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Updated on February 05, 2009
S.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hey Moms!

So, despite our small efforts (not big ones) and the my friends lack of procreation, our son doesn't really have any friends his age. (We are going doing a toddler story hour and will join the next round of park district playgroups.) However, we have a very large and warm group of friends who would like to help him celebrate his birthday (particularly the god parent, the grandparents and a few close others) on March 8th. Last year, since it was his first, we all played the party games for him. Pin the tail on the donkey, clothespins in the bucket, etc. (It was actually alot of fun.) This year, I decided not to subject our loved ones to that torture ( and try to find another fun idea to incorporate everyones ages ranges. I'd really like to go sledding but can not count on that due to lack of control over the weather (if only....). I also got an ad from Chucky Cheese and thought my kid might like the ball tent. Has anyone recently been to a Chucky Cheese? Is it appropriate for a two year old? What other amazing ideas do you guys have? Thanks in advance for your help!

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You have to be careful. If you go at an off-hour, you may be lucky but when my kids were little and they went into the ball pit, it was a nightmare. Either the larger kids pushed them over or jumped into the balls landing on top of them and I was fearful the entire time. Not to mention the germs all over the balls. Some claim the sterilize them daily, but I'm kinda doubtful of that. Other than that, it's tough when there are not a lot of kids around to celebrate with.



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Don't bother with Chuckie Cheese. There's actually very little for the under 5 age group to do. Mostly it's video/arcade games. At two, he won't remember the party and will have a lot of fun just running around. Have a pizza party at home or something that the adults will enjoy. When he gets to be 4 or older, then worry about the kid type parties.

with two daughters ages 5 and 8, who worried about the same thing



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Hi S.,

Check out - we list over 70 places in the Chicago area to have children's parties. Many of them are unique, and would be very appropriate for what you're looking for. For example, a children's theater, California Pizza Kitchen, Party Time Palace, etc. I agree with others' advice - stay away from Chuck E. Cheese at this age. Here's the direct link to the listing of party places:

If you become a member of kidwinks, which is free, you will be able to sort this list in order of distance from your house.

Hope this helps,




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I think 2 year-olds definitely won't care about where the party is, as long as they are comfortable, having fun, and are surrounded by people they know and love. I think Chuck E Cheese is too loud and dark for little ones...there are always tons of 8 and 10 year olds running around wild, and little ones can get bowled over.

For my son's 1 year birthday, we also did the huge friend & family party thing, did the cookout, the works, and it was a blast for everyone. For his 2nd birthday, however, we did a quiet celebration at my parents' house with just our family. We did cupcakes, he got Nemo balloons, and his first Thomas the Train set and trains. Let me tell you, that kid could not have been happier! It was perfect. I plan to save the crazy parties that involve a lot of planning for later birthdays when that would be fun for him. Good luck & have fun!



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Hi S.! What can I say, if you want your friends to get on the ball and procreate don't take them to Chucky Cheese. Its a natural-acting birth control. I would do something that's a treat for your son and then meet everyone at a fun pizza place or at home for balloons and cake and presents. In Skokie there is a place called the Exploritorium that is great for two year olds. It has a climbing area, a dress up area, arts area, water play.... but it is small scale. Or you could try the Children's Museum in Glenview which I'm sure your son would like. Good luck!

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