2 Year Old Has a Fever

Updated on October 02, 2009
L.C. asks from Altoona, IA
13 answers

my 2 year old has a fever and all i have is th emelt away tyl. and thats only for 6 to 11 year olds how much can i give my 2 year old

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answers from Milwaukee on

You can still give that to him. You just have to dose him based on his weight. How much does he weigh?

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answers from St. Cloud on

I would let the fever run its course. A fever is the bodies way to fight an infection/virus/etc.

We give our kids luke warm baths when their fever gets to about 103 or 104. It always cools them down. We have done the (INFANT) tylenol thing IF the fever doesn't come down with the bath. I think that has happened once or twice total between our 2 kids. And we also give them lots of juice and water BOTH WITH ICE IN THEM! (Our kids don't normally get juice so they really drink it down!) Because fluids help the body fight whatever it is.

Good luck.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I agree, ask a doctor! Or even if it's late and cold outside and a pain in the butt, make a quick run to the store to get the infant kind! Make sure you know your child's correct weight, too. Tylenol causes liver damage if you overdose so it's definitely not worth the risk.



answers from Omaha on

Dear L.,

This depends on your son's weight. You should give him the liquid kind. You can get infant tylenol drops at the store or you can call poison control center and ask them how much you can give him on a per weight basis. The poison control center is just a pharmacy. I've called them lots of times with questions like this.

Good luck!



answers from Duluth on

um... why cant you but some infants tylenol?

i know that in william sears's 'the baby book' he has dosage amounts listed by weight. see if you can find something on his website www.askdrsears.com
otherwise, if there is a weight list on the med you have, find something around double her weight, and just half the dosage. know what i mean?



answers from Madison on

Go to the store and buy some infant tylenol! They have generic/store brand if you have limited resources. It is not worth the risk of using too much acetaminophen and, this way, you will have it on hand next time you need it!



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi L.! I would call ONLY a doctor about this question. No one but a medical professional should be giving dosing information.
I hope your child feels better soon!



answers from Minneapolis on

call a pharmacist. Anytime I have a dosage question I call the target pharmacy and they are more than happy to give correct dosage. You can also call your pediatrician's nurse line



answers from Appleton on

L....Obviously you are aware that the Tylenol you have for 6 - 11 year olds cannot be given to your 2 year old, or any part of the melt away strip. When my son was 2 years old, I still gave him Tylenol for infants in the dropper type bottle. The amount you give is listed on the bottle. It's better to go by the child's weight than age. But, if you're not sure of the weight, go by age. The infants formula is highly concentrated so you don't have to give as much. You can also put a cool washcloth on his/her forehead and dab his/her face, neck, wrists, and arms. When the washcloth gets warm, rinse it in cool water and repeat until you feel the body temperature go down. Good luck! I know it can be scary when your little one has a fever...hang in there! :) S.



answers from Minneapolis on

None. It is not safe to give a two year old meds meant for a six year old. If you really can't get to the store to get what you need, make sure the child stays hydrated and give it a cool bath. Most fevers are not dangerous and a fever is the body's natural response to fighting off bugs. Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm a little late in responding and hopefully your little one's fever is gone. But I wanted to say that I second what Miranda wrote. A fever is the bodies way to fight an infection. Personally I feel like people assume the fever is the "bad guy", but really it's more like a "police officer" taking care of the "bad guy" and helping one's body to heal.



answers from Minneapolis on

Don't give your 2 yr old a medicine that isn't made specifically for that age group, it hasn't been tested on them and don't guess on the dosage - it can be fatal! Go out and get some babies ibuprophen if the fever is bothering him. If he doesn't seem bothered by it, then there is no reason to medicate. The fever is there for a reason, let it do it's job. Don't jeopordize your son's life with a guess.

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