2 Week Old Sour Stomach

Updated on August 29, 2010
D.T. asks from Dothan, AL
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I have a 2 week old baby girl. Every night between 2am and 4am she screams in pain and curls up in a ball and passes a lot of gas. SHe also poops every 3 hours. Her stomach is always making bubbling and gurgling sounds. I am not sure what to do for her. She seems so uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do. She is breastfed and I have eliminated gassy things from my diet. She is also tongue tied.

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answers from Houston on

Pooping every three hours or every three days or even once a week is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby.

If she is tongue-tied, it may be contributing to the gassiness, BUT it may also just be normal development of her digestive tract. Most babies have a "witching hour"...you just got unlucky with the timing on yours.

Have you also eliminated milk from your diet? I noticed a drastic improvement when I did...slowly started adding it back in around 4 months. It takes 2 weeks for the protein to clear from your systems, so don't expect drastic improvment before then.

If it is a regular thing, I would suggest (trying...lol) to wake up and burp her before the screaming starts. It will be easier on both of you. Good luck. I won't say it gets so much easier...lol...but it does change.



answers from Tulsa on

With my first child, I couldn't drink coffee
Or sodas. I would be up all night with her
My dr told me to eat meat and potatoes, and
Slowly introduce other healthy foods.
Hope your little one gets comfy soon.
Hugs to you. Its hard.


answers from Albuquerque on

Hi Deborah,
Yes, newborns poop a lot. In fact, I clearly remember my pediatrician telling me how babies poop waaaay less after they are 4 weeks old, and not to get worried when they suddenly quit making poop - LOL

Curling up into a ball may just be her way of helping herself pass gas and poo (that's how my 2nd son was); by putting pressure on her own bowels to get them to move.

Yes, they cry when they poo, but it's okay, newborns DO NOT like the feel of poop in their diapers. (It's when she gets older, and you are trying to potty train her, and she doesn't care if her diaper is full that you'll wish it bothered her again - LOL).

Take care.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

It's so hard when they cry like that. My first child was just like that, but once they can move a little more on their own, it usually magically goes away. You can try to help by putting her on her back and moving her feet like a bicycle (round in circles) or bending and straightening her knees and hips (gently pushing her knees to her chest). For my second child, I stopped drinking milk and it made a HUGE difference! A lot of babies just can't handle the cow's milk their mama's drink until they are older. That's usually the first thing to try. However, it takes like 2-4 weeks to get all the milk out of YOUR milk, so if you try that, be patient!

Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

Sounds like colic - ask your pediatrician what to do or get some mylicon drops or if you want a natural remedy, try making some warm water and dredging a chamomile tea leaf through it with a pinch of sugar. Let her drink a bit of it and see if it calms her down. My daughter had colic for 10 months.



answers from Huntsville on

I read thebook Happiest Baby on the Block. Swaddling was suggested in the book, as well as some other tips. That has been the biggest help for us. Our boy, now 2 1/2 mo, would some nights get upset with arms out of control and the tight swaddling would help calm him. It is a really good book for fussy babies.



answers from Jonesboro on

Try the Mylicon drops. If that doesn't work have your doctor write a script for gas drops which are stronger than Mylicon. I had to have the prescription drops for my baby. Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

I agree, eliminating dairy may help, as well as irritating things like caffeine. When my son had reflux, before we figured it out, I eliminated dairy, soy, nuts, tomatoes, caffeine, and eggs. Boy was it hard to figure out what to eat! But it was worth it, and eventually I started slowly introducing those things back into my diet, a little at a time. He did great! Granted, he was on Prevacid as well. But I think dairy can really be hard on their little tummies.
Good luck!!!

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