2 Month Old Shots

Updated on February 03, 2010
S.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I was wondering if anyone else had a baby who cried uncontrollably a few days after getting their 2 month old vaccinations? My daughter was screaming for 2 days straight, this is the 4th day and she has not cried like she was before but has been sleeping most of the day--is this normal? When I called my doctor he said it sounded like colic but we do not think that it is.

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It's not the shots, it's a "wonder week." Week 8, to almost 10, is peak fussiness. Do a google search on "wonder weeks." There is a wonderful book by this name, and if you are a first time mom, I highly recommend getting it!

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You need to find a NATURALPATH doc today and see what you can do to start elimating the toxins from her body!

It sounds to me like she is reacting to the shots. There are so many toxic ingredients in those that it it NOT unusual to see reactions. Doctors just don't report them and blow them off as something else. It is very alarming to me that she had 2 days of uncontrolable screaming and now she is sleeping a lot. You need to watch her EXTREMEMLY CLOSELY because (from what I've read) your baby sounds like a prime candidate for sids right now. Her body is being overloaded. When that happens, they can forget to breathe.

Here are some good webistes to check out. I HIGHLY recomend you educate yourself to prevent any further damamge to your child....


I have checked EVERY single book on this subject out from the library. We researched for 6 months before deciding that we would NOT vacinate our children. We instead, use a healthy diet (organic fruits and vegetables, well balanced meals, salads almost every day, Nordic Naturals vitamins and fish oils, NO fast food, NO soda pop, etc. as our way of developing our childrens immune systems. This has worked well for us. Our children RARELY get sick. The chiropractor has healed every ear infection they've had. And when they do get sick, it is over in about 24 hours.....

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I would encourage you to look up Dr Sears vaccination schedule. We personally don't follow it, but we have oru own schedule. WE don't allow vaccines until after 6mos, and then its only one at a time, and spaced at least 1 month apart. No MMR until after age 3.

THe 'chemical cocktail' of 4 vaccines in the system of a 2month old can do damage, and its likely she is feeling the side effects of them right now. Teh blood/brain barrier is still very very wide open, and its not good to put that many injections into your baby this early.

I would encourage you to look up delayed vaccinations. We aren't anti vax, but we are VERY pro delayed vaccination. One at a time, after age 6mos, and spaced at least a month apart, and no MMR until after age 3.

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The print off that you get from the Dr office would call that a vaccine reaction.... "More than 4 hrs of consolable crying" (that is unusual for the child). It says to take them to the ER if that happens. I asked the Dr why and he said its a sign (could be not always of course) that the brain is swelling and causing pain.
No matter what I would go with your gut....mom's know their child better. If its a vaccine reaction getting a detox done will/should help. And I would do some research on those vaccines. Normally the first dose you get a small reaction and it gets worse and worse with the more you give. I'm speaking from personal experience here as *I* had a major reaction.



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It does seem pretty unlikely that she's crying like that because of her shots, especially a few days after. My baby is 4 months and just had her 4 month shots and she cried a lot that evening and was a little fussy the next day...she had the same reaction wtih her 2 month shots. I would continue to watch her. Check everything first...temp, etc....but watch her because the doc could be right and she just coincidentally had her shots a few days before. It is common for colic to start around 2 months(also known as "reflux these days). My baby girl was extremely fussy, gassy and cried a lot. Her doctor said that she probably had reflux or colic and I didn't think so either. My son had colic before and he was much different than her but it turns out that she actually does have severe reflux. She is now medicated with Prevacid and is like a different baby now. I know that if this is your first baby or even if she isn't, it might sound bad or strange to give such a small baby meds but mine really needed it and she isn't suffering anymore. She is so much happier and content. Like I said earlier, don't jump to any conclusions but just watch her. If you're nursing watch what you eat...there are certain foods(a lot of them) that trigger reflux and can make baby really fussy. Take notice if she sleeps better upright and/or if she cries more when laying her on her back. There are websites to look at regarding infant reflux, symptoms and answers. Take a look when you have a chance. I wish you and your baby the best. Hope she is just having a couple of rough days and will be a happy little angel soon. You are also welcome to contact me if you want and I can answer any questions...I have been through the roughest 4 months with my little girl and would be happy to help you if I can.




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i think you know your child. docs always try to deflect when parents question vaccines. Please do your research before you decide to do more vaccines.



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Some other postings have suggested that the problem may not be a reaction to the vaccination, and that could be the case. If you think it was, though, and you're concerned that your daughter's system was overwhelmed, find out if you can space out her vaccinations. When my son was three months old, we switched to a more wholistic pediatric practice (Drs. Choi and Cabotaje, North Avenue, Oak Park). The pediatricians saw our son every month, instead of every other month, and that schedule allowed us to space out his vaccinations. We were delighted to learn this was an option, and it has worked well for us.



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My kids always reacted terribly to vaccines......as did my grandchildren. Just give her infant motrin to reduce any inflamation and discomfort.........it is probably not colic at this late stage.



answers from New York on

it could be a reaction.
word of advice as you go through these rounds of shots. please ask them to spread them out. one at a time.



answers from Chicago on

Do your research on vaccines before you give her the AAP rec. amount again. And trust your instincts.



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It sounds like a reaction to the vaccines. I would RESEARCH vaccines and their reactions BEFORE you give anymore. Vaccine reactions can cause permanent damage. I don't mean to be an alarmist, but better safe than sorry. check out the DVD VACCINES, THE RISKS, THE BENEFITS, THE CHOICES by Dr Sherri J. Tenpenny or www.vacinfo.org another great source is Dr. Eisenstein from Homefirst in Illinois. Good Luck



answers from Birmingham on

Hi S.... I know how scary this can be. I too just took my son this past week to get his 2 months vaccines... he is 3 months. We delayed a month in order to give me more time to research and we went with an alternative schedule. He only recieved the Rotavirus and the DTaP. And he ran fever... had blood in his stools and screamed his little head off for days after the vaccines.And it totally zapped him of his strength for about a week. He did not even seem like the same little baby. But my husband and I prayed over him and his fever went away and he started to feel better the next day. And it does not surprise me that your doctors office played it off as if it were something else because when I called to tell them about my sons reaction she said that the blood in his stool was probably from something that I ate and that my breastmilk caused it. And I was quick to tell her that I have been on the same diet ever since I started breastfeeding. It is a really tough decision to make and we wonder whether or not we are doing the right thing. We are still praying about whether or not he will get any more vaccines since he had such an adverse reaction to these. Our pediatrician even admitted to the fact that giving all the recommended vaccines at one time can cause an even higher fever than if you were to space them out. And now my husband and I are stuck because we were trying to space them out and he still had a reaction. It is day 10 now and he is still having the occasional screaming fit, but nothing like he was and he is getting his strength back day by day. I will be praying for your little girl. Just give it a couple more days and she will probably be back to herself again:-)



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Sounds to me like an adverse reaction to the vaccine, possibly a brain injury! Check out Mayer Einstein's book "Educate Before You Vaccinate" and www.nvic.org - and www.mothering.com has some great links to vaccine info. I would personally do a TON more research on vaccines, and actually not get any more. That is a serious reaction for the first vaccines. Good luck to you!

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