2 Year Old Ready for Toddler Bed... How Do We Kid Proof His Room?

Updated on July 21, 2009
R.S. asks from Lincoln, CA
5 answers

So my son can now officially escape his crib. Time to transition into the big boy bed (found him tonight sitting on top of his changing table). What is the best way to do this? we have a night stand near his bed that has the table lamp and cd player which he LOVES to play with.
any and all thoughts appreciated

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answers from Modesto on

Hi R.!

I swear.....these kids are like Houdini! It does sound like it might be time :O) Even though my son could climb out of his crib, I left the crib in his room for awhile longer. But knowing that he could get out at any time, I definitely had to change a few things!

One thing especially.....We had a 2-story, so I needed to put a baby gate at the top of the stairs, so I could sleep better at night! My neighbor put her baby gates on her kids doorways, so they couldn't get out of their rooms without calling her.

Anyway,After discovering his new found freedom, my son just explored his independence, and thought because he COULD get out of bed, that he WOULD get out of bed at any time he wanted. This was the part I wasn't ready for! :O)

Should your son exercise his authority like mine did, it takes alot of patience to keep putting him back to bed and teaching him "bedtime" rules. You will figure it out, but just be prepared. This is the about the age when I FINALLY relaxed at night and began to sleep so sound, then this started. I felt like I had an infant all over again (sleep wise).

How cute, R.! Just make sure he's safe whenever he helps himself out of bed. Everything else will be fine.

About your stepson, how weird that he chose to go recently live with mom. At his age, they seem to need their dad's so much more.......I hope life is going well for him. It's such an awkward age.

~N. :O)



answers from Fresno on

The best way to do it is to just do it then take his crib down. Just the normal kid proofing is necessary with electrical sockets. If you leave the crib up he may try to vlimb back in it.



answers from San Francisco on

I'm wondering the same thing as we will be transitioning soon!


answers from Redding on

What fun, trying to contain a toddler is like trying to catch lightening. First off, if you're not going with a toddler bed, lower the side of his crib so when he falls it isn't so far to the ground. Tie the side down with shoestrings if you need so he can't lift it up and drop it on his head, or pinch fingers. If you think he is a climber, and most are, you might consider bolting the dresser/changing table to the wall so when he opens the drawers to climb, it won't tip over on him. Children have been killed doing this and you wouldn't want that to happen for the lack of a few screws and 30 minutes work. A baby gate in his doorway is a great idea, and cords from lamps should be out of his reach, also cords from window blinds and curtains where he won't reach. I hate when they start to tear up books and would put most away so when left alone he won't distroy them. Leave out the good sturdy board books for him to look thru.Keep most toys put away and let him have a few quiet choices for those nights when he discovers the fun of late night parties when M. and dad are sleeping. Of course use outlet covers and lock the window and find a way to keep him from closing the door, pinching fingers and/or locking himself in. It only takes a few months to get past this stage, but you want both of you to survive it so,, have fun listening to him at 4am, and rest assured he is safe in his room.
edit: Im not fond of a lot of furniture in a kids room so consider removing any extra tables, and especially rocking chairs. (o:



answers from San Francisco on

Woo Hoo!!! Out of the crib!

2 things you may want to consider. Instead of a toddler bed, you could go ahead and get him a real twin bed to save some money in the long run. You can get a little bed safety net that attaches so he can't fall on the floor by accident, but can still get in and out at his leisure. Second, just toddler proof the room like you would any other room in the house where he plays and get a baby gate for the doorway if necessary.

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