2 Positive HPT and 2 Negative

Updated on November 13, 2011
C.B. asks from Reedsburg, WI
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So I just posted a question yesterday about being super surprised with an unexpected 3rd pregnancy. I took 2 tests yesterday, both positive. I took another test first thing this morning to be sure, since the ones yesterday were faint. The one this morning was negative, and I just took another that was negative. (Ok so I might be getting a little pee-on-a-stick-crazy). But anyway, how likely is it that I got 2 false positives yesterday? Or am I probably going to miscarry? I've never had this happen before so I'm super confused!

ETA: Yup, it was very very first thing this morning when I got the negative. And the 2 positives I got yesterday were in the middle of the afternoon!

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So What Happened?

It turns out it must have been a chemical pregnancy. I am shocked and so very disappointed. Even though the pregnancy was completely an unexpected surprise, I am so upset about losing it. I guess it was a blessing though, to realize that I guess maybe I'm not done having kids! After all this I realized how much I really do want another! Who knows, maybe we'll decide that in a little while we really do want to try for just one more :) Thanks for all your help everybody.

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answers from Green Bay on

My doctor told me that people get false negatives, but not false positives. I would go in and have the dr. do a test.

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answers from Nashville on

I have heard of getting false negative with HPT, but not a false positive.

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answers from Dallas on

What time did you test yesterday? I never showed up positive with first morning urine. I pee alot at night, and not so much during the day, so my late afternoon urine was always my best stuff, lol. I would go buy a dollar store test and test again tomorrow afternoon. Then, make a dr. appt.

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answers from Roanoke on

Sounds like a yes to me! Maybe the 2 you took today had a higher threshold of detection?

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answers from Iowa City on

It sounds like a possible chemical pregnancy to me.

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answers from Jacksonville on

When you say first thing this morning, does that mean the very first time you peed this morning? Were you up drinking or using the bathroom during the night? How much water are you drinking? You might have diluted the urine, especially if it is super early to be testing.
Get another, and test it in the morning when you haven't urinated in at least 8 hours.

Or, I suppose it is POSSIBLE (not likely) that you got a couple of defective tests...



answers from Austin on

It may still be very early on in your pregnancy so you may not have a lot of the hormone yet. You might want to wait another week then take another one or go to the dr and see what they come up with. I watch the show I didn't know I was pregnant and one of the shows they mentioned that she possibly took the test way too early so came up negative. I know it also depends on what time you took the test but you said you took it in the am. I know they suggest your first am urine for best results.



answers from Phoenix on

I know it's the weekend, so I wouldn't run right in to the Dr. or ER unless pain and heavy bleeding occur, but if you are still concerned, see a Dr on Monday. You should have a blood test done to measure the amount of hcg hormone in your body. Very early pregnancy loss (known as a "chemical pregnancy" some) is extremely common since as many as 25% of all conceptions never implant properly and thus don't develop into a viable pregnancy. Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate these days, but there's always the possibility that they could be wrong (due to not picking up low levels of pregnancy hormone called hcg. I really hope you have gotten a hold of a bum/inaccurate test and you are still nourishing a pregnancy. Nurse Midwife Mom



answers from Detroit on

I have had a chemical pregnancy and my hormone levels were never strong enough to show up on a pregnancy test. When we did get pregnant a few months later I have two positive tests in the afternoon and evening. Then next morning I took another test and it barely showed a positive. I think my hormone levels were stronger in the evening then in the morning. I would take another test tomorrow and see what it says since your pregnancy hormones are supposed to double every day in the begining. Or you can just wait until Monday and go to your doctor. Good luck with everything. :)



answers from Fort Wayne on

I would say go get a test from the doctor to be sure :) I was 4 months along when I finally went to the doc. The only symptoms I had were a little tenderness in the breast area and some weird feelings in my uterine area. I took a HPT and it came out negative, and it was't like "not sure" it was totally neg. But then 2 weeks later my mom said you need to go and have the test just in case - we had tried for years and had finally given up on having kids - so I was totally shocked when the nurse told me I was pregnant and then to find out I was 4 months along and had almost no symptoms. So I would never trust HPT's again, because it showed neg at 4 months pregnant for me. Just go into your family doc and tell them you want a pregnancy test and it should only take about 20 minutes or so to get it done, and it's worth it because if you are pregnant you need prenatal care asap :) Good luck, and I hope it works out for you! Also, when I went in for prenatal appts and had to give urine samples they always said to start peeing for a few seconds and then take the sample. And I had gestational diabetes and when you do ketone strips they tell you to use the very first morning urination. So it may just be that the different times of day when you are using the HPTs that is why they are different.



answers from Omaha on

Sounds like you have a chemical pregnancy. There are no such things as false positives. A line is a line as long as it appears in the right place within the correct time frame. But it use to be thought that 1 in 4 pregnancy end in miscarriage well now they are saying its even more. 1 in 3 actually. In the past most pregnancy tests at their most sensitive needed 50 or higher level of HCG to test positive. Now FRER as most people call them or First Response Early Results test can be as sensitive as SEVEN! A blood test is 5! Which basically means most women can now know they are pregnant before they've even missed their period. That is all fine and great but now we have chemical pregnancy's to figure out how to deal with emotionally. They are basically your body starts releasing a scant amount of hcg even when implantation wasn't complete there was a chromosome abnormality, etc. It typically corrects pretty fast. Usually in the past you would have just assumed your period was slightly late, heavier, maybe more clots or heck maybe the difference wouldn't have been noticeable at all.

But test again in a week if you still haven't gotten your period. I'm sorry if it does end up being a chemical. I'm on a TTC board after miscarriage and when the girls test early and get that positive they start jumping up and down and then more times than you'd like to know it ends up being chemicals and they are devastated. I know you weren't wanting the third and if it ends up being a chemical even if you don't want another still let yourself be sad. I have had 5 miscarriages. One was during a time when I was in college didn't want another and was shocked and sad... when I miscarried at 6 weeks I was still very sad.

oh and as others have said it doesn't have to be first morning it just has to be concentrated urine. Mine during the day is moreso than my morning urine because I do go potty at night and drink now during the afternoon I don't so early evening I'm more likely to get a positive than morning actually.

And assume all is well till you are bleeding and cramping is always the advice doctors give. The ER can do nothing besides a blood test for you unless your are hemorrhaging. Ultrasound would show nothing till you are about 6 weeks. You need two different HCG tests in the first place 2 days apart to see if your HCG is doubling as it's suppose to every 48 hours. Still only 85% of women double even.



answers from Greensboro on

If I had to guess, I would say positive and not a chemical pregnancy BUT I am definitely not an expert. I know it is hard but I would try to wait a few days before retesting and make sure to use one of the digital tests - I read somewhere (scientific, I know) that they are more reliable. Good luck!!



answers from Chicago on

A false positive is VERY rare, not to mention two in a row. Different tests can have different sensitivities (one may show a pos result at 15 mIU/ml of hcg in the urine and another may not show pos until 25). Was it the same brand? Plus the hcg can fluctuate throughout the day and if you were right at the threshold for getting a positive a more dilute urine would probably be neg. Hcg rises very quickly so I would say in a couple days you should see another positive. Miscarriage is always a possibility but I wouldn't worry about that at this time. The levels usually don't drop that quickly, even after a miscarriage is complete you can often test positive for several days to a couple weeks afterwards as the hormone levels slowly return to 0.
I say you are pregnant! Best of luck!

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