1St Grader on Bus 1St Day of School or NOT?

Updated on August 10, 2012
D.D. asks from Goodyear, AZ
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We will be taking my son to meet and greet his 1st grade teacher. We will be taking his school supplies. He is returning to the same school he went to last year, so he is familiar with the school. The principal and staff know him. So would you send your son on the bus the 1st day of school. I am thinking at all the new kindergarten parents are going to fill the halls, do I need to go as a 1st grade parent too?

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So What Happened?

He rode the bus! He did just fine. He did have a new bus driver. I really like her. She took my name and cell phone number for a just in case. She was poliet and actually waves to us as she drives away. The other one was too quite and made us feel like she was annoyed to pick up kids.

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answers from Detroit on

Has he ridden the school bus before or would this be his first time? How does HE feel about riding the bus - excited or nervous? If he rode it in kindergarten, I don't see why he can't do it the first day in first grade. When I was a kid, none of the parents drove their kids the first day, no matter what age - we all just got on the bus and we were fine!

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answers from Honolulu on

At my kids' school... on the FIRST day of school especially, the parents like to take their child and walk their child to class. And to take photos of this important day! That is common at my kids' school.
I do that too.
This is even if there is a "meet & greet" night.

My son just started 1st grade. And my daughter 5th grade. Even with the 5th graders, the parents walk their kid and they take photos. If anything, the parents like to "see" the classroom and eye ball it etc. And see who the other classmates are.

Yes, the first day of school is crowded. But that is just how it is.

It really is up to you, what you want to do.

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answers from Austin on

I agree with DVMMOM, ask your child and let him decide.

He may want to be the "Big 1st grader" on the bus.

He can help some of the kindergartners feel good on the bus. Get to ride with his friends.

If he wants you to take him, the first day, then there is your answer.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with the others - see how he feels about it. If he wants to ride the bus but you'd still like to be there to do a picture or see the classroom, etc. you can follow the bus!

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answers from Boston on

I don't understand why you WOULDN'T put him on the bus with all the other kids. I can't believe the school will have hallways full of parents - what a nightmare and what an impediment to learning, calm and safety! He knows the building, he will already know the teacher, and he will know where to go. I'm sure they will have staff available.

My parents never ever took me to school, and I never took my son. Riding the bus is a way to feel like a big kid and to feel like the other kids. What is going to be different on the 2nd or 5th or 80th day of school? He's got to ride the bus sometime. Usually schools have experienced drivers for the little kids, or bus monitors, or staff to meet the bus and patrol the halls. I think it would be much nicer if all those parents were not there!

I've taught in several schools and have never seen hallways full of parents - if you have concerns about that, you need to talk to the school about making it a more orderly and calm environment.

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answers from Dallas on

He can go on the bus. My mom always took pictures of us at the bus stop, and getting on the bus, the first day of school

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think he should be fine going on the bus since he's attended there before. I would make a big deal of his first day with a special breakfast and taking his picture before he leaves, and maybe have a first day of school treat waiting for him when he gets home after school : )

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Parents here aren't allowed into the school.
It's kind of tradition to ride the bus on the first day.
I take a picture of my son in the same spot every first day of school. Start now! LOL

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would take him to school the first day.

Kids are usually nervous the first day of school.

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answers from Topeka on

I would just let him ride the bus.

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answers from Hartford on

Why wouldn't you have him ride the bus on the first day of school if he's going to be riding daily? Confuzzled, I has it.

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answers from Cleveland on

i think the bus is better, you didn't say if he had any trouble leaving you last year but if he did, it is much easier for him if you start as you mean to go on, so unless you plan on taking him every day, put him on the bus the first day.

you can still get cute picture at the bus stop and think of how grown up he will feel when he and all his friends are on the bus.

If you can try to sign up to help at a holiday party or a field trip if you want to show him that you support him. In first grade they still love when mom's come in to help out in the classroom.



answers from Lexington on

We sent our second grader at a new school via the bus on the first day. She already knew other kids in the neighborhood, and this one very nice one-year older girl she'd quickly become friends with was her "guardian" (they held hands and the other girl walked her to her classroom!). We had already taken our daughter to the new school a couple times. She had met the teacher. Knew where her classroom was... she was happy and fine...

And we still got raked over the coals by some family members for "doing that to her." Oh well.



answers from Philadelphia on

He is still young. If he is nervous, i would take him. At that age, i walked all of my kids in. Many moms/dads do, on the 1st day the halls are packed! (not just kindergarten)

Before you know it, he will be a teen and letting you know that you are embarrasing him...lol! Embrace it when you can :)


answers from Spokane on

I had asked my son's 1st grade teacher this same question. Her response was that it is best to have him ride the bus since that will be his daily routine.
My other concern was that all the kids are new to the bus on the first day and I didn't want my son to be the new kid on the 2nd day ~ if that makes any sense.



answers from Phoenix on

Take him the first day, and then let him bus it after that. Have you asked him what he wants to do?

I don't think it's necessary for you to go, unless you want to take a picture of your child in his classroom for the first time, or of him with his old friends, etc. I am taking DD on her first day of 1st, because I am big on the pictures. After that, she will go to before/after care.



answers from Pocatello on

I put my Kinder on the bus the first day of school. It was so hard for me, but I wanted her to get used to everything right away. I didn't want the bus to be hard on her the next day because I had taken her. I did go to the bus stop with her and the house it was at (I can see it from my house, but it is not at my house) had donuts for all the kids. I also talked to the other kids in my neighbor hood and asked the older girls - that I know to keep an eye on her. I also live in neighborhood with LOTS of kids, 4 that started K with her. I do know parents that drive the first day. So it is up to you.



answers from Portland on

Certainly, he can take the bus the first day if he's done so before and wants to.

However, make sure the bus routes haven't changed before letting him ride.

We had a bad situation when I was a nanny-- the first grader got on the bus to go home, but the school hadn't notified parents of the change in routes. I was alarmed when we waited at the usual stop for twenty minutes and the bus never came by. The mother had to call the school and they tracked him down on the bus--- he goes to a magnet school which served the entire Portland metro area and was all the way across town in the suburbs. Poor kid.



answers from St. Louis on

time for the bus if he rode it last year.

time to let him enjoy his freedom! The staff is well-equipped to help him on his way. :)



answers from Denver on

My daughter's going into first grade-I'm doing both. I will have her ride the bus per the usual, but I will also drive and watch her from afar that she gets off the bus and walks to the correct area outside the school. I will then walk up, hug her and tell her to have a fun day from OUTSIDE, not in the hallway. This way they feel confident knowing they did it, and you have peace of mind, until they get back into the routine. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm sending my first grader on the bus the first day. He did not go to kindergarten at this school. The teachers will be looking for the kindergartners and first graders. I'm not sure what you are concerned about.

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