2 Week Old with Stuffy Nose

Updated on September 23, 2006
K.M. asks from Pensacola, FL
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Need some advice with 2 week olds nose. The doctors said that his nasal passages are swollen and that he will have to grow out of it and there is nothing they can do. He will not eat good and he does not sleep well due to him not being able to breath good. Does any one have any advice? I have been giving him nose drops to decongest him and saline spray to moisten his nasal passages but nothing seems to work for to long. I do not get anything out when I suction him out. Please any advice will be appreciated.

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I know that Kim P is trying to help, but please don't give your baby any medication, especially benadryl, without talking to your doctor first.
Some things that can help are propping the baby up when he's sleeping. They sell angled sleepers for infants to keep the head above the body. Or you can just pile some little blankets under him to have an angled form. Laying them flat lets things run right into their little sinuses. Also a cool mist humidifier can help. Keep it on in his room. I only turned mine off to clean it and to refill the water. The other suggestions of saline is great. He will outgrow this. And one more suggestion is the vapor plugs. Sudacare makes them and they plug right into the wall to emit the vapors. They make baby vapor rub if you can't find the plug. And the allergy suggestion could be true. Try to keep any fabrics clean and free of pet hair/dust/smoke. If you have ceiling fans, they may need to be wiped down.
Good luck with your little guy!

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I just last year had surgery on my sinus' due to not being able to sleep and breath very well. The doctor told me that allergys will cause that problem and also just the swelling of the nasal cavities. Might want to try giving him some benadryl and maybe taking him to see a specailist. It might be that all the specialist might need to do is a suction of the nose. They had to do it to me several times. He said that everyone should have that done at least twice a year. Not sure if this helps or not but I do hope it does.




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Hi Kim,
My daughter got sick with RSV when she was 4 months old and had trouble breathing. She was all stopped up and it seemed to get worse at night. If your son sleeps in his own bed try putting a pillow or folded up blanket under his mattress to put him at an angle. It helped my daughter. The nurse at her Dr's office also showed me how to mix up salt water or saline solution and squirt a tiny amount with the bulb syringe into her nose, give it a minute and then suck it back out. That really helped out too, but I was so cautious about that at first! Good luck and I hope your little man gets better soon!



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try a humidifier with saline solution in it it breaks it all up and gets it out so they can sleep better at night. or a nebulizer the downfall to a nebulizer is that they make a noise but i fold a thick towel and lay it over mine and it helps with the noise. good luck

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