1St Trimester Fatigue

Updated on November 28, 2010
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd (doctor just did a blood test to help her see how far along I am) and I am completely wiped out. Now, I know that fatigue in the 1st trimester is normal but it's hitting me like a ton of bricks. With my first, I actually had tons of energy during the first trimester and never felt the fatigue until the 2nd trimester. This, however, is a whole different ballgame! My poor 16 month old has been tearing the house apart because when I'm not giving her attention, I'm lying on my bed resting. I'm lightheaded and my belly already looks like a pregnant belly (to the point where someone wished me congratulations the other day). Other than resting when she rests, how do you combat the fatigue? Any tips or do I just have to ride the wave...

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your support. I am now 8 weeks along and still finding I'm completely wiped out. There are days when I just go back and forth from the couch to the bed, while also taking care of our 16 month old. I am trying to eat nutritious meals but I have the slightest of morning sickness (that lasts pretty much all day) and so I find I either want very specific foods, or nothing at all. I really hope this passes because the fatigue is starting to overwhelm me. I'm also finding that I have insomnia during the latter part of the night...I'm usually in bed by around 8 or 8:30 because I just can't make it up any later...and then around 2'ish I find myself tossing and turning. So, I think part of my fatigue is also related to not sleeping through the night! Go figure, our baby FINALLY decides to sleep through the night and now I'M the one who can't!

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I'm in the same boat as you! I'm just over 6 weeks and last night I was falling asleep on the couch at 8pm! My poor husband has resorted to playing Wii at night since I'm out like a light!

I was just at Whole Foods today and passed by their essential oils. I opened the peppermint essential oil and it was so uplifting - I swear it gave me a kick of energy!! I didn't buy it just yet as I wanted to go home and do a little research on those oils but I do think it helped and want to go back and get it now!! :)

I wish I could take a little energy from my 15 month old! He's always so busy!!

Congrats on the pregnancy!!

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My son was in a big bed by the time I was preg again, so I would just lay on his bed in his room while he played on the floor - luckily he was gracious enough to be really quiet with his cars and cover me up when I fell asleep (such a considerate two year old). I would also let him watch a movie and just sleep on the couch next to him - he didn't mind, he just wanted a warm body near him, I just made sure he was ready with snacks and water when the movie started. When I was preg a couple years later my older would play with my younger and I would literally fall asleep on the playroom floor - sometimes just a 15 minute cat nap got me through the next few hours. Hang in there, you'll go through waves where it is easier then harder, but in the end you'll all be ok!

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Hiya... i completely understand your pain. My second pregnancy was completely different that my first -- harder, more aches and pains (i hope urs will not be). But dont believe the hype about subsequent pregnancies being easier -- i think it is harder cause you already have a little one to care for and think about, unlike the first one.

Anyhow, u just have to ride it out -- ur body is telling u what it needs --- rest! I took some extra vitamin B , something that i was doing prior to pregnancy, for extra energy. My OB said it would not hurt the baby. It is a water soluable vitamin, so ur body will take only what it needs and you pee the rest out of your system. If i took my prenatal vitamins in the morning, then I would take the extra vitamin B in the evening. Drink lots of fluids.

Hope this helps... and congrats... oh, i looked like i was already 6 months along when i was 3 months -- ur belly will show sooner =) and will need to wear maternity clothes a lot sooner... hope u get some rest.

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I just wanted to say not only congrats but I know how you feel! I was that far along and people said congrats to me too! I was also very tired and sick, I was lucky enough to have it be my first and I did not have to chase around a toddler in the process!!! my only suggestion to you is to enlist help from others and nap when she naps! nap w/ her if that will help, she might also nap longer if you do that, I know mine does. If you have some great friends that you love and your kid loves their kids have them over for playdates so they can keep the little one busy so you can just watch them play and relax! then she might sleep better at night bc the play date wore her out. good luck and congrats!

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I feel ya! I am 9 weeks along now with #2 and I am exhausted and sick all day long. I have a 4 year old who is pretty independent so that is great, but its still tough. I do work part time and go to school full time--I am one tired mama =) Just sleep when you can is the best advice I can give you. Lay down with your toddler or pop a movie in while you nap on the couch nearby. You gotta do what you gotta do--hopefully this phase will pass within a month or so and you will get your energy back--at least that is what I am praying for. I was never sick or tired like this with dd so this really took me by surprise. Hey--where are you in Chicago, maybe we can take turns napping, lol =) Hang in there--it will be over soon. Oh and I am definitely showing too--have been since about 5 weeks!

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Omg First Trimester fatigue is the pits! I had it pretty badly, and then I was taking Maxolon to combat my morning sickness which made it worse :(
I used to get my 4 year old step-daughter set up with a movie or some toys and we'd be in a child-friendly room and I would grab 20 mins at a time. It helps you get through it so much better.
And you always sleep really lightly when you are with kids. You'll always wake up if the need you.

Good luck, and remember that it will past in a few weeks.



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I tell almost anyone who asks, that my pregnancies were a piece of cake - b/c I slept all the way through them.

When I worked, most nights I would come home and just sleep on the couch, then move to the bed. I probably slept 12 hours at night, and I was younger.

Years later between #2 and #3, my son had a twin race car bed where I could lay down while he played with trucks/trains. I would also put on Thomas the Tank for him every afternoon so I could sleep. And then when dad came home, after dinner, it was off to bed for me. And I would sleep another 9-10 hours.

Also, I had some one wish me congratulations about 3 weeks post partum with baby #2 - that's sadder than anything. Do you have narrow hips? I do, and I pooched out early and did not completely flatten for quite some time.

Please don't fell bad about being extra tired. Please DO eat nutritous meals, healthy, fresh veggies,fruits, take your PRE-Natal vitamins, takes walks with your little one to keep you tone.

Congratulations on your the new addition!



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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Please make sure you are getting plenty of water to drink and fresh fruits and veggies (healthy foods). Make sure your doctor knows how you are feeling. Its common to have times during pregnancy when you need extra rest. I've had three and each pregnancy was completely unique. If there is a good friend or relative who can help you with your 16 month old or a few hours at preschool, this could give you a chance to rest? I also rested in front of movie player with a child's short movie to encourage my kids to watch while I rested (this was the week I had bronchitis and needed extra rest...).
If your doctor agrees its appropriate for you to have prenatal yoga or other prenatal exercise, this may help to rebalance your energy (suggest this for 14 weeks or more prenatal). If you can lift your arms upward on inhale and back down on exhale, this can feel energizing. Generally rest during first trimester is a very good idea. Again congratulations!
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Can only remember being tired all the time.I must have rode the wves. This too shall pass. Really. Continue to show your little girl the same love, not running sprints, that you have always shown her. If it is unsafe you know what to do as far as things being put up high and out of sight, etc. It will change.



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Congrats! Just wanted to let you know I had a super hard 1st half of my 2nd preg. I had hyperemesis (severe morn. sickness) & was throwing up so much I needed an IV from home to rehydrate & stabilize my electrolytes. Needless to say, I just languished on the couch (between running to the toilet to barf!) while my 18 month old son had to entertain himself. Although I still carry guilt, I think he (now 3) gained tons of independence from that experience. Kids are resilient. You just have to take care of yourself & do what ya gotta do. It will get better. :P

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