2 In 1 or 3 in 1 Cribs

Updated on July 14, 2011
K.L. asks from Redding, CA
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With so many questions about toddler beds lately I have a question. I know the 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 cribs are sold all over. They go from crib to toddler bed and then the 3 in 1 can also become the head board to a double bed later. So many people buy these cribs, but I see almost no one using them for toddler beds and havent seen or heard of anyone using it for the head board. Everytime I see a crib for sale it has never been used for the other things it can be. I even hear parents say they are selling the crib and buying a toddler bed. Well, they already have a toddler bed in the crib. Why dont they use it? So how many of you have bought these "grow with the child" cribs, and actually used them for all ther intended use? And those who had them and chose not to use them, why not?

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answers from San Francisco on

We have two of them....one has been a crib, toddler bed and then now a full size and the other has been a crib and toddler bed. We are actually getting ready to buy bunk beds though because of space issues (they share a room and well we cannot fit in two full size beds and two dressers). We are planning on keeping the convertibles though so that IF we are ever able to get them their own rooms they have nice beds 8-)



answers from Orlando on

We have a "3 in 1" and used all three. My now 8 year old uses it with the head and foot board. We just had baby #2 and considered converting it back as we had saved all the parts/hardware, but I was given a crib that does not convert and will probably skip the toddler bed and go to a twin/trundle and put up a guard rail when he is old enough for that. We love the "crib for life" made well and has held up.

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answers from Memphis on

We have a 3 in 1 crib which we recently converted to the toddler bed. When our son gets bigger we are planning on converting it to the full bed. Our little guy loves his bed except that Daddy is too big to snuggle with him (Mommy isn't) in his bed.



answers from San Francisco on

We have a 2 in 1 that we're currently using as a toddler bed. It didn't have a bed rail, but I found one made specifically for convertible cribs (http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...) and it works perfectly! We'll need to convert it back to a crib when baby #2 comes along, so I guess at that point we'll buy my daughter a new bed.

Also, we had to move my daughter out of the crib earlier than we'd anticipated because she started climbing out. She was a little reluctant to sleep in the bed at first, preferring the floor, so maybe some people get new beds to help their kids with the transition?



answers from Tallahassee on

We had a 3 in 1 and we only used it as a crib and toddler bed. Our intention was to use it as a headboard and footboard as well. Unfortunately, the company that made the crib (Simplicity for Children) went out of business (due to recalls) and we couldn't get the rails to connect the headboard to the footboard. We ended up just buying a separate bed with a matching dresser.



answers from Sacramento on

We have convertible cribs for both of our kiddos and we've converted one to a full size at this point. We love it. I can't figure out why others don't do the same either. My kiddos have all of their furniture that matches and it's something that they will be able to have for the rest of their lives now. Or at least for the rest of the time that they live at home. :) We love ours.



answers from San Francisco on

We got a nice "3 in one". We didn't use it as a toddler bed, but went straight from crib (for one kid and then a second) to full. It's a beautiful headboard that will last. I didn't see a big need for an intermediary (toddler) bed for our children.



answers from San Francisco on

Ours went from crib to toddler bed, back to crib. When our youngest is ready it will go back to toddler bed. It is so cute as a toddler bed too. We shall see if/when it makes it to the full size bed. I think it will.



answers from Dallas on

We bought a 3-in-one and intended to use it forever. My MIL ended up buying my son a Lightning McQueen single bed after the crib. We ended up donating the crib to charity.



answers from Memphis on

We used our first crib (3 in1) as a toddler bed but when I got pregnant with my daughter we found out that the crib had been recalled because of the drop side. So, we had to buy a new crib but we were planning a 3rd child so we thought we could use the original crib as a toddler bed and let the next baby use the new crib (which also converts to a toddler bed). Then our original crib was recalled again due to problems with the mattress support. At that point the only possible use would be as a head board. We thought about holding on to it. But, that would mean storing it for years until one of our kids was ready for a full size bed. In the end, we just threw the whole thing out. I am not really sad. The crib was not my first choice but my husband really liked it and his parents bought it for us. When we bought the new crib, I got the one I wanted. :-) I am pretty certain that we will use the new crib as a toddler bed but don't know about using it as a headboard.


answers from Provo on

I've been using mine as a toddler bed, but I will be using my sisters toddler bed when she gets her son a big boy bed, just because even the smallest gate things to stop the toddler from falling out of the bed covers 90% of his bed. And I cant find a small one or find one that was meant for my son's crib/bed.
That is the only reason why I am switching to an actual toddler bed. That and I don't like my sons crib. My sisiter gave it to me. It's nice, I just don't like the look of it. I would have gotten my son a black crib and he will have a bed with a black head/foot board.



answers from Detroit on

Have the 3 in 1. I love it as a toddler bed but doubt I will keep it to use as a double.



answers from Chico on

We used ours a a crib for both kids, and converted it to a toddler bed for our second. We may use it for a headboard when our son is older, but he has a loft bed that he loves now. It's a very slight may. There are holes in the headboard and we had a "natural" color and the face of what will be the headboard is faded - both flaws where the crib rails/sides were attached. Also, the rails are almost as much as the crib originally cost and I am not sure it would be worth it.


answers from Tulsa on

I have a three in one. I used it as a crib and converted it to a full size bed when we moved. I never used it as a toddler bed since our apartment was so small that all of the extra stuff went in his room so we just co slept in my room. When/if I have another child, I'll convert it back to the crib and will plan to use it as a toddler bed also.

I bought the full size rails when I bought the crib, just to avoid the possibility of them going out of business and not being able to get the rails later.



answers from Atlanta on

I have two sets, and I have used them for all 4 children. The first one has been a crib, toddler bed, full size bed, back to toddler bed, and is now in crib form. The second one has also seen all 3 stages and is currently in toddler bed form. They will be full size beds when the two youngest get a little older and will be their furniture through childhood. I don't understand the parents that pay so much for the convertible cribs to not use them. WE paid a lot for the baby furniture because we intended for it to take them through the years.



answers from San Francisco on

we use our crib as a toddler bed, it is great! we did have to add an extra bed rail b/c the the one that came with the crib was not long enough to keep my toddler from falling out, At this point I do not really see us using the double bed rail but I plan on keeping the crib for a future 3rd baby and getting bunk beds for my boys maybe next year or so

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