number of days we took him to the pediatrician. She put him on Zyrtec for for 10 days and it never came back. We never figured out what the hives were from (we were to come back for some testing if they had returned). I personally like Zyrtec over Benadryl because it is once a day dosage so you don't have to remember when you last gave it and also it is non drowsy (for my kids anyway).

Hope he is better soon.



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When my daughter was between 9 months and 3 she would get rough red patches on her arms legs and cheeks. They would go away within hours or sometimes would take a day. My ped said it was a food allergy. We determined it was tomatoes. and something in cesar salad dressing. It slowly evolved and every time she ate tomatoes/cesar dressing it got a little worse each time to when eventually as soon as she ate it her cheeks would turn red at the table. They doc said that would happen. She said the more she ate the worse it would get and overtime it did. She's almost 5 now and has outgrown it she LOVES tomatoes. Weird. I don't recall white dots though it was more like a rough patch of pink/red skin on her cheeks, back of legs, or back of arms.

Is he eating the same thing daily or with the same ingrediant? If so, eliminate that food/ingredient for a week and see if it clears up.

Not sure if this helps, but I thought I'd share my story just in case.



answers from Dallas on

You need to see your Peds for a possible Allergist or Dermatalogist referral. He could be developing an allergy to something new or old or it could be something more serious. My 6 year old has a rare condition that causes him to hive when he is exposed to foods he is allergic to, or if he gets hot or extremely cold, friction (rubbing him with a towel) causes major hiving. So you never really know what the cause of hives are until you see the doctor. As for Benadryl, it is safe as long as you are doing the correct dose for your child's weight, do not go by age. My son has been on daily Benadryl since he was 3 months old without any problems.

Just my opinion as a mother & a nurse.



answers from Dallas on

Is he still having outbreaks? I benadryl is nice, but we too use zyrtec for hives. My son has chronic hives( meaning they do not why he gets them).

Zyrtec has been a life saver for us.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I've used benadryl q6h for days on end with no problems - but the remittent recurring hives to me would signal a need to go to the pedi. Just in case.




answers from Dallas on

I get hives like that and for some reason lately it's been bad... can't figure out what it is, so must be something in the air.

I take alot of Benadryl... but I'm an adult.

I'd take him to an allergist and see what they can do. I can tell you hives make you feel miserable, even if you're not really miserable, you know they're there and it's just distracting.


answers from Dallas on

Hello M.,

I have a botanically based skin care, health and wellness company.

Our baby line has a diaper rash cream that is great for eczema, rashes, hives, bug bites, anything that itches.

On top of that it is botanically based, ph correct, dermatologist and peditrician (sp?) tested, hypoallergenic, never tested on animals, contains no animal products or by-products, and contains no mineral oil.

It's a great thing to have in your purse.

Please let me know if you'd like more info.

Take care and God bless!


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