2 Year Old Getting Blood Drawn

Updated on November 21, 2010
B.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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So I took my 2 year old to the pediatrician for immunization and flu shot.... When we left, I was given a paper for her to have her blood drawn??? they said that its normal, but my 3 year old never had blood drawn except for PKU.... so I was real nervous, So today at Quest, I asked the guy drawing blood, what is this for???? he said they didn’t put enough info, only to check white and red blood cells??? maybe anemia... but They never did a finger prick to check iron, or glucose, so I am assuming this is for more than just anemia, they could have checked her iron at the office. When she was born and got her PKU, she does have the sickle cell trait, but I was told it was nothing to be worried about... I don’t know if I am over reacting, because she did good with the draw 2day... but I am so worried about my baby.. Also, I can see my babies head is bigger than my 3 years head, but her body is bigger and shaped different, they said she is in the 90th % of size heads... what does this mean??? Has this happen to anybody else?

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answers from Dallas on

Find out what tests your doctor is performing. Once you get the results, keep a copy. I have a large notebook filled with all my son's blood test and various other medical tests. Did your child have a reaction to any vaccine or has she had a recent illness? Does she have any developmental delays?



answers from Minneapolis on

Your doctor must have ordered the blood draw. I would ask him/her to explain the reasons.

90th percentile for anything just means that 90% of all babies are smaller than your daughter and 10% are bigger. It doesn't mean anything is wrong.



answers from San Francisco on

I'm so sorry you are worried about this....There could be numerous reasons why they are doing a draw. The easiest way to put your immediate fears to rest would just to call the Dr.s office and just clarify what test he wanted done & why....An advice nurse should be able to help you out with no problems...

I know my older son had another blood draw at 2yrs, but that was because he had a previous test that show he was anemic? Did she have any previous lab work done? I really wouldn't think her head size would be anything worrisome. My youngest is in the 90th for his head and my Ped wasn't worried at all. Has she been sick at all? Only other thing I could think of is did you check "yes" on any questions regarding exposure to Lead.....

My 1 yr old had to have a blood drawn to check his lead levels (we live in an older home)....Unfortunately his draw didn't go as well today..4 failed attempts and I get to go back and do it all over again. So I say Mama the hard parts done, and be so thankful it went pretty well!

I'll keep you in my thoughts...I know its hard not to worry, but I'm sure it's just something routine...Maybe they missed something at her 18mth check up....

Wishing you all the best



answers from Dallas on

My son had his drawn also at his 2 year check up. They do test for low iron. I'm not sure what else but I know it's normal.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi Britani,

Don't get ahead of yourself. You need to ask your doctor why he is drawing blood. There are many reasons doctors order more tests. Next time, don't wait to ask, it only makes you worry. Ask him right then and there. You're paying him to help you. Call him tomorrow and ask. Pediatricians are used to parents calling, even on their day's off......

Doctors are just like anybody else. They work with what they have dealt with in the past and what's on the forefront of their thoughts. For your comfort, my daughter had a larger head. She's 18 now and fine. I have a girlfriend that the doctors told there was an issue with her daughter's head and she is fine as well. Breathe......

God bless :)




answers from Dallas on

I used to work for a pediatrician so I'm going off of experience here.

Anytime your doctor, your baby's doctor, your husband's doctor order a blood test ALWAYS stop and ask what is the test for. Ask what tests are being done and what they're looking for. Not only will it give you knowledge or a heads up as to whats going on in your family's health but it'll give you a heads up when you get the bill.

The 90th% means that on a growth chart your childs head is 90% average for his age weight. I think this link explains it best... familymedks.com/files/file/Growth%20Charts.doc

I also HIGHLY recommend www.webmd.com and for their growth chart/checkup list checkout... http://children.webmd.com/tc/growth-and-development-ages-...



answers from Dallas on


When I lived in CT, the pediatrician, who I trusted with our lives (knew him for 10 years before my girls where born) always drew blood at their yearly physical. He ran a full blood work (just like when we get physicals) to make sure everything was OK. As I recall it was a small vile and my girls never had a problem. I am hopeful that if there was a medical problem that your pediatrician would have consulted with you before. If you are uncertain about anything, always ask. This is your child. If they ever want to run a test, ask why and see if you and your DH feel it is necessary.

All the best!



answers from Dallas on

If you are so concerned make a special consultation with the pediatrician and discuss your concerns. This will make you feel so much better and prepared. Always ask what the tests are for that are being performed.



answers from Dallas on

Big head=big brain..at least most times!



answers from Boston on

I think if your pediatrician has any weekend hours you should call them this morning and ask what the blood work was ordered for if they aren't then call them Monday morning. My kids get a blood draw every year to check for lead ( much more accurate then a finger stick) and anemia. It gets done once a year until 5 (I think maybe 6) then after that its a finger stick to check for anemia.



answers from Dallas on

Call your Dr. and demand to know why they drew blood. You have a right to know. Never blindly follow what a Dr. says. As for your child's size they are just referring to the growth chart.She would be at the upper end but still what is considered normal.



answers from Lubbock on

Yes my oldest was never tested either but my daughter had her blood drawn at 18 months and again at 2.... They tested for Anemia and also to see if there are medals in her like Lead or Mercury since we lived in an older house.. We found out that she was anemic and she needed to be on some iron.... I hope it goes well... It can be hard for a parent, but its always good to check things out.


answers from Los Angeles on

Wow. When I saw your subject line,
I thought you were asking about how to keep the child from freaking out
during the actual blood draw procedure.
But you have already had the blood drawn.
So . . . your concerns are about why they wanted the sample
and what they are looking for,
if the pediatrician has not explained this to your satisfaction,
is there a nurse advisor associated with his or her office?
Sometimes a nurse advisor can take more time
and explain things in more detail than the pediatrician can.

Meanwhile, however, the pediatrician may have some things
he/she is checking for and didn't want to worry you
before finding out some of the measurements/values in the sample.

After they check the values, they may have some results/suggestions
to discuss with you.

Try not to worry.
If they have anything to discuss with you,
they'll also have suggestions about what's the best thing to do.

If you can, perhaps bring a friend (a sister? a cousin?)
with you to take notes, in case it's hard for you
to focus on what they may tell you.

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