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Updated on August 09, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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I had a really vivid, lucid dream last night. It was pretty scary (long story short the river flooded the world sort of thing, and everyone was trying to save their families)... I woke up kind of shaken up, but I'll write it all down later and feet better (as I usually do). My 6 year old just came up to me and says 'I had a pretty bad dream last night but I didn't cry when I woke up because I didn't want to wake anyone else up'... SHE BASICALLY HAD THE EXACT SAME DREAM! I hadn't told anyone about this dream yet!!

What does THAT mean, if 2 people have the same dream on the same night??

If was kind of neat talking about it with her, my dream was from my point of view, and her dreams was from her POV, but the story matched up pretty well (down to details of driving across the flooded bridge and seeing people in the water, but from my drivers seat and then her booster seat in the back).

Weird, but cool. I've heard of twins dreaming the same stuff, but mother and daughter? I'm not finding a lot on the internet, and my interest is definitely piqued!! Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? What do you think it means? Not the dream itself, but the fact that 2 people had the same dream?

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So What Happened?

@Jo, NO, in fact the girls were at their dad's house this weekend and came home just before bedtime, so all we did together was brush teeth, get jammies on, and take vitamins, then went to bed!

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My bestfriend and I in high school had the same dream the same night from different views.
we dreamed about the same house she came in the front door I came in the back door. the same things were happening in both dreams but from different ,if you will, camera angles.

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answers from Norfolk on

My husband and I do this every so often.
We know each other so well we're inside each others heads.
It's fairly often I can finish sentences for him if he gets stuck on a word.
If I put something down and don't know where it is - he knows where to find it for me.
The same stimulus (watching same movie, etc) makes us think along similar lines and then we dream the same dream.
Our brains are kind of synced up to each other.
I don't read anything into it more than that.

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My MIL and my youngest SIL who was 12 at the time both dreamed on the same night that I was having a baby boy. I was prego about a month later and he was a boy :) If I were you, I would pray for my area and the flooding business. That is what I do when these sort of out of the norm things happen. But then I have always been a dreamer of significant dreams, so doesn't seem to out there to me ;)

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I don't know, but dreams really freak me out! (in a good way!)
The day before I got my very first period I had a dream about it, and because of the dream I actually felt prepared when flo arrived. Weird. I don't have an answer, but I think that is really cool.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

She's 6.
Until we know you weren't "leading the witness...."

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answers from St. Louis on

Did you both see a TV show or see something similar that would cause you to be thinking the same thing when you fell asleep? Like a couple nights ago Troy and I were watching some when fish attack show before we went to bed. We both dreamed about fish. By the way, boring dream, dreaming about fish that is. :p

Okay, read the what happened, was there something on the news?

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answers from Norfolk on

My entire mother's side of the family has that problem. (although my mother will NEVER admit it. I have pieced it together that she knew what I was talking about as a kid by the responses she gave.) We all have different "versions" of the same dream, but there are over laps from our respective points of view. (My mother's aunt, my mothers sister, my mother's mother, my mother, me and my brother are the ones that I know have the dream.) I was up until 5 am the day we were getting ready to leave to come home from Florida with my aunt and grandmother discussing it.

It's a very scary dream and we all wake up with the cold sweats and want to cry.

As for what it means, in your case, I can't say. In our case, we think we know what it means but when we talk about it to other people, they think we are crazy.

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answers from Washington DC on

This happens frequently with me. Mostly with very close friends, sometimes with my son. I have been keeping a dream journal since I was a teen and using lucid dreaming for years as well.
You have a deep connection with your daughter. We can all learn to solve problems in our dreams, as well as tap into many other spiritual places.
That's my 2 cents.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have no advice or words of wisdom, all I can say is that cool or what! When my daughter was about 4 yrs old her and I did the same thing. I woke to think what a vivid dream only to have her come to me later to tell me about her dream, that was almost identical to mine. I remember being very impressed but I don't remember if anything resulted from it. I will now have to go back and read the journal I am creating for her to see what I wrote and if it had any results. :) There has to be something to it, don't you think?!? Anyway enjoy the experience.



answers from Charlottesville on

I have never really had very scarry dreams growing up. Since I have been married to a police officer I have very scarry dreams of people shooting at me and being chased by "bad guys". At first I thought it was because I was worried about my husband, but it is actually from the "police officer" point of view and they are similar to my husband's dreams which he will not talk about much and now I know why.


answers from Dallas on

That's cool and surreal. that trumps my dream story. I went out of town this weekend. I was far from home and I had a dream about being in an earthquake. We live no where near a fault line. An earthquake here is a huge coincidence When I got home the next day they told me there had been an earthquake in my neighborhood the night before. SO wierd.


answers from Norfolk on

I was thrown back when I read this. I have the same dream all the time. It has been replayed many times over the years and has progressed with my life. I too have been looking for meaning, but now I am even more curious with the description of your dream being the same as mine.