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Updated on June 09, 2011
S.S. asks from Alpharetta, GA
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Moms, I need your help! I'm hosting my son's second birthday party in 2 weeks and I'm at a loss as to what to actually do. This should be the time I point out that I have a very reserved nature and the thought of hosting this fills me with trepidation... but for the sake of my son I will suck it up.

I have the decor taken care of, food is going to be perfect, cake/cupcakes are set.

I'm unsure how to approach the guests or direct the party. I have invited all of his little friends from daycare as well their families and his teachers. We will also have many family members. The party is going to be outside at a local park, totally fenced in pavilion with a toddler playground area. I have portable ac coming as it will be hot. So now... how do I host this thing?

Do I organize games? Do I make announcements? Should I formally sit the kids down for snacks? Let the parents be in charge of giving their kids food? I don't know how to order it? Should I even bother trying to provide structure to a toddler party? I don't want his school friends' parents to be intimidated by the 20 or so family members. I should add that most of the family will be from my husbands side and they won't be speaking English. I'm so confused and I don't want to stress too much as I want this to be such a happy time for my son, but bahh HELP!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your excellent advice. I'm going to take all of your input and I feel much better about the party now. I just need to relax and let things happen!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Just held a 2nd birthday party in April. I set up the food so everyone could help themselves, the children played and ran around, the parents talked, I tried to get to everyone to let them know how much I appreciated them coming. When it was time for the cake, actually cupcakes arranged in an cake so there was no cutting, I called everyone to that table to sing "Happy Birthday." We handed out cupcakes and then opened only one gift, from an ill relative so she could see his face, and opened the other gifts later. I handed out goodie bags to all the children, sent food and extra cupcakes with the adults, and it was over : )

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answers from Dallas on

I think the park and toddler paly area are all the entertainement the littles will need. If you can swing a bounce house it will be the party of the year. If not, have a pinata. Hotdogs and watermelon. Lay everything out buffet style so people can help themselves. Organize just like you would if it were only going to be family. That way everyone feels like family. As people show up just direct them to the food and play area and let people mingle. Be sure everyone gets a cold drink. I would have an ice chest full of beer and wine coolers if it were me. Kiiddie parties bring a bunch of grownups together that dont know each other and can be akward. I find throwing beer at it helps! You should see the relieved faces on guys when they realize - hey this party might not suck after all!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I do'nt think you need to organize games since 2 year old is too young to really follow rules and such. Just let them run wild and have fun!

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answers from Seattle on

Why dont you make it easy on yourself and have a Bbq type thing for food?
Chicken and hamburgers with hot dogs for the kids.

I would organize game stations and let the kids do what they want to do.

I would have a Water Station that has a water and sand table and put out utensils they can play with, and squirt toys, any water toys really.

Then I would have a Tent Station where you can make a fort and have different things in there, like coloring books, games, blocks etc.

Then I would have a Big Toy like a bounce house would be pretty cool and for sure the kids would love it! You can find really good deals on them right now as summer is here.

I would also set up little tables for the kids, like benches and tables, and put finger snacks with veggies, cheese tortillas, cookies, hot dogs etc. Little people stuff :)

Try not to stress out it will be okay!!! Have fun!

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answers from Lafayette on

2year olds can't do organized games--or sit for present opening. You might even want to say, no gifts, as your little one will be overwhelmed trying to open them all at any time. Just play and eat--have fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We threw a park party for our then 3 yo and it was really pretty simple. Two year olds -- even 3 year olds -- just want to play, no games needed. No need to make announcements; just casually mingle. We laid the food out and let parents direct their children to it or not. Very informal. The only thing I really "led" was cake time and all the kids sat for that. We also didn't open presents at the park; our reserved time w/ the tables was just too short and the kids didn't want to sit anyway at that age. Most of the kids attending won't even know what the heck their mom bought for your son due to their age anyway. Most of all, have fun!

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answers from Columbus on

Completely agree that 2 year olds do not need/want organized games, espcially if they're at a park. I recently went to a party for a 2 year old where they tried to have games at the park and it was a complete disaster because all the kids wanted to do was run around at the park.



answers from Dayton on

I agree that you won't need to have much structure due to the setting. You can just greet each person as they come, and let them know what the plan is i.e. free play, cake/snacks, etc. and then just let them go. I am the same way with getting nervous hosting parties, so I feel your pain!
Maybe you could recruit one of the non-english speaking people to help you make announcements?
Best of luck to you and enjoy the day!

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