2 Year Old with Callouses on Her Feet?

Updated on January 03, 2017
S.B. asks from Hilliard, OH
8 answers

While giving my 2 1/2 year old child a bath, I noticed that she now has callouses to the bottom of both of her feet. It is located on the side under her big toe. Is this normal? Do you think her shoes have something to do with this? I buy her Nike tennis shoes but tend to buy cheaper Target brand shoes to go with other outfits since her feet grow so quickly.

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answers from Muncie on

The brand is not as important as the material of the shoes. Buy leather or cotton, breathable fabrics, never man made materials. I agree with the response to let them run barefoot in the house or use slipper socks so they don't slip and fall.



answers from Indianapolis on

I always bought my little ones 1 good pair of walking shoes and then let them go bare foot most of the time (socks naturally) while at home. They developed some callouses even so. Always when buying shoes make sure there is (what we called) a thumb length which is the width of your thumb between their toes and the end of the shoes and check monthly when the toe is about 1/3 of inch from the end of the shoe replace them. Good luck.



answers from Dayton on

We did the cheaper shoes for our daughter, too, because she was outgrowing shoes so quickly and she still used a stroller, so she wasn't CONSTANTLY walking in them. Eventually she developed terrible calluses on her feet. In fact, they bothered her to the point where she would take her shoes off at the first opportunity. We went out and got her Nike gym shoes, which is all she pretty much wears now, and the calluses have gone away. She seems so much more comfortable that we won't buy her any cheap shoes now.

If I were you, I would try keeping your daughter in the Nikes for several weeks and see if the calluses go away. If they do, then you know what the problem is.

Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

I would have it looked at by a DR. It could be a ingrown wart. Good luck to you!



answers from Canton on

It doesnt matter how much the shoes cost my kids have worn shoes from the dollar store. make sure they fit.



answers from Lafayette on

My daughter (who's 5 1/2 now) has small callouses on the bottom of her big toes right where the crease is. This began when she was a baby, so we asked her doc. She (the doc) said that that is just the way she (my daughter) is made -- some people callouse there & some don't. Of course it is best to keep her in good shoes, too. =) Just keep it up...you're doing great! =)



answers from Lafayette on

It could be her shoes. Keep her in the good ones alone for awhile and see what happens. if it dosent improve make her an appointment with a pediatrist.
I have personally never seen a 2 year old with this condition.
Our oldest just turned 7 and cannot wear sandles with the toe seperator in them. It literanlly sawa through the skin and she then blisters and bleeds.
good luck.



answers from Utica on

Callouses are somewhat genetic. Obviously you'll get them from shoes and other things, but some people are more prone to them than others. Both my parents have awful callouses and so do I. I even get them on the palms of my hands from the steering wheel of my car if I drive more than usual. I have 3 kids. Two are adults and haven't ever had a callous and my third daughter has had them on her feet since she started walking. They were all raised in the same environment and did the same things - including sports. Every kid is different.

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