2 Year Old Boy Toys

Updated on November 28, 2012
B.R. asks from Dallas, TX
12 answers

Our son is about to turn 2. What are some toys that your 2 year old boy enjoys? Thanks for your help!

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answers from Santa Fe on

When my son was 2 he was totally in love with musical instruments. Bontempi makes toy trumpets and saxaphones for kids. He loved his little wood guitar. He loved his little drum set. He was also really into marble runs...and we found one with larger balls that were not choking hazards. He was completely fascinated by it.

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answers from Portland on

Little kids enjoy simple things.

Big hits in my toddler group: a hammering bench, simple set of building blocks (not too small; I find the ikea set of blocks to be not wide enough for good building), pop beads (increase fine motor strength), play dough, a sand/water table, simple cars to race (use cardboard box pieces for ramps--- they love this!). Soft balls to throw around the house are a great choice, esp if you have weather that keeps you indoors.

Big, fat crayons (the primary kind) are great; if you google Alex art supplies, go to their site and click on the "little hands" option on the left. Most of what you find there is perfect for this age. Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

When my son was two, he liked playing with trains and cars. They have age appropriate Thomas the Tank Engine trains(even ones for the bath), and Fisher-Price has soft constructions trucks that make noises when they bump into things. Duplo blocks are also fun.

Even at seven, I've caught him rummaging through the boxes of toys for the younger kids(I watch friends kids, and have kept some of his toddler toys in a box for them to play with), and grabs the trucks.

Hope this helps.



answers from Savannah on

My son just turned 2 on Thanksgiving. The birthday toys that he plays with the most are a HUGE bag of foam blocks, a Super Grover Remote, a hip hop dancing Mickey, and a plastic tricycle.

Other than the birthday toys, he loves anything with wheels. He also LOVES his Little People Airplane. He is really into basketball right now, and has been talking about them everywhere we go, but that is what he will be asking Santa Claus for!



answers from Los Angeles on

My son was obsessed with cars, trucks and trains at age 2. He loved them and played with them all day. He really liked the Fisher Price garage and would play with it more than anything else. He also liked balls a lot, and blocks.

I am a Discovery Toys consultant and we have some great toys for boys that age! You can view all of them at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao

I highly recommend Working Trio, a set of three dump trucks that can stack or link together. All three are friction powered, so they move easily and are fun to play with.
Another favorite for this age is Place and Trace. It is a set of three puzzles (not interlocking, just where each piece fits into a slot in a tray) that can also be used as cookie cutters, playdoh cutters, or for imaginative/creative play.
Hammer Away is also quite popular at this age. It's a boat with four balls and a hammer to pound the balls through. Great for building fine motor skills, dexterity, visual tracking and imagination.
Last, I would recommend any of our Measure Up products - we have a set of cups, a set of pots and spoons, and a huge sturdy shovel. All three are great and kids this age love them, plus they can be used for years (my five year old still uses them and will for awhile).


answers from Columbia on

Anything with wheels.
A Tonka truck.
Trains and train tracks.
Thomas the Train toys.
A sensory table full of dry rice or oatmeal with lots of containers to pour it, dig and push it around with. In the warmer months you can put water in the sensory table instead.
A little brother or sister (kidding!!)



answers from Green Bay on

My son is 2.5 and he LOVES those wooden train tracks with the magnetic trains.

He also likes puzzles and any type of blocks, transportation (cars, airplanes, buses, trains, helicopters, emergency vehicles, you name it!), instruments, playdoh, little people sets (zoo, airplane, bus). He has a little tool set that he enjoys. His most recent favorite is cooking and babies! (I babysit a couple days a week) And he also enjoys helping me cook dinner or bake cookies so he has started pretending to make cookies with a bucket and shovel :-)



answers from Colorado Springs on

A lot of it depends on what your son likes. Our nearly-two-year-old grandson is into taking things apart. He unloads the dishwasher and he takes everything out of the pantry. He is fascinated by nuts and bolts, knobs and screws. So from us for Christmas he is getting... a drill. A Fisher-Price one - it makes the appropriate noises but apparently he can't destroy the house with it. (He will try!)

He's also getting some books and a Veggie Tales DVD, plus a toy that lets him hammer balls through the appropriate holes - calculated to drive his parents crazy.

He already has a little bike which he loves, and he enjoys cars, trucks, and trains. But he likes things that work, not that are just to look at.

His birthday is the end of January, and he'll be getting some toy golf clubs and some art supplies (big fat washable crayons - not markers - and a big roll of kraft paper which his mama can put up on the wall).

Your son may be quite different. What does he like to play with when he has a choice?



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 25 month old loves balls! All diff shapes/sizes. We have a fisher price basketball hoop, a little soccer goal that cheers when you score, a baseball mitt (he loves to practice catching and throwing), and a foam bat and tee. Other faves--
-remote control thomas tank engine
-action figures (Toy Story, Spiderman (Marvel Super Hero Squad toys and DC Super Friends are a little more 'friendly' looking, geared towards younger kids)
-Magna Doodle
-Little People Zoo
Have Fun!



answers from Kansas City on

I have 3 boys (ages 7, 4, and 2). They all love anything with wheels--cars, trucks, buses, trains.



answers from Chicago on

Emergency vehicles. A workbench. A train set.


answers from Dallas on

When mine turned 2 (and ever since), he's obsessed with Thomas the Train. And he wanted his own little vacuum cleaner, and loved it. I would get wooden blocks just yet, but they do make soft blocks that are cool. And bath toys are always a hit! Happy early B-day to your little man.

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