2 Abnormal Pap Tests in a Row--???

Updated on June 01, 2007
B.S. asks from Kansas City, MO
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Ok, ladies. I'm needing some advice for what to do here (if anything). I've had 2 abnormal PAP tests in a row. First in Dec 2006 then again in late March 2007. My doc just wants to wait until my next regular exam in Dec 2007 to retest. I did a little looking around online on sites like webmd.com and found that after an abnormal result you should be retested every 4-6 months until you have 2 normal Paps in a row.

I should mention that my doc also tested me for HPV and that was negative (no surprise since my husband is the only man I've been with). And I've also had one other abnormal Pap about 6 years ago, which my doc then did a colposcopy to rule out anything suspicious and all was fine.

Here's my question: should I wait until December to retest like my doctor is recommending? I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with waiting so long with 2 abnormal results and no explanation for them. And would anyone have a recommendation for a good OBGYN where I could get a 2nd opinion if I decide to? I live near the stadiums, KC/Independence/Raytown but would also be willing to drive to Lee's Summit or Blue Springs too.

I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance here, I don't know. Maybe someone else has had a similar experience?

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So What Happened?

Well got the 2nd opinion from Dr. Lemberger and she agreed with my first doc to just wait until my next annual exam to be retested. Since I have no risk-factors for HPV and tested negative for it (it's the STD linked to cervical cancer) the odds of my abnormal Pap having anything to do with cervical cancer are less than 5%.

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I also go to the Independence Womens Clinic. I was just there last week and they are still in the old building by the old MCI. During my pregnancy I saw several from the office but my Dr. is Dr. Gutknecht and I think he is wonderful. IF he finds an issue he will give you several different options. He isnt one who jumps right for surgery as some of the others are. Good luck!!



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Hi B.,
I have also had abnormal tests, a couple and then they have come back normal. But I think to be on the safe side I would get a second opinion. I go to Independence Womens Clinic they are over there by theold hospital MCI, I'm not sure if they have moved to the new one or if they are. Their number is ###-###-####. Hope this helps W.

P.S. I see Dr. Lemberger she is really nice delivered 3 of my 4 kids, But I have also seen Dr. Caffery and Dr. Trout and a couple others.



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I had an abnormal pap after I had my two year old, my doctor retested right away and then 6mo later, both those came back normal...I definately would not wait a full year! I use Healthcare for Women, they just moved there office to the new Centerpoint Medical Building off 39th St. I see Dr. Adams normally but have seen everyone and I really like there nurse pract. who are easier to get into! Hope everything turns out ok:)



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I have never had abnormal ones myself but have known people who have and the doc wanted to get them back in pretty quickly.I would be uncomfortable with waiting that long as well.I go to the Independence Women's Clinic.I see Dr Lemberger but it also hard to get into.However I have seen avery doctor in the office over the years ang have never had a problem with any of them.Dr Trout is another one of my favorite.Hope everything goes well.



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Hi B.,

I think I would definately go back before Dec. I've never personally had this issue but I don't think it's anything I would mess with or take my chances. I'd definately get a second opnion. I go to the Independence Women's Clinic (they are off of 291 Hwy & 23rd St). They are great I personally see Dr. Timothy Hall but all the doctors there are really good. I think I've seen just about every one of them during my pregnancies.

I wish you the best of luck.

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