2 Year Old Has MRSA

Updated on July 15, 2012
L.C. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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I took my 2 year old daughter to the DR. last week because she had a boil that we couldn't get to drain at home. This was her third boil. The first one was diagnosed as an antibiotic resistant staph infection. That was about a year ago. The second one was diagnosed as a strep infection (she also had strep throat at the same time). That was about a month ago. Last week we took her in for a third one and it was diagnosed as MRSA on Monday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I took her back in because she had two more big boils, one medium sized one, and about 10 little ones. Every one of the boils has been in the diaper region: upper legs, butt, and lower tummy. The DR. told us to get her out of diapers and into panties. We have been working on potty training for a couple months, so that’s not the end of the world. But I am scared because I know how serious MRSA is. I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this, and what happened. Does it ever go away?

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Wow, sorry to hear you are going through this. I haven't dealt with this particular issue with my 2 kiddos but was thinking there are LOTS of things to do nutritionally to help boost her immune system to help her fight off this infection and keep other's at bay. Some good places to look for specifics on that are www.mothering.com, www.askdrsears.com, www.kellymom.com, and www.drfuhrman.com. Good luck to you!

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Hi L.!

My daughter, just before her 2nd birthday, came down with MRSA. Only one boil on her left leg. It was a very scary time for my family as she spent a week in the hospital and had 3 surgeries to drain the infection. She also had a PICC line put in to continue IV antibotics at home for another 4 weeks - she had a total of 6 weeks worth of antibotics. Luckily for her this was her only case as I understand it is very painful. Our daughter was not in any daycare at the time, however 3 days prior we had made a visit to Chuck E. Cheese (we don't go there any more as it is FULL OF GERMS!!). Does your daughter go to daycare? If so, I would let them know that they need to do a thorough cleaning with bleach. My daughter is 4 now and is "proud" of her scar on her leg, but I still cleaning like crazy and wash her sheets and towels in bleach and hot water.

Good Luck!




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My 2 year old daughter also gets boils, in the diaper region (one has been MRSA as well). We recently discovered that she is allergic to red dies and most diapers have red die all throughout them. We give her baths daily mostly just to soak, we use epsom salt and aveno. We have been potty training her and keep her in underwear as much as possible. This has seemed to help! Good luck! And look MRSA up online and see ways to prevent the spread of it, as it cna be extremly contagious.



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My son has had MRSA a couple of times due to skin infection from eczema, on the last time a doctor I worked with suggested that while treating the infected area to also put Bacitracin ointment with a q-tip in my son's nose. The MRSA virus lives up in nasal passages. Once I said something to my Pediatrician , he said that this was true and he would give me a rx for bactroban ointment. I did this everyday for 1 week and he has not had the virus again since.



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get a second opinion. MRSA is really scary. I had it and was in the hospital for 6 days. If your doctor has not perscribed anything for it and has only said get her out of diapers then I would switch doctors or take her to the hospital to get checked out. Also clean your house with bleach wipes. You have to clean walls, toys, bedding, mattress, pillows, furniture, floors, and the bathroom. Everytime she goes to the potty spray it down with bleach. It is a lot of work but that is the only way to control it. Also get disinfectant spray for furinture and fabric things. It helps. Don't mess around with this. Give her baths every night and then spray down the tub. I would also use antibacterial soap as well. Also I would get your husband and your self tested for MRSA.
Good Luck.
Call me if you would like



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My 15 month old daughter has had MRSA 3 times now. Her first infection was at 3 months of age. It started with a boil on her upper buttocks. That one came to the surface and drained on its own but the next 2 required surgical draining, one at 6 months and the other at 14 months. It has been a nightmare for our family. None of my other 4 children at home has had it, nor has my husband or I.

I have been told by our doctors that MRSA is a community borne bacteria and that anyone can get it. I've also been told that there is little you can do to prevent it. I am hoping that once she is old enough to potty train then we will be in the clear. In the meantime we are just using good hygeine (which we would do anyway) and I am cleaning the tub and washing towels and sheets with bleach. I am also using herbal remedies and acidopholus to boost my daughter's immune system. She is also still breastfeeding.


answers from Allentown on

Hi L.,

Here is a website: www.healthychild.com/aromatherapy.html

Finding a way to give the baby a bath with aromatherapy.

Finding baby wipes with an aromatherapy antiseptic, such as lavendar.

Wipe down all counters where you change the baby with bleach water.

As you know, the boils are coming from an infected hair follicle.

Another thing, ask the Doctor about checking the toddler for sugar in the blood.

Hope this helps. D.



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L. C- I know this is an older request, but I accidentally came across it and felt I needed to share my recent discovery with regards to MRSA breakouts. I have it too(43yo-pretty sure I picked it up at my son's preschool) and was getting the boils breakouts, once combined w/cellulitis- I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy! Anyway- my husband is something of an internet research savant( lol!) and he discovered the concept of Tumeric supplements- yes, the spice. Wow! It works! Now the MRSA does not get cured but, Tumeric is a natural antioxident/blood purifier and PREVENTS the breakouts from breaking open.
We ordered the suppliments and when they arrived I actually had an open breakout in progress and it healed up in MORE than half the time. Very soon after, I felt a spot happening beneath the skin and beefed up my tumeric intake and it NEVER materialized to fruition. This has all happened in the last two months, - So I am still pretty stoked about it! I was just unbelievably shocked at how quickly it started to work.
I have been taking two 400mg. capsules, 2-3 times a day. We ordered the capsules from- www.puritan.com, it was FAR more reasonable than any local drug/vitamin store( like $2-4 a bottle instead of $6-8).
I would think it would be worth a conversation with your pediatrician or some research with regards to children. My husband found info that suggested that the reason folks from India are not as affected w/ MRSA is the fact that tumeric is such a staple in food prep-like salt & pepper in american food. So good luck, I am so sorry your child has to go thru such an uncomfortable and painful issue. Hope it helps!



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Hi, L., I really feel for you and your daughter! MRSA is very scary! Have you heard of Melaleuca? Melaleuca oil is the most researched essential oil in the world and has proven medicinal properties. It even kills MRSA, and could be used safely on your baby. Their extensive product lines may be very benefical in sanitizing your home without harmful chemicals. Good luck! N. B.



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I know how scary MRSA is, my husband was diagnosed with it 2 years ago. We had him treated for it and thought we were through the worst but a year later he got it again and this time it came back alot faster than the first. He was in the hospital from the end of November to the middle of December. Now everytime he gets a little bump we put medicine on it and keep an eye on it. There really isn't much you can do except to be very careful and put some medicine on it right away. I have found that if we do that it doesn't get that bad and we don't have to take any extreme measures. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or just need someone to talk to who may just understand what youare going through. I know it is scary but you can get through it and help your child grow up healthy and happy.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi Laura,
I know that you may already know these things, but these are some tips from webmd.com

If you have an infection with MRSA, you can keep from spreading the bacteria.

Cover your wound with clean, dry bandages and follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for your wound.
Keep your hands clean. You, your family, and other people with whom you are in close contact should wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, especially after changing the bandage or touching the wound.
Do not share towels, washcloths, razors, clothing, or other items that may have had contact with your wound or a bandage. Wash your sheets, towels, and clothes with warm water and detergent and dry them in a hot dryer, if possible.
Keep your environment clean by wiping frequently touched surfaces (such as countertops, doorknobs, and light switches) with a disinfectant

The article also suggests getting other family memebers tested so that everyone gets treated at the same time and you stop the endless cycle of transferring back and forth.
Good luck.



answers from New York on

We are experiencing very identical troubles with our 21 month old she is going though her third one right now, but this one is a lot larger than the first 2. We have 3 other children and her sister 18 mo apart got one when she was 2 but went away with Moxaciline and draining. But all occurrence have happened in the diaper area lower tummy. None of the other children so far, seems with all the occurrences I'm reading on the Internet somebody has gone threw this and knows more about it please help if you can thank you



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Ginger tea compresses help draw out the boils and heal them.

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