2 Year Old, Swollen Eyelid?

Updated on July 05, 2011
N.S. asks from Muldoon, TX
6 answers

My son woke up with a swollen eyelid, it obviously itches, as he is pawing at it alot. He eye is all drooped over, no redness at all in the eye itself, just the lid. Is it a sty? Should I take him to the doctor or just monitor? No other symptoms.... Help please!

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answers from Appleton on

Could be a bug bite or an infection. Try using a warm washcloth on it to see if that helps. Or try ice on it see if that helps. If nothing works call your doctor, someone is on call this weekend and will call you back.

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answers from Seattle on

It could be an allergic reaction or a more serious bacterial infection. I would get it checked out. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Most likely a mosquito bite on his eyelid. It has happened to both of my kids. If you see discharge from his eye, then have it checked out.

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answers from Victoria on

it dose not sound like a sty. you can google images to see if that is what it looks like. google bee stings on eyelid and see if it looks more like that. if so then it might be a bug bite or an allergic reaction to a food, or pollen. i would take him to the doc if it isnt down by this afternoon. good luck.



answers from College Station on

Give him some benadryl. If that does reduce the swelling in about 45 mins, take him to the Dr.



answers from Joplin on

I would take him to the doctor. I used to have a lot of eye problems, stys and also something called chalazion, warm compress made it feel better but I also recall having to take antibiotics at times, both oral and drops at different times. I was always told never to mess around with eye health to always take it seriously, better to have him checked out and be told it is just a bug bite then to risk his eye health.

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