2 Year Old Imitates Cartoon Scenes She Sees on t.v.....and Many More

Updated on March 23, 2011
G.G. asks from Tampa, FL
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I was wondering...

My just turned 2 year old daughter watches quite a bit of tv, which unfortunate habit I created ...(but hope to be able to take away) and I've been watching her lately while she does watch tv and she makes me laugh so much. She imitates the characters, tries to say what they're saying exactly when they're saying it, and even does their emotions on their faces sometimes. For the record she only watches kids educational programming such as Barney and Sesame Street and a few disney movies. She loves it when I read to her too. She's always dancing and singing. I don't know, do all 2 year olds memorize movie lines and imitate characters on tv?

My question is this, my husband and I are thinking of putting her into some type of classes or activities such as ballet or gymnastics, is that a good idea at this age? What about acting? Considering her passion for the arts. Is it too soon to know? I'm a first time mother so forgive me for all the questions.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We love tv over here too. Two years old is the time the imagination really starts to develop. My first daughter pretended to be an animal rescuer like diego or would tell us "safety first" from Dora. Any dresses or shirt had to be disney's mermaid. We had tv in the morning, i needed time to wake up. Then a little bit at night. The PBS shows are the best.

As far as classes go for like a playgroup, my little gym, or gymboree, for more social interaction. In my opinion she is too young for dance or gymnastics, or acting. Defintely later on if she continues. I tried with my oldest and it took a bit for here to open up. It was just me and her then, little sister didnt come til she was 3.5yrs old.

Storytime are great too. When tv isnt allowed, my oldest loves books.

Watch the tv as i am addicted and my oldest loves it too.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes pretty much you're describing all normal 2-year-olds. She's really too young for a ballet class, but you could enroll her in a mom/tot gymnastics probably. Also, turn off the tv. It really isn't as cute as you think... especially when she starts imitating characters that aren't so sweet. If she truly has a passion for the arts as you say, she'll enjoy if you play some good music while you do something else.

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answers from Kansas City on

that is so cute, your 2 year old has a "passion for the arts". ok i'm thinking she's more a normal 2 year old. and yes lots of them are super into their tv shows - and if she's watching a lot then that's her world. i would say cut back to 30 minutes or an hour a day, and find her some other activities. 2 is pretty young to start any at this point, but it doesn't mean she needs to watch so much tv. a 2 year old doesn't really have much sit and listen, if you know what i mean. i put my 3 year old in tumbling class (nothing serious just a fun activity type class to keep him interacting with other kids) and he was too young. we're starting soccer at 4 this week so we'll see. girls do mature faster but 2 is just sooo little. she's practically still a baby. there's no need for it. she's got you! get her involved with other things. play with her. set her up with crayons and paper, playdoh, a sand table, make a fort....the opportunities are endless. have fun!

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answers from New York on

My son does this also. He imitates curious george and max (from max and ruby) which is annoying because he speaks very well but then he'll start asking for things in two words (like max). Uggh! I have to admit that if I had to do it over I wouldn't have exposed him to as much tv as I did (around the same age as your daughter). Now he goes to nursery school in the mornings and we usually do something afterwards so he doesn't see a lot of tv but I feel that he has a short attention span because of it (which of course could have nothing to do with tv, who knows). I would say definitely enroll her in those classes and see how it goes she may really enjoy it :). She sounds so adorable!



answers from New York on

Just turn off the t.v.- it's really that simple. She may be fussy or a little "wild" for a day or so, but most toddlers watch t.v. b/c it's "on" and they aren't self-directed yet. Try just turning it off and putting out some puzzles, play-doh and other "creative" toys and just letting her play!

My son (will be 3) also repeats things he hears from television or a movie. The other night he came flying out of his room wearing a "cape" shouting "You're too late! The spell has been cast!" and then asked us to play to the roles of the Care Bears. They all do it- it's how they play around with role-playing and language, but too much of a "good thing" is "too much"!

Yes, she's too young for acting classes, but a toddler gymnastics class, Kindermusik (or similar), swim lessons, play group, library group at your public library, etc would be great!


answers from New York on

Lol, yes, my daughter (2.5) tried to stuff my face with food as she sings: Try it, you will like it, I tried and then I like it"
I think is a Yo Gaba Gaba song.
I am not sure about acting, ballet I have seen some little girls but no sure how young are they, you could ask, Gymnastic is a yes, they have classes for all.



answers from Miami on

Oh yes I bet she would love a MY GYM or whatever your counterpart is on the west coast. A Mommy and me interactive class. My daughter loved it. They have them in the evening for working moms and in the day time for stay at home moms.



answers from Daytona Beach on

Although some of the behaviors you are explaining are typical behaviors, I think looking into classes in the arts may still be a good thing. It is one of the values of the arts that is often overlooked. Your daughter is more than likely too young for true structured ballet classes but many studios offer classes in creative movement which helps with balance, coordination, imagination etc. Those classes use age appropriate music and can also be a great way to meet other kids/mothers/families to help build social skills.



answers from Albuquerque on

There's nothing the TV can provide to your daughter that you can't do better. Turn it off! It's easier than you think. Just don't turn it on one morning and tell your daughter that there's no more TV. She'll whine and fuss for about two days, and then she'll have forgotten that it used to mesmerize her.

As for her passion for the arts... yeah, that's typical for a two year old. Get her involved in some activities like Little Gym or Gymboree (both gymnastics based), take her to library story time, engage in messy arts and crafts, dance with her, and teach her to sing. She's too young for ballet or acting yet... but you never know... it really could be her calling later in life! But she's more likely to be self directed and have a great career if you provide her positive role models rather than park her in front of the TV.

PS. Sorry to sound harsh, but at two years old, there's not much that's educational about Barney, Sesame Street or Disney movies. At two, children need to learn to move, make decisions, and interact with their world. The TV can't teach that.



answers from Tampa on

Turn off the tv.
Ballet, check w/ your local community center, for classes.
best, k

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