2 1/2 Year Old and "Tummy Hurts"

Updated on January 25, 2011
H.F. asks from Schertz, TX
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Hi ladies,
My 2 year old recently has started saying "my tummy hurts", he sort of cried once, but stopped right away. He's said it about 3 times over a two week period. The times that he says it - it's when he's eating and continues to eat He is having normal bowel movements and although, he's a picky eater, he's at a normal weight and looks like he enjoys his meals. So, I'm not sure what it could be. He's in daycare- Since it's not happening often, I want to believe that he overheard another kid say it at daycare...I don't know. I'm feeling bad about not having taken him to the doctor yet, but sometimes, I'm not sure that they even know what's going on!! But I also don't want to overlook something that could be hurting him. ....Maybe, I just need to hear from other moms...thanks.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I would start keeping a diary of what he is eating and when he complains. We recently took my daughter off of wheat/gluten. She told me a few weeks later that her tummy used to hurt all the time, but now it doesn't hurt at all anymore. I was shocked and amazed. I had no idea. A hurting tummy was her normal, poor thing. Your son may be having these types of reactions. But, it could be that he is full, or hungry, or any other number of things. When I started noting what my daughter was eating and her reactions, I saw a strong correlation with breads/pastas and her issues. We eliminated them, and the next day she had a strong reaction (vomiting and a rash), the day after that, she was perfectly fine and healthy, and has been ever since. She's 7, and it pains me to think she has suffered for so long without my understanding her issues.

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answers from Cleveland on

maybe he is starting to get full or he has a gas bubble stuck.. see what he DOES right before and after he says his tummy hurts maybe it does then he passes gas

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answers from Chicago on

Most likely gas cramps. Ask him, and then see if he needs to go poop. My daughter and her friends all became hyper aware of gas cramps around that age.



answers from Portland on

I suspect that, at 2, is becoming more familiar with his body and is more aware of his tummy than he has been up until now. My grandchildren say now and then that their tummy hurts. Gee, my tummy hurts sometimes too. There is no serious cause for it. It just does. It can be gas. or any number of other normal things.

As long as he's acting in his usual way, I wouldn't be concerned. If his tummy hurts and he's vomiting then it's a stomach bug. If he's lethargic and pale and has a fever it probably is a stomach bug too. More than likely a virus for which their is no treatment other than rest and fluids.

But if he's just reporting that his tummy hurts, I suggest that it's normal and would be a little sympathetic but not too much so.

If his stomach hurts and he refuses to eat, is lethargic, whimpers or cries often, over a period of time, say 1-2 weeks, then I'd take him to the doctor.

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