2 Year Old with Glasses, Do We Need a Second Pair for Backup

Updated on July 26, 2008
K.W. asks from Mendham, NJ
4 answers

My 2 year old daughter has been wearing glasses for about 4 months. She is doing great with them. However, we are now going back to the eye doctor to have her glasses fixed for the 2nd time (she is only 2). I am wondering whether I should purchase a second pair of glasses as back up or just keep running back to the eye doctor when she breaks them. Has anybody ever been in this situation? Any advice is helpful.

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answers from New York on

Hi K....as an Optometrist (and mommy), I strongly recommend that you purchase a 2nd or 3rd pair if that is what it takes!! Or at the very least keep getting them fixed!

If possible, when you purchase the glasses, talk to the optician about "flexible frames"...these bend in a million ways and don't break! Also, most often a warrantee is available for frames and lenses, it's an extra cost, but for a child's glasses, it's the best investment.

Assuming that your eyecare provider wanted her to wear them full time, it is essential that she does. To be given a prescription at such a young age means that your daughter may need to use it in order to prevent possible "lazy eye" and to help her visual functioning, which in turn helps her cognitive development now. So I know it is frustrating, not to mention expensive (!), but it really is important.

I hope this advice helps you.. Good luck to your little one!



answers from New York on

They should have sold you the bendy type of glasses.. they work so much better.. they bend every way.. but don't break.. they are virtually break proof.. check them out... at eye glass store.. or walmart, target type place or your eye dr.. good luck



answers from New York on

Get the more flexible type, even if it costs a bit more. Then get a second pair. Your daughter needs to wear them all the time, and with a second ( or even third) pair, you can relax and not have emergencies. You want your daughter to treat the glasses like another piece of clothing that she puts on in the morning, not something that creates a scene if it gets broken or bent. That will make it easier down the road when she's older.



answers from New York on

they definately should be the flexible kind that can twist... TuraFlexies with the soft ear "cable" wraps....

most larger/department store eye drs do not have the soft ear cables for babies... believe me, i've asked. we go to a pediatric eye dr.

my 21 mo old daughter has glasses to for a few months and i've been back to have them realign them. She's very farsighted so they are thick lenses... But they do get out of shape if she twists and pulls them off or rubs her face on the bed or anything while playing. i've also had to replace a lost screw... who knows what happened to it at the pool!! :)

we get replacements for a year, so if they do actually break (not just bend out of shape), we get a new pair free. i don't know if you want to purchase antoher pair... i don't think that it's worth it (ours were 400.!!!) anyway, i say just try to teach her to keep her head up when climbing onto the bed/couch and remind your son to be careful of her face when playing. it really hurts if they get banged on her nose. my daughter had a bruise from the nose piece from running and falling.

good luck and don't feel bad about going back to have them fixed ... kids break them and that's normal. however you shouldn't be paying for going to get them fixed... if you are, check the warranty on them.

i try not to withold any activity from her because she should experience life as a child and not be restricted because she has glasses.

email me if you want :)


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