2 1/2 Year Old Will Go Potty at Pre-school but Not at Home?

Updated on December 02, 2006
A. asks from Hockessin, DE
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My daughter will be 3 in March. She dabbles with the potty at home, but sometimes absolutely refuses to go near it and/or she'll go in her diaper first. So we thought that it was a stage where she was starting to be interested, that means good times are coming!

Then yesterday at her pre-school (she goes twice a week for half days) they suggested that we just put her in big girl panties to come to school since she uses the potty consistently! We were floored! She is apparently completely 'potty trained' at school, and completely NOT potty trained at home. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? We encourage her to use the potty at home, and reward her when she does. We don't scold her or punish her for not using it, but I don't think that is the answer...

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answers from Scranton on

A., I would ask the teahcer if there is something they are doing differently for her at school. Tell her your troubles, and see if they may be handling it differently! Maybe they are actually putting her on the potty a couple of times a day, for example. She will get the hang of it, and in the meantime...don't go crazy:) I think potty training is the hardest task so far as a mother, or at least the most patience wearing task:) Good luck, and just remember...we haven't seen any 20 yr. olds walking around in diapers, so eventually she'll get the hang of it, right? That's what gives me hope anyway...lol...hope it gives you hope, too:)



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi A.,

I am a teacher and mother si I have seen this from both angles. Right now I have a student who is completely potty trained at school (months with no accidents, in underwear all the time) but at home his mother is getting frustrated that his days with no accidents are very inconsistent. I suggested to her that it is easier to potty train kids in the school environment because we work on a much more structured schedule. Her son's body has gotten used to the bathroom times at school. In the beginning we took him to the bathroom every half hour to try to go even if he didn't indicate that he had to go. We gradually increased the time between when we took him to the bathroom. It is sometimes harder to stay on such a structured schedule at home because other things can sometimes interfere, such as family parties, trips to the mall, or other things that naturally happen from the home environment. Also at school, using the bathroom is an escape from doing work. At home, using the bathroom can interfere with playing. Basically, a lot of other kids are going through this. While I may not have much advice on how to fix it, know that you are not alone on this. Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I think if you still have her in diapers at home, it's probably easier for her to just go in the diaper, I would change entirely to big girl panties and though she may have a couple of accidents at first it probably won't be long till she's going all the time both at school and at home.
Good luck



answers from Philadelphia on

My son had the same problem and one day it was like something just clicked. He also had wet pullups during the night for about a week after the light went off and he was completely trained even at night by the time he was 3. Good luck with training I know how frustrating it can be!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 4 yr old daughter is this way. She will pee in the potty at school and when we go out and to other people's homes but at home she uses pull-ups. I have noticed that if we can( key word is can) keep the pull-ups out of her reach she will use the potty. In my daughters case its her stubborn will that is doing this. She also refuses to poo in the potty so the doctor has said to get her to ask for a pull-up and I think she assumes this means for peeing also. So right now we cant keep the pull-ups out of her reach. I dont know what to tell you about getting her to pee at home also other than if possible hiding the pull-ups if u still use them at night or buy them but dont let her know you have them. My son who will be 3 in Jan. is still in pull-ups also only becuase we have learned not to push him. LOL

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