2 Year Old with Hemorrhoid

Updated on May 22, 2010
M.S. asks from De Pere, WI
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I have a two year old little girl that has had some tough stools and now seems to have created a hemorrhoid. I did take her to the doctor and she said to try and get her stool softer by giving her MiraLax every other day. Then she said to use Preparation-H twice a day. I have done that, but the hemorrhoid has not gone away and she still seems to be hurting when pooping, all though her stool is much softer. I try to encourage her to drink water as much as possible and I offer her fruits and veggies every chance I can...not that she always eats them. She is 2 and eats like a typical picky 2 year old girl. Any suggestions on how to help the little one out?

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answers from Madison on

It takes some time to work. I would use the miralax consistently and for a some time (~3 month). Then decrease the dose and see if it is better or if you have to continue at the same dosage for a little while longer.

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answers from Omaha on

Hemmorrhoid's can take a little while to get rid of, it won't be an overnight fix but if it has been a few weeks then I would take her back to your Dr to see if there is anything they cnn do to help the healing process.

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answers from Lincoln on

Have you changed her diet? switch to whole wheat bread & noodles, brown rice instead of white, avoid bananas, push grapes (cut of course!), corn...wish I remembered more! My daughter had the same issues...she was on Miralax daily for about 7 years. everytime we'd wean her down to 1/2 dose daily problems would start. She eventually had to see a behavior therapist. If she's still hurting when she's pooping, you might want to take her back to her doctor. We had to record for the longest time (at least a year) her fluid intake, when she pooped, how much (1/2 cup, 1/2 cup..we just guessed! didn't really measure!), the consistency, her activity level. After the 3 main meals, within a half hour she had to have "sit time" - sit on the toilet for 10 minutes whether she went or not to train her body. when there started to be a patern, then we weaned down to the times she was most likely to go. It was a pain but now at 11 she poops great! - i do ask her every once in awhile because all it takes is one time of them being constipated again to go back to holding it. Not sure how long you've been doing the miralax and prep H but it did take my daughters hemorrhoids quite a while to go away. Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

Try getting her to eat some of the Fiber One stuff they have out now -yogurt (or Activia yogurt), muffins, frozen waffles, etc. The Fiber One bars taste like candy! Just make sure she drinks A LOT -and include some fruit juice. This may give her fairly loose stools, but as long as she doesn't have spasms like you get with diarrhea, it should really help. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience in this department -primarily with fissures. It can take a little while to find a good balance between fiber and liquid intake, but once you do, things will clear up and be much better.

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Oh, poor thing.

After the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with cancer and started 5 months of chemo. So, I had hemorrhoids from the delivery coupled with severe constipation from the chemo, and it made me miserable for many, many months.

You're doing everything correctly. For adults, there are several topical products you can use to help with the inflammation of the veins that cause hemorrhoids - they were a saving grace as well as wiping with Preparation-H type wipes vs. toilet paper.

Miralax is HIGHLY recommended (our daughter's on it for encopresis). I actually took Senna and then used the topical treatments. Mine wasn't easily controlled because of the chemo, but we got a handle on it eventually.

I would make sure to watch for encopresis (the child withholding their bowel movements) if this is a continued problem. Our daughter's started with constipation, then she became scared to pass stools and developed this condition.

Good luck.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi M.,

You can give relief to her by putting a solution of tea tree oil in a base of lanolin oil. That will heal. I actually use an oil called Renew that is high grade tea tree oil in that same base. The tea tree oil will shrink the swelling and give comfort as well. Preparation-H is chemically reducing the size of the hemorrhoid but it is not permanent.

The constipation is the biggest problem. Water is a must and so is fiber. You can do lemon juice in the water with a little, very little, sugar and call it lemonade. Fruits and veggies are good. One of the most perfect fibers is sweet potato. Most kids like it. Prune juice is sweet, and even though I don't like it, most little ones do because it is so sweet.

Until her bowels are completely under control, the hemorrhoid will not stay away.

God bless and I hope she feels better soon!


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answers from Las Vegas on

This isn't your daughter's problem, but a lot of children with autism have issues with constipation and/or diarrhea so the Talk About Curing Autism website has a whole webpage devoted to poop issues and how to relieve symptoms. There are some really great suggestions in there. If you are interested, here's the link:


Hope this helps and that your daughter is feeling well soon.

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answers from Rochester on

I know this might sound strange... but she will be much more comfortable between bowel movements if you push it back into her rectum. It's quit easy - and NO - you don't need to insert your finger into the rectum. Just gently push it in when you help her wipe... if she is just potty trained, she should be getting help making sure it's all clean down there. Also remind her not to wipe so hard - "Let mommy help!" Use a nice cool wipe! It should go away soon now that her stool is softer - she's a growing child - it will disappear!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Probiotics are another way. They are beneficial to good digestion, immune system and overall good health. There are chewable ones for kids or she could just eat a yogurt a day.

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answers from Hartford on

My niece used to eat "giant raisins" aka prunes. They really helped her.

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