2 Year Old Has Peeling Toes and Fingers??

Updated on January 05, 2013
H.C. asks from Lincoln, NE
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I have a 2 year old little boy who has skin peeling off his finger tips and toes around the nail area. It does not seem like it is dry skin, it is almost as though he is growing out of the skin, is that possible? Does anybody know why this would be happening?

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answers from Madison on

It could be the start of an ingrown toe nail. That is what happened to me when I was a child: The skin around the nail would peel of first, even places far from the corner where the nail was ingrown. This was sometimes followed by redness and infection, and a lot of sharp pain when touched.
Just something to keep in mind and watch for.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hello my 1 year old recently had Hand Foot and Mouth. I want to know what you do when the skin starts peeling. I have OCD and it freaks me out help me what can I do to stop it from peeling so much...



answers from Madison on

It could also be an external fungus similar to athlete's foot. This is known as tinea corporis, or onychomycosis if it is on the nail. Basically there are fungi that like to like on the outside of skin where there is keratin, as they have an enzyme, keratinase, that breaks it down and provides a home and food for them. It can be difficult to get rid of, but keep it dry and aired out. I would consult with a physician because they can distinguish between fungus, eczema, and other conditions, each of which has a dramatically different treatment.
Best of luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

ask the dr about it if he/she says its dry skin use tripple cream its amazing!! :)



answers from Chicago on

Best to go to the doc. and have it checked out...but it sounds to me like it is a form of fungus...again I would
see the doc.



answers from Davenport on

I haven't had this on my toes, but my fingers do this on occasion. The doctor told me it was due to overactive glands in the fingers. They produce too much oil causing them to dry out my fingers too much and peel. It's a little bit painfull as it feels like my fingers are burning when I touch things when it happens. He gave me a cream that I use when it happens and it works great at putting a stop to it.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi H.,

My son has had eczema since he was born that comes and goes. This summer we also had this peeling skin around the toes and on his fingertips. Asked the Dr and he called it juvenile palmo fascial something or other. It's not a fungus, it's just peely skin and he suggested trying to keep the hands/feet as dry as possible. So, swapping out socks for a sweaty kid, etc. Also, we lube him up with vaseline and put his socks on at night to moisturize his feet. We also do this with little cotton gloves for his hands.

Hope this helps.



answers from New York on

My 2.5 yr old grandson has the same thing. The skin on his fingers is coming off in sheets. He is also peeling on the bottom of his feet. Did you ever determine that cause of this with your son?



answers from Minneapolis on


Peeling skin can happen for a number of reasons. One other mom mentioned a strep infection and that's true, strep can cause your skin to peel. You can also get skin peeling with the hand, foot and mouth virus but that should be temporary just like the step. For people who have long term peeling, that's usually a sign of an over abundance of yeast inside the body. This is something we have to attack through diet and by building gut flora.

You can also get peeling with some medications but those three are the most common reasons. If you get a negative strep test and he doesn't have hand, food, mouth, I'd treat for yeast because the treatment does no harm whether he has it or not. And, if he does have yeast, you'll see the peeling improve. Unfortunatly there's not a simple test to see if he has a yeast overgrowth. His response to diet and building gut flora is your best test.

Let me know if I can help, I see patients all day who have yeast. It's very, very common but usually goes untreated because it presents as an unusual combination of symptoms and is different from person to person. But, I will say for people who feel they have an addiction to sugar or refined carbs, that's a good indicator.



answers from Milwaukee on

I would probably ask a doctor about it, but just to say. I have very peely skin on my toes and fingers. I have since I was an infant and still do to this day. Dont know what it is but I notice that my youngest daughter seems to have the same thing.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would bring him to a dermatologist. It sounds like exzema to me. I got that as a child and suffered with it for years until a doctor sent me to a specialist. One ointment cleared it right up. It still comes back on occasion but at least I know what it is and what to do for it.



answers from Lincoln on

Sounds like he has had a strep infection. Might want to ask the dr about it.


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