2 Month Old and First Tooth.

Updated on June 25, 2010
A.F. asks from APO, AP
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Ok I noticed today my two month old son is getting his first tooth. It's on the upper right part of the mouth. What do I do? Can I feed him jared food yet? Any one else have this happen?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses but I don't really care to listen to the doctors because so far they have been wrong with everything I do with my son. I put a small amount of rice cereal in his bottle at night so he sleeps better which he does. He isn't fussy at all. He's only fussy now because his two teeth are trying to come through. I don't feed him jar food, only formula. I was taught to raise my child through trail and error. My parents gave me rice cereal at an early age like before four months and I am fine. Our grandparents did it with our parents. Doctors I think now are too over rated in somethings. The feeding of rice cereal might not be for everyone but for some its ok. But I appreciate all your thoughts and advice.

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I have used Hyland's Teething Tablets with great success. They can be dissolved in a little water & given to the baby, otherwise you just put them in the mouth & they dissolve. However, with his age, I would do option 1. Also at his age I'd be careful what you let him suck on. They can suck on a bottle/breast well but when food is introduced they often choke because they've not learned how to push food to the back of the mouth.

Also some babies are born with teeth doesn't mean they're ready for food yet. I would talk to her pediatrician for solutions to the discomfort.

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My son also teethed very early. I would hold a cold washcloth and let him suck it. I also used Hylands teething tablets, which can be found in most stores with a baby section. They are natural and can be used for very young infants.
I would not feed him food. His little digestive system is not advanced enough for it. Some doctors suggest giving cereal starting at 4 months old. I would stay away from the white rice cereal and go with oatmeal instead. The rice cereal has almost no nutritional value. There are a ton of studies, showing it's better to wait until 6 months for solids. 4 months should be OK, unless his tummy gets upset. But, there digestive systems are advanced enough at 6 months to handle it better.

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Did you feel it? or does it just look like white spots. usually you see white spots for a while first before the teeth actually erupt. 2 mos is young but not unheard of. You dont really need to do anything though. mention it the next Dr visit but teeth dont mean the baby is ready for diet change. Keep nursing or bottle feeding unless he has doubled his birthweight and seems hungry.

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The age at which to begin solid food is totally unrelated to getting teeth. The recommended time to start solid food is based on the average age at which a baby's digestive system is mature enough to process the food. Starting with solid food too early can cause the development of food allergies. If their digestive system is too immature for solid food they can also have stomach pain, digestive upsets, diarrhea or constipation, gas, etc.

Note that I said the average age that a baby's system is mature. Baby's can be healthy if they don't consume solid food until they're around a year.

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I saw some of your other responses...teething tablets are helpful.

Even though your baby likes food, which I find it even hard to believe the natural tongue reflex to push anything out would allow you to get anything in, it is not good to give babies that young anything but formula or breastmilk. Teeth have nothing to do with it. Babies intenstines do not develop until after 4 months and they cannot digest anything but milk well, which can cause internal irritation, fussiness and bleeding of the intestines. Docs really recommend waiting until 6 months and even then, milk should be their main food source.

Good luck. I have a 6 month old and a 6 year old, so I know it is tough navigating through it all.


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You probably don't want to let him suck on fruit thru a wet paper towel. That sounds like a choking incident just waiting to happen, in my opinion. Use a washcloth instead.



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Hello, What is your son's diet currently? The best at that age would be only breast milk. Other foods cannot be processed properly by his immature digestive system. A good homeopathic remedy for teething is Hylands teething gel (http://www.hylands.com/products/teethinggel.php). My son loves to chew on Sophie the giraffe (http://sophiegiraffeusa.com/). I like Sophie because she is all natural and safe to chew. Good luck!



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Your child is too young for solids. Most doctors say not to start them until at least four months, but usually five. Starting earlier can lead to allergies. Also, the latest research has said not to give put rice cereal in a bottle because it can lead to obesity. I would say to stick to just formula or breast milk for now. As for pain, our doctors have always said to just use infant tylenol.



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Gettng teeth has nothing to do with beng ready for solid food. Until your baby is at least 4 months and preferably 6 months old he should be eating only breatmilk or formula. Then it is best to start with rice cereal or something simple. Then you could slowly add single fruit or vegetable jars. Even if he has teeth he will be unable to "chew" for a while. They get their teeth before they know how to use them.



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teeth have nothing to do with eating baby food he shouldnt start that until 4 or 5 months hope this helps



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hi, in my opinion his little insides are still just 2 months old and are probably not ready for food. some people feed their babies food early. i didn't. the doc said 6 mths.and that is what i did. you might waNT TO START WITH RICe cereal in is bottle if he isn't satified with his feedings. good luck. mom of 7 R.



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Over 40 years ago,my 3 year old baby had a tooth trying to come thru om each side,on lower gums. I wasn't sure it was teeth so tok her to dr. for check-up and he said take her to dentist. Yep1 it really was teeth! but he said it will take them a few months to come thru. She was just a normal baby and a few months old when those teeth got thru and did have 2 lower front teeth come thru first! No problems with what she ate.



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Starting solids before 4 months of age will make your baby more prone to allergies. Six months is the more preferred age for starting solids.



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I wouldn't give him any food for a couple of more months. Having teeth doesn't mean they're ready for it. On the opposite side, my daughter was fully eating table food before she had any teeth at all. If you can already see the tooth, it shouldn't be bothering him too much. However, if it is, you can give him baby tylenol...or whatever the generic version is since they took all of it off the shelves. Actually, I just took my 9 month old to the pediatrician yesterday and she said she uses the generic anyway. It's the same medicine just cheaper. You can call your dr and they will tell you how much to give him.

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