2-1/2 Year Old with Tummy Pains

Updated on November 14, 2008
T.M. asks from Sun Prairie, WI
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My 30 month old son has been complaining that his tummy hurts on occasion ever since Halloween and his poop has been runny – not diarriah, but not solid (and VERY stinky), he pushes at his tummy along with saying it hurts. When I push around on his belly he just giggles cause it tickles. I thought it may just be gas or hunger pains – sometimes he doesn’t want to eat when we eat and if he doesn’t eat what we put in front of him he doesn’t get anything else (that’s just our rules). He doesn’t get junk food besides fruit snacks with me (not telling what my mother gives him when she watches him all day, grandmas will be grandmas no matter how much you persuade to do differently) and no juice with me, cause I know he gets it at my moms house. He does drink a lot of milk and water – I would say 2-3 sippy cups of each a day (this varies depending on how much running around he does) he’s very active.

A friend suggested maybe he ate too much chocolate on Halloween and his body just hasn’t recovered from this (he stayed with my mom and sister the days after halloween – so who knows what they kept feeding him). So she suggested cutting dairy out of his diet for a few days and giving him a bland diet and pedialyte and if that doesn’t do anything then it will be a trip to the doctor.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or any experience with this? Its so hard when they are this young and can’t really tell you what’s wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all you wonderful moms out their for your great input. I took my son to the doctor tonight just as a percaution and he pretty much agreed with me and most of you guys, he doesn't think its anything serious and it may be a little bit of lactose discomfort or it could be a bug (its hard to say since he doesn't have any other symptoms). He suggested to keep my son off milk for a week or until it clears up and to feed him of live-culter yogurt. Thanks again for your help and hopefully it will be cleared up by next week.

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it looks like Kari C. and I had similer situations. I took my son in for his yearly exam and told the Dr about his pains. The Dr did an xray and he was backed up A LOT.
hope this helps

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Whenever my daughter has tummy troubles I usually do the probiotics thing. Give him some yogurt with with active bacteria. That usually helps within a few days. Try giving him a little less milk and more water to flush out things.



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Yes definitely cut out the dairy for a bit. He may just now be showing signs of dairy or lactose sensitivities which definielty cause stomach aches & runny bm's.

If you see an improvement keep him off it for a little longer & then try to add it back in. If he has problems again you will know it is a dairy issue.

Good luck



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You may want to have his stool tested for C-Diff. It is some bacteria that causes what you are saying about very stinky poop and tummy pains. My daughter got it a few months ago. SHe never had watery stool either, just very soft. She was put on antibiotics and it went away! Good luck



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We actually just went through a period with my son where he was very constipated. He was having some diarrhea-looking bms but the doctor said that is normal. When kids get backed up, sometimes some liquid gets around the solid, looking like diarrhea, but it's not. We had an x-ray done that showed he was extremely backed up, complaining of tummy ache and even throwing up only late at night. They make children's laxatives, both in strips as well as liquid form for that age. Doctor also said mineral oil, 1 ounce per year of age up to 3 ounces in 24 hours, can loosen things up if he's constipated. Mix with ice cream or applesauce to get it down easier as texture can be an issue. Good luck!



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My son Had a sensitivity to milk(not so much dairy just milk)2 to 3 sippy cups of milk a day seeems like a lot. Could also be why he doesn't always want to eat. Once we cut out drinking milk(but not dairy like cheese ect.)His stools were much better. I would try cutting out the milk for about a week and then gradually bring it back and see what happens.



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I am not sure what is going on with him but I know when my son gets diarrhea I feed him the BRAT diet.

B= banana
R= rice
A= applesauce
T= toast

It sounds like maybe a visit to the MD to rule our bacteria or parasitic infections may be a good choice too.

Good Luck!



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I don't think it would be too much candy from halloween this long. I could understand it if it were a few days but weeks. My guess would be teething or if there is some sandy look to the stools, a parasite which isn't that uncommon in kids who pick them up with dirty hands or eating dirt or playing in sand boxes. My friend's son had one when he was young and the tummy aches and sandy looking stools were what she was told are signs of it. If it continues you may want to see about that.



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I don't have an answer for you on the stooling issue or the stomach issue but do want to say there is nothing wrong with not making a seperate meal for your son. If a child is hungry they will eat. I am sure, if nothing else your son is eating at grandma's (they are known for making anything a kid wants, even if it is 4 different meals). You are NOT doing anything wrong and the acid in his stomach is not eating away at his stomach. He would have to go DAYS without eating for that to happen. I don't know what training that other mother has or anything but she is WRONG! and every doctor my 2 kids have had will agree with me because they have told me the same thing. "Kids will not starve or have issues if they miss a meal from time to time due to them not wanting to eat".



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My son (now 8 years old) always complained about his stomach "hurting" right before he had a bowel movement. He has a history of being sensitive to the wrong foods, so his diet has been much like what you put in place. The thing that helped him most was getting 1/2-1 cup of yohgurt with his breakfast every morning. It seemed to regulate his bowels and settle his stomach. He still asks for his "whipped cream" in the morning a lot.

Mother of 8-year old son



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You sound like just about every other mom I know regarding eating/feeding, so I guess there are a lot of us out there that should be reported:)

Because his poop has been different and stinky I would take him into the doctor. It's been long enough. He/she may want to do some testing or may have some suggestions. At that point you can educate your mom about what to/not to give your son. You probably need to cut off all dairy for several days, and put him on the BRAT diet (Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast). My son's intestinal balance gets thrown off pretty easily. AND he has lactose intolerance. When his poop gets softer or runny he complains his tummy hurts too. I think he is probably getting some degree of cramping. Hope your son starts feeling better soon.



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I do home daycare and it sounds like the virus that went through here. The first family went to the Dr and they were told that it was a virus that was going through all over. They had seen about 100 people with it. It could last up to 2 weeks. Most of the kids here it lasted about 4 to 5 days. Do not give them anything to stop the pooping (like kids pepto). It has to run it's course and get out of the system. The Dr also said that it usually lasts longer in the adults. I had a few adults get it too. I lucked out, but I guess the first few days there is quite a bit of stomach pain, according to my parents that got it.

Hope not everyone in the house gets it. Wash hands often!!!



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2 of our little ones just went through what you are describing. After waiting a week we talked with a doctor, a friend who is a nurse in a family clinic and our pharmacist (when picking up the Rx butt paste) we were told they are seeing a lot of what you are describing ie: tummy pains, stinky soft poo, etc. For us it wasn't Rotovirus but some other gastro-intestinal virus. We didn't treat them w/antibiotics but it lasted for approx. 1 1/2 weeks. In the middle of it they also had a fever for 24-36 hours. I didn't know at the time if it was related or not because we initially attributed the stinky soft poo to teething. Someone I work with said they had the same thing with their kids and it lasted almost 3 weeks! It may not be what your son is experiencing but I would still have him checked out by your pediatrician or family Dr.

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