2 Year Old Needs Glasses????

Updated on January 24, 2008
A.J. asks from Milwaukee, WI
5 answers

How do you know if your child needs glasses. My 2 year old is running in to things such as walls, chairs, dressers..... everything..... when she colors she is really close to the paper. She gets kinda close when she is watching TV. I dont know if I should talk to her Dr about it or if I should just take her to get her eyes checked. Any suggestions!!!

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So What Happened?

Well she has a Dr appt on feb 11th so I will talk to the dr then and see what he has to say about it. I will let you all know what happens after that...

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Sounds like a normal 2 year old to me.
Does she recognize pics. like on flash cards??? If she needs to be close for this It may be a sign.
But it never hurts to ask.



answers from Sioux City on

A.~ I would talk with your family doctor first to see what they have to say. It wouldnt hurt to have your daughters eyes tested. I have a friend whose daughter has been wearing glasses since she was like 6 months old or so. So it is not a bad idea. The sooner you get her tested the better.



answers from Omaha on

do you recall if they checked her eyes before she left the hospital.? maybe not all places do that.

anyway,, i would first talk to your pediatrician. see if they want to see her before seeing an eye dr.
maybe they can give you some tests to do on her to give you and them an idea which direction to go.
but if you are covered, it wouldn't hurt to get them checked


answers from Lansing on

Initially my husband and I weren't sure our son needed glasses, it was just a hunch. Our son was a little over 2 when he first got glasses. It is difficult for a pediatrician to test kids that young. What ended up happening is we took him to the eye doctor who dialated his eyes and then was able to look at them well enough to know he needed glasses. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting a 2 year old to actually wear his glasses! It's a process, but now he's 7 years old and wears his glasses all day.

Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

My daughter has had glasses since she was 10 months old. My ped. noticed she wasn't getting the correct light reflex at a regular check up so she sent us to a pediatric ophthalmologist. There they dilated her eyes to get a better look. It was very simple. They put a strange pair of frames on her that were open on top so they could slide different lenses in. The dr said he knew he had the correct prescription when he would get reflected light directly back at him (to one side was too weak, other was too strong). Our dr was great! It was worth it to go to the specialist, but check with your insurance first. Without insurance they wanted a $350.00 check up front. I would first start with your regular ped because once we had a referral from her the eye appointment became a medical issue that was covered on our insurance where as we don't have vision insurance. Had we just made an appointment to get her eyes checked we would have footed the whole bill. My daughter is now almost 2 and asks for her glasses the minute we get her out of bed in the morning. Good luck!

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